Stick To Your Guns : For What It's Worth



The best has yet to come..
All damage has been done
And we have just begun to see
What we've become.. and
I cant help but see a need
To turn this all around..
And lift ourselves up from the ground..
Because for what its worth
We can not go unsound..
And for far to long
We've been fighting more
Than singing along..
Let a new dawn arise let open our eyes..
To something new a new born youth an untold truth
There's no excuse for us use to explain out self abuse..
We have so much more to give..
We are the alternative and our voices
Will rise in unison..
We have yet to begin and
We cant let ourselves wear thin
And for what its worth our resolve
Will not see its end


A poor mans poor sport we've fallen short of reasoning..
Sex does not determine capability..
But we let our hostility be our guide to decide
What's right for a girl and for a guy..
Because every sex is just as able to keep this foundation Stable..
Enough is enough speak up its tough but don't think that Your unable..
Let acceptance be our key to unlock our integrity..
From there we'll be able to see that there's more than just She and he..
No longer constrained by insecurity chauvinism aside
We'll let acceptance be our guide.. once this is done Progression will come..
Time and time again we take a step back from where we Began..
I cannot stress this enough cannot run this course without You..
Like its been said before two heads are better than one..
No apology just equality it takes a fool to see
That a girl isn't equal in the world.. never again..
There minds constrained voices retained our hearts beat the Same
They've been here just as long and they're just as strong..
Just as long.. still going strong.. overcome..
I can only hope that you'll overcome.. stand up be strong


History repeats itself again
When will this all end
And when will we begin
I guess until you have no one left to offend
Why must we be left alone
Well never make it on our own
One mind one heart one soul to find another way for us to See eye to eye
When will understand we let ourselves down again
And the time it takes for us to hate is the time it takes For this to end
Why cant we set aside these differences placed
In our minds why cant we close our eyes and live our lives Colorblind
Look at the mess we've made
We let our selves be ruined by our hate
Its never to late to change
Look at the ruins we create
One another we underestimate
And its never to late to change
What do we need to do to live in sanctuary is this all Really necessary
To discriminate based on race our steps we must retrace
And put ourselves in each others place
Our hearts have been misplaced


Compassion without compromise ..
Our weak actions cant be justified ..
One another's perspectives we have denied ..
But I know what's meant for me ..
And we may not all agree ..
I just hope somewhere in the middle we can meet ..
But for now its time to swallow your pride
Because we wont all comply ..
Instead of living in self denial we're being victims of False approval ..
We must learn to find acceptance within our selves learn to Put our hearts on trial ..
And we are all here together side by side with one another ..
We all bleed we all cry we must learn to confide within Each other ..
We all bleed the same way we all have our own say ..
And if we want things to change we must stand and endure Our own hate ..
What I believe is the only thing that separates you from me ..
But it shouldn't affect the way we think and treat each Other ..
We're all under the sun


The more I live my life the more I start to see it from a New light
The more I see this disease transfer from you to me
But I cant see why we need to create and make all this hate
Because this place wasn't shaped for us to bruise and break
This is for the kids who wont quit and continue to lay the Bricks
And add to this creation and don't shake its foundation
For the ones who still have their self respect for the ones
Who break their neck to hold us up for those who wont for Ones who us hope
For the ones who put there heart in from the start
Were all brothers we should be here for each other
This our home this is a place for us to feel safe this cant Be replaced
For the kids by the kids


Its one thing to turn your back on everything you believe ..
But now you've turned your back on me .. what happened to You ..
And I may not wear my heart on my shirt on my hand as a Badge as a brand ..
But that doesn't mean this isn't sticking with me ..
Lets take this back to the beginning .. who stood by who ..
Who helped you up when you fell through ..
I'm not looking for recognition I just want you to Understand my position ..
I don't agree with your decisions .. I've seen you conquer So much more ..
But I'm still here and that wont change .. my heart remains The same ..
Bring it back down .. you turned your back on me and Everything you believe


This is more than a pulse beneath my wrist
Or a beat beneath my ribs this is something
That cant be given away
Because whats life for some is not right for some
But either way we can overcome
And not be killed by our own mistakes
We cant let this be our death
Because our differences will be our expenses too relieve us
And achieve something for us to believe
We have been put up on the shelf its such a sad day
When we need to save each other from ourselves
Rest assured that with a heart thats pure well be Victorious
And not let our hate get the best of us


To stand on my two feet
To lock these trembling knees
This is what we need to not fall in the defeat
They cant break me down
And I am sick and tired of fighting fire with fire
We've been misplaced we've been defaced but our heart will Never be erased
Fire with fire
We've been misused we've been defused but this fight we Will not lose
And I will resist to ever make a fist
Resistance marked as a weakness
Ignorance masked as intelligence
I stand in defiance
Our violence has left us with a head made of stone and a Heart just as cold
A youth overdosing on animosity and loathing has made us Close the gates and create a beast
A being like no one has ever seen
We have made ourselves mere men among giants
May you stand with me in defiance
May our only defense be letting down our defense
Let defenseless left free of all our fences
No longer will hostility guide us
No longer will hate divide us
No longer will violence undermine us
Fire with Fire!


Half truths and whole lies
Simple words cant justify another lie
Another dies and another mother left to cry..
Another night another thousand lives
When will we realize war will be our demise
So unfortunate we cant sacrifice our pride..
Now a land being filled
With the innocent blood we spilled..
What is left to say
When the martyrs are left to their graves
No real understanding of what it is they're dying for..
Freedoms price seems too much to pay
Freedom for you and for me?..
Freedom from this awful tyranny
Consequently a choice has been made
We've paid in full
Now we must accept this rising death toll..
Relative truth has set a barrier down..
It seems that our hate is our only common ground..
With words we make sound
But no real progress made in this escapade..
Cultures set worlds apart,
This has failed from the start our lack of understanding
And respect for those who would choose right to be left..
Our placement has left them faithless a faith only we could Break..
How could we expect them to see eye to eye
When we have them face down on their knees


My kindness has been mistaken
For a weakness disrespect and carelessness
Is result of your selfishness..
I stood right by your side
And gave you all my time
And in return you took all of my pride
So I'm here to take back what's mine..
And your friendship I still keep
But honestly how far must you go to an all time low..
I see right through your disguise
I see the lies you hide behind
And this cant stop until you realize a thing
Or two about sacrifice..
What's done is done and its time to move on
So lets forgive and lets forget and put back into the past


What's with all the starring why are you so worried about
What they're wearing,.. you care more about their hair then Understanding..
That you are the real critic here so take a look into the Mirror..
Don't waste your breathe give it a rest this isn't a Contest you make us all second best..
I'm sorry I can't help but laugh you've fallen into the Trap of thinking
What we wear determines who we are you've taken this way Too far..
When will you realize what matters is what's on the inside So you
And I must cast aside this pointless fight to keep alive Our able minds


Let this be known this is our cleansing ..
This is time for unity ..
This is time to break the distance set between you and me ..
This is ours for the taking ..
And we've taken a turn for the worst ..
Everything we take for granted ..
All these seeds of hate we've planted ..
Its time for the soil to be cleansed ..
We must change our ways if we want to amend ..
And I want nothing more then for these bounds to be finally Set free ..
And for us to take the first stride towards a positive way Of life ..
And this brotherhood has been misunderstood for something Other than integrity ..
And I refuse to sit back and lose my friends to this loss Of dignity ..
There is no I in team .. break these chains that bind us All ..
Rise above the apathy within us all


This is an industry of infamy I refuse to believe
That you do for the passion you let your mind and heart be Rationed
Music is my life its something that cant be priced
You lead with your greed and you want me to believe
You take this seriously but
I think that you take back all that's been given out of Creativity
I put everything I have into this and to me brilliance Still exists
You focus on a dollar sign rather than a creative mind
You want a mind that can be sold mine wont be controlled
I wont take let you what this has given to me
What its given to me
A purpose and a drive something,
I cant hide something worth doing in a positive light
I wont fit your stereotype
You work in a business of deceiving
But my words my heart my life have a meaning and music
For a constructive youth is something worth achieving
But this time I wont let your lack of sincerity get a hold Of me
This is where you end
You end where we begin


I will stay true to this .. I wont fall ..
This means more now than ever before ..
Your doubt drives me and I bite my tongue ..
You hate me and everything I am ..
And everything I believe ..
Say what you will cause I have learned to turn the other Cheek ..
Say what you will ..
This is mine this is for me we will rise up together ..
We are one we are family .. this world may bring us down ..
But it cant tear apart this family ..
Be strong .. keep your head up ..
Because this struggle will only get harder to handle ..
This is where my heart lies


What are you trying to prove?
Could it be that you're trying to prove that you have Nothing left to lose?
Well since when did this mean nothing to you?

As we lose everything we fought to hold on to
We lost sight of the things that we know are true.

We continue to make the same mistakes we promised ourselves Not to make.

This is such an outrage.
Such an outrage!
Such an outrage!

As we lose everything we fought to hold on to
We lost sight of the things that we know are true.

We continue to make the same mistakes we promised ourselves Not to make.

This is such an outrage.

And we refuse to fall victim, to be cut short of full Potential.
We aren't asking you to understand but just to listen.

Because when it comes down to it
Its our heart that will prove who we are.

We will be heard.
Every word.
We will be heard.
Not even violence can silence us.

And who are you to say (we) don't belong,
To say what's right what's wrong.
At the end of the day we'll still be here,
When you turn and walk away.

This is such an outrage!

This is such an outrage!
Such an outrage!


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