Snapcase : End Transmission

Hardcore / Etats-Unis
(2002 - Victory Records)
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No tickets to this show, baby
Just one to a room.
Are you up for a blood transfusion?
Commit and go.

Who shot the shot to wake you die?

You can die, maybe and test your resolve
Slaves are saved through converted vessels
Of the most sacred blood
John the Baptist's head was taken
For his faith was strong

Can you defend the didactic army
Without breaking down?

Can you transfuse?




The year is 2071

One drum by law has just begun the beat.

You'll be informed on what you'll be
And correspond if you want to live.
Everywhere people move to the cadence of just one drum
Time is here, of what was feared.

Synchronized by the prosperous ones
Working class caste system.
Adjust, pushed down, down, down
Executive hands are red if you want to live.

People move to the beat of just one drum.


We've got the plan
We've got the escape plan blueprint.

It's not for those who don't believe
It's not for the self-indulgent
It's not for the ordinary
It's not for complacency

There's hope for a revolution
Get off of the assembly line
We've got credentials right here
We've got the power right now
We've got the plan

How about a new domain?
It's not for those who don't believe
With no time for imagination
No desire for taking charge
No care or motivation

Revolt for evolution
Get off of this planet now
We've got the escape plan blueprint
Get off this planet now
There's hope for a revolution


5. 10 A.M.

The opposition
Carcinogenic sweat that hides.

The persecution
These hidden walls keep us aligned.

Yeah, they keep us in line
Fourteen hours more
Covert tonight

The operation
A covert plan to get outside
The consecration
An archetype of a will that shines

Shining alive
Will you die or can we keep you alive?

When there is a machine gun on every corner
You won't see me
When there is a federal eye in every household
You won't see me
When your every move is monitored
You won't see me
And when it's all too late
You won't see me


Suspect device has informed us of discrepancies
Limiting potentials

Synthetic lives enforced by genetic clones
Technology complicates simplicity
Illuminate a realized potential

Terminate idealized hype that keeps us down
Down are the hearts
Down are the minds
Down is the state of the state we are in now
Now it's the end
Now it's in sight
Now is the start of a future domain
Let's start the end

Faithless commanders lead the faithful to didactic
Defining what's civilized
Indigenous lands are stolen by the takers.

History repeats itself.


Come on and find your way out
Day in, day out it's about

You've got to carry that weight now
You have to break through the bars

Someday it's time that you break through
Some days you're just messing around
Someday it's time to learn change

Change things around
And you know that you're not alone
And you know that you share a common fear
Someday it's time to learn change
Change things around
Hey angels watch for our night
No reason left for a fight

This land's been stripped of it's lifeblood
We need to escape from this world

Does anybody know a way a body could get away
Does anybody know a way
Isaac Brock, tiny cities are made of ashes


I see white
Bright flashes of souls of those I know

They are so bright
THey are so controlled
They won't let go

And this vision
It returns when the sky is exposed
Yeah, can you see them?

Fearless lights of souls
We're airtight
And with a lust for life
We lose that world

Immortals, now catch your breath and reopen your eyes
And this vision
It returns when the sky is exposed
Goodbye to you, domain.

I fly away
Leave you with a glimpse of light
I fly away
Leave you with a saddened joy
I fly away


Somwhere in line there's a traitor

No way !

And you know that's a sign from pressure from outside

this time around
Coercion, renegades against the wall
Shaking out of anxious boredom
Can't wait to fly to regain composure in my life again
Somehow the opposition has been informed

Can't tolerate the uncommitted numbers
The faction must re-encode the mission.


At midnight we make our move
And moonlight will guide our steps
The armed eyes have been removed
The spotlights, we'll time the sweep

Surveillance; we blacked it out
Pariahs are thousands strong
Reclaim identity
Escape plan proceeds through the night
Rebel forces have turned out
Infrared, they see us now
Adrenaline will test our nerves
And androids, the chase is on

The next step, we'll block them out
This barricade will buy us time
Through smokescreens, we're on the move
Reclaim identity

The dark cloud has almost passed
This mission has gone as planned
Pariahs are in control

Rebel forces have turned out


Well, you won't notice something has changed
You've become the victim of your own ways
It's how you're captured
You're going down

Now the chloroform is on your mouth
Why don't you just tell me
Why don't you tell me now

Tell me what's on my mind
Tell me which way I'll die

Poison inhaled, you've hit the floor
Your hands are tied
You're free no more

Injected comfort, no fight involved
Your thoughts are altered
You're their android

A fear of dying, they have you now
And with your senses dulled, you're too vulnerable
So you lay down in a weakened state
And you sell out saying
Just kill me now


Show, we need to show
Because we'll stand and be counted tonight

Hide your head to stay alive
Hide your head from your eyes
A promised land calls for a will to die
Protect this mission into the dead of the night

And we'll save your soul, you know
Time, we're running out of time
So we'll stand and be counted tonight

Turn away to see things right
Turn away to save your life
A promised land calls for a will to die

We'll save your soul
We'll stand and be counted


We were those people
Created upon synthetic dreams of economic merit
But we are now the pariahs
Recreated upon the nostalgia of a future exile
An exile to an unknown home

We are your savages
The so-called uncivilized
We are the untamed
We are the pariahs
Come watch the stars with me

And so I know that it's been told that I sold my soul
Deny my solitude
I can't make it alone
I admit to you, I can't make it alone

And I need you to know I can't
How I have forsaken you
How I deserted you
Stranded, I deserve to be

With my accomplishments, I abandoned you
Come live to die with me

I can't

We can.

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