River Of Change : Where Reality Cannot Change

Metal Progressif / Italie
(1999 - BO Records / Connected)
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Thunders and lightning all over the land
The sword is tightly held in the hand
The sight grew dim, the fog is strong
So far away sounds a horn

Chill and mud into the surcoat
It's just the fear that you still scorn
Come on my braves, we'll write history
What's fundamental is victory

Cuttin' blow gives me so much honor
Hundred times my sword brings the death
Deep in the wounds, I push the steel
I gaze the ground, the warriors I kill

Using the blood of the enemy killed
We'll get stronger each death we bring
Come on my blade give me what I need
The rage is on

Warriors and knights they're still fighting
Villages in flames and women that cry
Can you hear the stroke of the bell?
Listen with care it is an omen of knell


I run
I raise my head, I watch the sky free from clouds
Illuminated by the last rays of the sun: the twilight

The shade advances upon the road,
And I devise a defiance with myself
The light is life, the shade is death
Sometimes the insignificant things of life become essential
Sometimes the gleams in the dark of life
That give the strength to go on...

In my mind the game becomes reality and a true fear
Passes through me, into my soul, into my eyes

The speed, the wind of my face, the chest rises and drops
My legs leave the the road behind my back, with frenzy

Adrenaline its metal taste fills my mouth
I clench my teeth
My will against the law of the universe

I reach the light, I raise my arms,
I stop and cry like a child
I shout towards the sky,
My joy for a beauty and useless victory


Night, you know how to be sweet to the lovers
You're partners to killers so cruel to victims

You know how to listen and keep the secrets
Of souls that became insane screaming out of love and hate

You know how to grant who lust or fear
That the end of the world comes at dawn

Night on the dark soul every emotions,
Every sensation squares its power

You can give the divine ambrose
To the last of the men, and crucify the main

The birth and the death in you
They melt together in a single eternal ring

You give the truth
To every man
Allowing him to loose
Loose fits his masks and his deceptions
To rejoin his real being
You give new life
To every man
Who left to die in you again and again

You can sink
Into the abyss of nightmare
You can fly
With the wings of dream
For you there is no prison
For you there is no prison

Only your womb of silence and peace
Can seed and caress
The child in the heart of the man

Only you can change all the hell
and the chaos of this world
into a limbo of waiting that breaks at dawn


I remember the face of my father, my eyes
Lost in his smile
I remember painted emotions on his face
They just grazed to the years...

The laughing and games with the childhood's friends,
The wish to grow up and the secret impatience,
The salty taste of the pain,
The uncertain flight of my first love...

I remember an ancient, tearing pain,
A sorrow lost in time
The happy years, light hearted years...
I remember the fresh smell in the woods
And the sultry days in the summertime
I remember the icy fury inside of me
And the warmth of the open friendship

The sensation to be invincible
Inside of my heart invulnerable.
The life intense, the shining eyes
Emotions so strong to make me tremble...

I remember the death of my father
A sorrow lost in time, engraved in the eyes of
A child

My open eyes on the ancient horizons,
The howl of the wind, the twilight in red
The battle's echoes just ended in the blood
The look of the sad king lost in his dead men.

I remember an ancient grudge of another life
A sorrow lost in time
Reminiscences to the mist of the past...
I remember...


Reach the truth
In the deep of your soul
Where the reality
Is not allowed to enter
You're tired
Trying to build your destiny
Sunken into things
That don't belong to you, you live

My mind has been grazed
By a frozen wind and I've seen
The water that is dried
Like sand wind its spreading it
Life's gliding to the hands
It is just a strange illusion
Life's sea in storm
Like a small boat, sweep you away?

Can't you hear
The whisper coming out of the wall
Can't you see
The mist that blind your eyes?
There is something behind
There is something beyond
There is something behind

A painful thrill is born
To spread his waves on my back
From head to feet
Upset the order of my body
To ruin with fury
Every building of my beliefs

I close my eyes
I open my heart to revelation
And push myself
To a brave journey full of deceptions
Deep inside of me
Towards behind, towards beyond




On the seven seas, a lot of ships
Brave against the unknown
Face the horizon line
As the old boatswain

Storm and flat calm, the stars that guide
The vortex, a typhoon, billows and ice
Rum in veins, salt in hair
Of the old boatswain

Typhus and scurvy, no rain, lack of water
Crew one by one, they all die
The indifferent chill, the empty galley
Tied to the rudder the old boatswain

Hoisted the sails, figurehead on the prow
Tired arms have lost the course
Under a new Grey sky
Roams alone the old boatswain

Fog is hazing the sight, going adrift
Broken mast's falling down
A phantom ship with dead seamen
And one alive the old boatswain

Sail, go adrift to the fjords
Sail, go away from the north

Lost all the hopes and left all the faith
The old man prepares himself to die
But a light breaks the sky
And wind holds up the old boatswain

Just a wreckage ploughing the waves
Silver foam from the rotten tail
Now a smile appears on his face
A tired laughter from the old boatswain

Sail, go adrift to the fjords
Sail, go away from the north




When you are waiting for tomorrow
Wishing for a rainbow
You miss your today
You've got only yesterday

Spending years with no goal
Human box, with no soul
Men are wasting their life's time

Makes 'em change into damned
Time you lose is what you choose
Open eyes get in control
You'll try one time and no more
Get in touch
Life is a whore
Life is a war

No more days spend this way
No more lies in our lives
Time will never come again
Time fades, fades away

Pray to your God pray for time again
A chance you lost, sign of life
A chance you lost, made you cry
No judge shall show tears for you

Where do you run it's the end
Choice's in your hands
Master time tells you your rights
No excuse, mistakes in sight




The sulphur's smell
Creatures of the absurd,
Lost in mazes absurds
A thousand bodies a thousand free souls

Heaven on earth
Holy land to castaways
Created by the will
By Baphomet's power;

Midian, oh Midian,
Home of the light
Underground's frozen walls,
Midian, in Midian,
To far away for the sight of the blind mankind

The repudiated tribe
Survives in freedom
Only driven by
Their instinct and desires

For this massacreted
Dreamers in freedom
Guilty to embody
The man's secret dream,
Midian, oh Midian
Welcome your son,
Midian, oh Midian
Into your frozen womb!

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