Saidian : Phoenix

Metal Mélodique / Allemagne
(2006 - Metal Heaven / Mystic Empire)
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You're lookin' lost and lonesome
(So) take my hand I'll be your guide
Don't be afraid - just follow
The beacon-light to your life

Come on I'll show you the way
I'll show you the way to fly
It's just a walk on fire
We'll have to burn to stay alive

On wings of desire we rise again
Leaving the ashes behind
A trace full of fire will follow our way
Soaring up high to the sky

Our fire is rising into a new dawn
Ride on the wings of a phoenix
Ashes to ashes - from dust we're reborn
Our fire will take us away

Right in a world of darkness
We're reborn to carry the light (we burn the pyre of lies)
It's just purification
Our flames burn down the night (out of the ashes we rise)

From dust and ashes we rise
Ignite a spark in the night
On wings of fire we ride
And with the flames we will fly


The battle is raging it's out of control
Fire burns in the sky
So many victims fell under the cross
Innocent they've died

Who can you command
To kill with your hands
So many innocent souls
Oh it's a mess when we hear
(Your) hypocritical prayers
Of wrong interpreted religions

Praise the Lord - a bright shining shelter in infinite night
Praise the Lord - to end all the slaughter he shall be our guide
Don't be defeated by bible and preachers feel free in your believe

The so called 'holy' Bible
Once was written as a metaphor
For centuries was misused as an unbreakable law

So many people have lived in fear
So many people have died in tears
Now it's up to you to be free
In your believe

Setting fire at the infidels stake
You're a preacher for freedom and right
But in your blindness unable to see
The freedom you fight for has died

Just don't believe the pope and the priests
Build up your own attitude
Now I praise the Lord - without a church
Free to believe what I feel


Hold on tight, you're on the rise
Fortune's calling your name
Feel the power deep inside
Burning bright like a flame

Sorrow has gone away
Joy will always prevail
'Cause it's the

State of Euphoria - never get out of my mind
State of Euphoria - (I'm) larger than life
State of Euphoria - burning like fire in the sky
State of Euphoria - (I'm) high as a kite

Take your time, take your chance
When it comes you will know
Find your love, your true romance
Free your heart and your soul

Make it last forever
Never let it go
Keep the

State of Euphoria - never get out of my mind
State of Euphoria - (I'm) larger than life
State of Euphoria - burning like fire in the sky
State of Euphoria - (I'm) high as a kite


Lost and alone, pushed down from your throne
Your crown's been taken away
Down in the dust, no more do you trust
In what you once called your fate
You were so strong, but something went wrong
The faith has gone from your mind
So where is your pride, the fire in your eyes
No strength no hope left to find

So hey, start a new day, get back on your way
And walk through the haze
Just fight with head held up high
There'll always be another try

Fallen Hero - don't lose the fight,
I know you own so much pride
Fallen Hero - make up your mind
Never give up in your life - fight fire with fire
(Fallen Hero - wind up high)

You've made some mistakes, but for heavens sake
Only the cowards make non
Learn from the past, and you will be blessed
And don't give up 'till you've won

So hey, get back on your feet, each time that you bleed
There will be a victory
Just fight, look up to the sky
Salvation will come to those who try


See them walking on fields of destruction
The legions of innocent souls
Trying to escape the bitter end
Leaving their home and their land

Hear the cries of the lost and the fallen
Ascending up high to the sky
No one seems to give a damn
It's not our fault - we pretend

One king out of mind - and thousands will cry
One leader, one lie - and millions will die
No way to survive

Hatred and lies - from the crown of creation
See them fighting a thousand years
Surrender or die - hear the cries of the nations
Weeping oceans of tears

Feel the pain of the victims, the orphans
See them cry in the rain
Soldiers march across the land
To kill and to conquer their aim

Hearts breaking down, souls torn to the ground
In this painful parade
World's going insane, still no one's to blame
There's no need to be afraid

A circle of pain - again and again
If we'll never learn - in fire we'll burn,
No way to return


Crown of creation - what have we done
Crown of creation - we are one

Don't turn your head, don't be misled
Try to foresee, hear me
Don't let them fall, answer the call
Learn from history, wisdom's the key


A ray of light deep in the dark
All the shadows torn apart
Every cloud will melt like ice
There's fire behind these eyes

Flames inside my blackened mind
Guide me to a place behind

Can you see the light - it's right in the sky
'Cause Heaven is burning
See the light - it's right in the sky
And I don't feel no pain when I'm burning for you

An empty wasteland - deep inside
Is the place we left behind
We live and die in endless night
If we can't see the light

Don't look back, don't stay, don't die
Just see the light and fly

Can't you see how the world is crying
'Cause their holy land is dying
their final curtain will fall
It's our private revelation
Just our own salvation
We will transcend over all
And we will never fall

Keep on flying
Stop your crying
Spread your wings to fly away
Keep on trying
Hold your line in
Destiny is here to stay


Under a silent moon I raise my weary eyes
Cause I can feel there's something wicked in disguise
I know that fear is just a simple word to spell
But it's so hard to bear my panic I can tell

I've tried so hard to find my way to paradise
'Cause just the brave man is the man who will survive

There is an icecold shiver running down my spine
I will gather up resistance I will hold the line
Waste no time! 'n walk right into the shade
Never surrender! 'Cause I am not afraid

I've tried so hard to find my way to paradise
'Cause just the brave man is the man who will survive
Refrain Never surrender! (Never say die!)
Giving all you got inside
Never surrender! (Never say die!)
Let your spirit force arise (Never surrender!)

My blood is boiling while my skin is cold as ice
The time has come I can hear them roll the dice
It sounds like thunder in the middle of the night
Face my darkest hour in my final fight


Silence drowns the laughter
And the last joke dies away
A pain-contorted smile
Is just a grimace in my face
Oh - no one will realize
Oh - the fear behind these eyes

Dance around cutting capers and jokes
Play the fool for another day
From the first time when their laughter arose
I was a victim on a royal stage

Life's paradox I smile when I cry
Out of vogue they'll kill me goodbye
Behind a mask I'm hiding my sorrow
Will I cheer, or die tomorrow

I struggle to juggle
All my pain I receive from you
Just a bit of approval - 'cause a jester's not only a fool

And the jester's crying - a lake of tears
Sorrow's washing delight away
And the jester's trying - to hide his fears
Behind the fake of a smile (It's just a pathetic try)

And if my antics starting to pall
There will be no chance at all
Their last amusement is to end my life
I shall welcome the hangman's knife
No one knows quite what it seems
Laughter turns to desperate screams

And the jester, and the jester, and the jester's trying
And the jester, and the jester, can't stop his crying


Wind's howling, a storm's breaking loose
Lightning cracks the sky
Moonlight's shining, guiding my lonely ride

(A) long distance is lying behind
Long way left to go
Right direction, sometimes is hard to know

Still my wheels keep rolling on
All the way tonight
While the road is winding on

(I will)
Ride like the wind - on wings of freedom
Fly without sin - into a rising sun

Road's changing, becoming my life
Right before my eyes
Remains and changes - the turning of the tides

Still my faith keeps growing strong
All the way of life
While the fightings going on

Out of the ashes of a million broken dreams
One dream remains for all eternity
I will be one with all the world and with my mind
And 'till this destiny arrives

I will ride like the wind
I will fly without sin
Spread my wings reach the sun
For a golden dawn


I feel it deeper and deeper
Agony in my heart
Oh it's the creep of the creepers
He pulls me into the dark

I - want out! (Please leave me alone!)

Eight hundred years are over
Once I've closed the truce
And sold my soul to the shadows
(For) a nearly endless youth

It's wicked - through and through
A pale child guides me into the knife
It's wicked - and hell arrives

Nine lives are fading - now I know I was betrayed
Nine times erasing - (and) my soul's the prize to pay

A noise awakes me at night
His servant is here
She opens her empty eyes
(To) show me all my fears

The fallen one has sent his child
A young dead body - she's my guide
Into the abyss I've been sent
Nine lives come to an end


So here we are my friends back on the road again
We're spinning like a wheel, we're burning like a flame
Bridge: This is the life we lead, this is our destiny
No one will force us to our knees

We're bleeding just like you but when the day is done
No one can stop us, we're a bullet from a gun

Release your energy and make your dreams come true
Tonight we're playing just for you

With power and Glory we're fighting again
(Still) searching for fortune and fame
(With) power and Glory we'll rise once again
Unchain the fire within - power and Glory

From valleys and deserts to mountains and forests
From rivers and lakes to the shores of the sea
We're roaming the whole world, we're serving the nations
Uniting our hearts and our minds to be free
Through tempest and fire, through thunder and lightning
Through earthquakes and hardrain, by storm wind and hail
We're singing our song 'till the message is spreading
"With power and Glory we all shine someday"

Maybe we will be going down fighting
But we'll never give in


Out in the desert - Building monuments of power
Poor testimonial of their great divinity

It's a reign of indignity - A dominion of lost illusions
All their glory reflected in blood - In the land of the desert sun

Souls - wasted away
Oh - They live and die in blood, sweat, tears and pain

Reign of agony - sacrifice for the Pharaohs kingdom
(Pyramids built of sand and illusions)
Reign of agony - in the land of the desert sun

Tormented souls
Where the ardour swallows cries of pain
Their blood drains into the sand

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