Snapcase : Designs for Automotion

Hardcore / Etats-Unis
(1999 - Victory Records)
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It feeds the senses,
Subconscious minds fuels our weaknesses,
Got us synchronized the target,
There's no escape it finds your eyes it knows our patterns,
Insecurities it makes us want,
What we do not need the target,
There's no escape the target,
It finds our eyes be underivative,
Learn to syncopate it feeds our senses unconscious
Fuels our weaknesses target


Surrender now or disconnect, she's lost herself,
Her self respect shes head in hands
And she knows that she's slipping her time is now
And alone is real too short of breath,
Too numb to feel and she knows that she's sinking,
Sinking now's your time to face your fears
You have to make a leap of faith he disassembles her,
A cloud hangs over her so toughen up,
It's time to hear you out tears may fall,
But you'll save yourself and now's your time,
To face your fears you have to make a leap of faith,
And time may heal she'll die for him,
And he gives her nothing he'll lie to her,
And she gives him everything take,
Take, take break, break, break


Why, do i work here?
Eye, electric eye on my back who's the next one down?
To be the perfect clone to be the perfect drone,
To be the star employee ten cent raise,
Ten cent raise work five times faster you pressure me,
No apologies you just enjoy your power
Someday i'll be my own boss work for myself,
Work for myself ask of me,
A faceless devotion fill my head with dreams,
Of company advancement bleed our colors,
This is not my life bleed our colors,
It's just my job a message, from the bottom of the ladder


Don't paint us the perfect picture
We have visions of our own
Don't give us the safe interpretation we want,
We want to know the ugly truth
We're not down to die and be this typecast culture
We're not down to die and be the faceless soldiers
Don't sell us the perfect image
We'll struggle to find out ourselves
We want the unpopular challenge we want,
We want to test our intellect
We have learned this devotion we are programmed,
Conditioned senseless,
Senseless emotions we have lost our desire
To think alone we're not down


Do you proceed in action?
Whats the plan? do you sink into inertia?
What's under your skin?
Don't need it it burns through your eyes
You're sinking don't need it,
Don't need it inertia disguised broadcasts
Of useless information are you tuned in?
Designed to impress imagination do you submit?


Can you sleep, it's on your mind
You're full of doubt to lose your cool or rock for light
It's up to you you're spinning now, your head's a blur
You better stop and look stop and look around
Because here it comes don't scare yourself
Your twentieth nervous breakdown
Is on the verge a breakdown,
You're too neurotic uptight and too tense to function
You look for help and heads are turned
All alone can't hide yourself,
Your too exposed you must perform the clock is ticking,
Now's your call you better stop
And look stop and look around
Don't you want to, get away and blow it off?
The easy way and leave yourself with nothing empty
Could've beens and regrets it's all
You've got it's all you've got now


Can you... feel your heartbeat, are you living?
Your mind is unsung because you're not driven
You need to rise up and personalize your existence
You need to wake up and activate the dreams of your soul
Idle, revolt, hero, your hero is yourself
They'll break you in, they'll break you down
And leave you down with nothing you lose yourself
And learn from them whatever they wish to teach you
You need to rise up and revolutionize your thinking
You need to wake up and activate the dreams of your soul
Idle, revolt, hero, your hero is yourself
You know your dead and it's you your deceiving
You need to find a way, to yourself,
Find a way, to make yourself live, to make yourself live
You need to rise up and revolutionize your thinking
You need to wake up and activate the dreams of your soul
You need to find a way to make your self live


The most high and sacred a love
To die complete commitment your spark,
Your fire for this i will not, give in its untainted,
No conditions this is so sacred,
It's so sacred and it sets the tone
And the rhythm of your life live your life
And i won't dissolve under those distractions of
And those temptations of false endeavors
No matter where your at now it takes you back home again
To your safety and your true meaning distractions down,
Ambitions now


Build temples to your dreams take time to break the static
You need to chase a challenge shake things up,
Blame nothing find something to wake your spirit
You need to push your boundaries fall,
Fall into yourself when,
When the sky is falling down you're tied
To your routine life
A safe existence a life of dull compliance
Embrace the child in your mind wake your creative process
You can't condemn your wonders break the static chase
Some challenges embrace, challenge awake,
Rmbrace, challenge shake things up and live again
Time to shine on and shine bright your headlong voyage
Into the unknown daring missions
To wake your senses escape mechanical existence


Think twice, take time and realign
Be careful of how you've misused your design ten times,
Ten times you've risked it all
This time there's no one left to suffer your fall
We are nothing, this is you alone we are nothing,
This is you unlearn to learn to change your ways
Are you afraid of what your heroes would say
Believe and bleed your weaknesses this time,
This time you have nowhere to defect you cover
Your scars with fresh blood restraint
Is the measure of true strength
Restraint is the measure of your fate


So diluted, cannot see a spirits crying,
My cultures dead and we force them underground
What we consume,
Are conventional personalities what eyes can't see,
Are genuine identities consumer culture,
Buying traditions customs stolen,
To novelty items stay deeply rooted,
Don't let your eyes burn clean
Don't detest your differences
Don't disguise, unique features
Don't despise your eyes
Don't defy your kind
Don't refuse your mind

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