Running Wild : Rogues en Vogue

Heavy Metal / Allemagne
(2005 - GUN Records)
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[Music : Rolf Kasparek]
[Lyrics : Rolf Kasparek]

Glowing fire deep in your heart
Cry of freedom ready to start
Times of darkness' pushing the line
Take a stand now tight here on time

[Pre :]
These words on the wind
Revolution's back again
This time, right time

[Chorus :]
Draw the line
Draw the line
When the time is right !

Classify you and push you around
Kicking's started when you're down
on the ground


No more self-doubt to hold you down
No more pushing when yo're standing your ground



[Music : Rolf Kasparek]
[Lyrics : Rolf Kasparek]

Coating evil plans in a world of shaking hands
Trying hard to feed the fire, keeping strife alive

Man kept in the dark
with the force of breaking hearts
Quarrel of every kind
to confuse and twist the mind

[Pre :]
Silver shiny wings bathed in fire
Godly weapons speak to break the chains of darkness

[Chorus :]
Angel of mercy won't you spread your wings ?
Flying high on a silverclouded beam
Angel of mercy won't you cut that strings ?
That feeds the dark and keeps the world in chains

Lies of deepest dye, no need to reason why
Manipulating rules, enslaving common sense
Forcing upon all man their evil bullshit then
Court jesters never reign, they die away in pain

[2 x Chorus]


[Music : Rolf Kasparek]
[Lyrics : Rolf Kasparek]

In the year of global changes, harvest's fast
Ringing in the final landslide, hardest test

Overnight a sudden storm wind, blowing red
Steely titans on a mission, flinging lead

[Pre :]
Here comes the storm to bring the dawn
The end, a new beginning
To keep the world on spinning

[Chorus :]
Skeleton dance, Skeleton dance
On the wind of the final fire
Skeleton dance, Skeleton dance
On the dust of the yellow rain

The dark is hitting three-times, glowing ball
Mushrooms shoot their poison, growing tall
Fallout, falling now, blackened skin
Sunset on devastation, devil's grin


The golden calf was holy, man on knees
Final at the birch tree, eternal peace

[2 x Chorus]

Skeleton dance, Skeleton dance
Staged by the global liar
Skeleton dance, Skeleton dance
Dreams fall to a sea of pain


[Music : Rolf Kasparek]
[Lyrics : Rolf Kasparek]

Purple clouds on the horizon,
raging waves could touch the sky
On the wind a certain howling,
whipping bow will ride on high

Waving flag is nearly tearing,
the braces hold on tight
"All hands on deck" the order,
steadfast, prepared to fight

[Pre :]
Caught in the storm, where our spirit is born
Riding the waves with the wind
and the devil is taking his toll
With the sea, where nobody can flee, when the waves'
Piling high and the rage's in the sky

[Chorus :]
Skull & Bones, on the horizon
Skull & Bones, flying high
Skull & Bones, storm is rising
Skull & Bones, lead will fly

The cannons are packed and loaded,
ready to shoot their load
A cracking round is blowing,
shaking the sea and the boat
A cloud of smoke and fire is blacking out the sea
The flag in white is rising, no more chance to flee



[Music : Rolf Kasparek]
[Lyrics : Rolf Kasparek]

Born with that evil smile
Don't waste no time
Filling up your file
Crossing the line

Blood is your sugar poison
Filling up your soul

[Pre :]
Born liar, evil fire
Black blood is filling your veins
Born killer, life-long thriller
Counting out the men you've slain

[Chorus :]
Born bad, dying worse
Your choice, it ain't no curse
Born bad, dying worse
Hellbound, your evil thirst

Fraud and lies are your passion
You won't give it up
Maxim and not fashion
Hell fills your cup



[Music : Rolf Kasparek]
[Lyrics : Rolf Kasparek]

The world is on fire, hunting for oil
A handful of liars dividing the spoils

Bullshit is walking with a whole bunch of lies
When money is talking, reality dies

[Pre :]
They came with a lie, feeding their pile
Souls' gonna die, they're addicted to win
Selling wrong for right enlarging their file
Boneheaded games, triumph of sin

[Chorus :]
Black gold, stuck to their veins
Black gold, they're running insane
Black gold, blood on their hands
Black gold, life's got no chance
Black gold

Raking in money the evil to praise
Licking its honey hellfire to face


Black gold, goes up in smoke
Black gold, children to choke
Black gold


[Music : Rolf Kasparek]
[Lyrics : Rolf Kasparek]

Lifeforce's getting sucked out like our blood
Vampires taking everything we've got
They want us to live our lifes in fear
They want us to build a perfect gear

[Pre :]
Vampires on our soul

[Chorus :]
We want it, we need it
We need revolt on holy ground
Like thunder & lightning
No chains or boundaries hold us down

Playing games with lies and thoughts control
Synchronicity their highest goal
They transgress the boundaries of good taste
Take a stand now, no more time to waste

[2 x Chorus]


[Music : Rolf Kasparek]
[Lyrics : Rolf Kasparek]

Once there was a promised land
Spoiled by fatal hands
It turned into a pyre
Burning high and bright

[Pre :]
World wars, crisis, famine, cashing in all along
Slaves to bloody profit, determined to do wrong

Ignorance and arrogance
Hardly find a chance
To see "the golden age"
The "chamber" is their place


[Chorus :]
Rogues en vogue, touching fire
Shot their load with the tongue of the liar
Rogues en vogue

The holy forces on the game
Soulless rogues deadly tamed
The "Eldest" well prepared
Returning to the stars

[2 x Chorus]

Into the fire's hungry flames, you're falling
To burn away your sins
R.e.v. (R.e.v.)
Into the fire's deadly flames, you're falling
Right into the void


[Music : Rolf Kasparek]
[Lyrics : Rolf Kasparek]

Gods & warriors
In a long agone age
Tragic & glorious
Where fate turned the page

Time was mythical
Mount Olympus alive

[Pre :]
Spreading his wings to fly
Touching the golden sky
Fury against the dark
Loyal and true at heart

[Chorus :]
Winged & feathered, flying on high
Winged & feathered, way up in the sky

Gliding majestically
The winged horse in the sky
Turning perfecly
Natural born to fly

[Repeat 1st verse]

[2 x Chorus]


[Music : Rolf Kasparek]
[Lyrics : Rolf Kasparek]

Loudest madness, silent sadness
Bedlam, raving mad
Frustration on the nation
Entertainment all the way

Perfect plastic, orgasmatic
Silicone valley on two legs
No meaning, TV-screening
Boneheads right en vogue

[Pre :]
Straight on the long and lonely road
Into the void

[Chorus :]
You're walking the wire
That leads you straight to dead man's road
You're walking on fire
Well, on the edge you lose yourself
On dead man's road

Casted fastly, fallen castly
Cashing in on trashing arts
Ride the donkey that brings on the money
Champagne and celebrity



[Music : Rolf Kasparek]
[Lyrics : Rolf Kasparek]

I wanna tell a story
Of worldwar No. 1
How lies of "death or glory"
Feeding on the gun
"This is the war of intrigues
This is the war of pain
This is the 'One world order'
Where every truth is slain"

Empires on their hitlist
Dreams of enslavery
Crushing iron fist
To see man on its knees

[Pre :]
A spiral that leads on to hell

[Chorus :]
The war, well it came with a lie
The war, where the monarchy died
The war, where the twisted eye reigned
The war, falling to ideals insane

In 1897
Secret agreement came
The whole world to plunder
In "Lucifer's" name
Making up a conflict
The "crown" was on the game
Their "tank" was on the move now
"Entente" was its name


A shot in Sarajewo
Tactic of blatant lies
This was a deadly cocktail
And common sense really died

Gas into the fire
The "shield" was flaming "red"
The world became a pyre
Widows, broken and sad

[*] The war is a bundle of intrigues
The war is still raging on
The war, a creation of soulfreaks
The war until they are gone

[*] The war is a taste of hellfire
The war is the downfall of man
The war is the trade of the liar
The war again and again

[Repeat *]

The war is the war is the war


[Music : Rolf Kasparek]
[Lyrics : Rolf Kasparek]

[Limited Edition Bonus track]


[Music : Rolf Kasparek]
[Lyrics : Rolf Kasparek]

[Limited Edition Bonus track]

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