Sceptic : Unbeliever's Script

Las palabras


The voices from your mind appear to be
Showing you a difference between
The real truth and lie's reality
Purest essence of surreality

Forever trapped in most twisted thoughts
Your vegetating mind has changed a lot
Sub consciously it reads this spiteful script
Feel forceless within - it's his keeper's grip

[Chorus 2]
It seems that someone has opened your eyes
For the corrupted world filled with denies
It is the book you're not supposed to read
Filled with scar of time - The Unbeliever's Script

It includes all these blasphemous sentences
The most terrifying writings - evil's prophecies
These words are much too harsh for you
They come to your ears but cannot pass through

[Repeat chorus]
[Repeat chorus 2]


Illusion - the worst state of mind
Is it what you've been forced to feel?
It appears to be a perfect match
But I can assure you that it's not so real
Philosophers know this very well
What does it mean to be
In a hopeless world that brings you to
A bad dream known as reality

[Chorus 2]
Power - the thing you cannot earn
Force - another one you cannot learn
Hate - is the first you sense as real
Rage - feeling that tells you to kill

Strong desire to possess - it is what you mean
It's nothing more than
Illusion you dwelled in
Divine abilities you're searching for
Are far too weak
Unable to find - Comprehension you seek

[Repeat chorus 2]
[Repeat chorus]
[Repeat chorus 2]


Walking to the chasm
That leads into infinity
Putting your mind
On the list of insanity

Individual - controlled by his mind
A poor substitute of person left behind
Your own identity - you cannot find
That keeps you satisfied - you must be blind

Crucial thoughts
You begin to learn
Spreading feelings
You are suppose to earn

[Chorus 2]
I'm controlled, I cannot fight
I'm controlled, I can't resist

I cannot fight, I'm controlled
I can't resist, I'm controlled

Know you're different because of your behavior
It doesn't mean you're better one - The Savior
Your enemies look at you and say - he's out of his mind
They're right telling you the truth - it's do kind

[Repeat chorus]
Know that you're observed - they're out of your sight
Yet you don't really know you're still able to fight

[Repeat chorus 2]
Withdrawn - fighting fears that haunts you
To regain control over an actions you do


We are individuals without a sign of control
Somebody's watching us constantly
Taking back the virtues forgotten long ago
To put death's blow to our mentality

[Chorus 2]
There's a chance to avoid danger
So unavoidable 'cause its hiding
In deepest parts of our consciousness
Where Soul Controllers are residing

[Chorus 3]
Evil thoughts mess with my head
Living deep inside of me
Thinking my enemy has fled
I cannot do anything to be

Opposing throughout my life was useless
Realized that my resistance was senseless

Vastly underestimated race
Observing our human ways
Showing the wrong direction for turning back
An discover our weak point - to attack

Keeping an independent point of view
Living in deep seclusion
Waiting for a good moment to
Accept the other side's intrusion

[Repeat chorus]
[Repeat chorus 2]
[Repeat chorus 3]


Crawling as a snake, moving as silently as he can
There's no sign of breathing, doesn't have a scent
Never seen by anyone, his constant shape's unknown
Perfect assassin - fights and kills on it's own

[Chorus 2]
Most of them think it isn't so fast and strong
Don't really know how much they're wrong

Years of evolution made him unseizable
Shapeless Entity - untouchable, invisible
Created with the only purpose - seek and destroy
Killing, thrilling, crushing, slaughtering

Awaits and attacks - then you feel his breath
Realize what's inevitable - immediate death
It comes from the source as old as his creator
Built of flesh and blood, living monster - annihilator

Horrifying being, invisible for humans at night or day
Disguise, penetrating surroundings - searching for prey
Prepared to fight much better, then we are
Nobody knows his real abilities so far

[Repeat chorus]
[Repeat chorus 2]

Cannot find the way to kill - its indestructible
Shapeless Entity - inviolable, undetectable
Created with the only purpose - seek and destroy
Killing, thrilling, crushing, slaughtering - Death Machine

Shapeless Entity!
Death Machine!


Lost in the world of unusual occurrences
Searching for a time of differences
Anonymous creature of divine condemnation
Follows the path of countless destination

Who dictates conditions of our existence
Is it beyond us or we can keep control
We release ourselves with our resistance
Trying to stop the being that is unstoppable

[Chorus 2]
His knowledge sow fear and terror
Unable to resist is our own interior

[Chorus 3]
Through years gathering wisdom
About human environment
Knowledge about how much more
Time we have to spend

Instinct showed him a direction of endeavor
Person who perfectly control it's own behavior
Recovered powers to realize his dreams
Took possession over the knowledge streams

[Repeat chorus]
[Repeat chorus 2]
[Repeat chorus 3]




I remember the day - it came to me at last
In the liquid memories displayed by my past
Past filled with fears - endless pain and suffering
Feelings I cannot recall, even the smallest thing

I saw this once, before it started to grow inside of me
I didn't change yet - spiritually
I saw this again, just after it finished with me
I'm not the same man - mentally

[Chorus 2]
My spirit bleeds tormented by negatives of mind
It's because I was always like those who weren't in sight
Like all those who I hated - their false intimacy
And all those faces I've never wanted to see

Like from behind the mist, retrospective place
Is changing my soul without sign of a trace
Chase after elements of gained experience
To devastate spirits we lived our lives with

[Repeat chorus]
[Repeat chorus 2]


How many times you wondered
Thought of the stars that shined in the sky
How long the sun persisted
Does it matter - now it's time to die

How long it will all last and when it stops to be
Will the catastrophe appear unexpectedly
Keeping us all in uncertainty
Holding with no answer constantly

Almighty force of spatial devastation
Coming waves of destruction

Came out nowhere to turn everything into dust
Like a gigantic black hole approaching incredibly fast
Another star system put into trap - soon they will die
Empty words - "we can survive" - it is a perfect lie

[Repeat chorus]
Cosmic cataclysm of entire galaxy - we were defendless
Taken lives of billion entities - opposition was pointless
We tried to protect mankind - our perfect plan has failed
Our planet disappeared - origin of this weapon couldn't be unveiled

Technology so advanced - beyond our imagination
Planted in a place we cannot reach - out of comprehension
We are too primitive - they don't give a shit to our civilization
Destroying thousands of systems - earth isn't their final destination

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