Queensr每che : The Warning

Progressive Heavy / USA
(1984 - EMI Records)
Dowiedz si臋 wi臋cej



I remember I was asking why
And someday you said I'd know
All these years, of fighting hard
And now it's finally come too close

I can't believe it's now happening to me
Oh, couldn't it wait a few hundred years
Destiny can't rest you see, now it's time
Time to cry your tears! Now cry!

The child of centuries, forgotten in time
You talk in circles of rhyme
Seer of places future and past
The warning you gave us is surely our last

Warning !

Behold the child, his pointing hand
Is raised in solemn grace
His eyes once wide with learning wonder
Now leave stains upon his face

Now see the hands of the working man
He's leaning back against the wall
Once busy hands are idle now
Standing ready for the fall! Our fall!

The signs will come as days past by
For those that claim to see
The blind will stay not choosing to die
Not believing the visions I've seen



Light tracers follow me farther
Into the depths of unknown
The blackness surrounding the border of hope
We're alone

We plead for the signs of a second chance
In hopes it will stifle the fear
The dying remains of a world gone insane
We are near the end

A course that will lead us through darkness
Prepared by our leaders insist
We mustn't all pray to the shadow of
The iron fist
We enter the void with our eyes straight ahead
The force all around us we feel
The twisted contusions of hatred will finally reveal

Master of nations revealed
The beams from his soul you will feel

Slicing and tearing our way to the gate
A towering fortress of blackened steel
Desolate plains holding dying remains
Heed the call of the master we'll soar to
The edges of time

Light tracers follow me farther
Into the depths of unknown
The blackness surrounding the borders of hope
We're alone
We plead for the signs, give us a second chance
In hopes it will stifle the fear
The battered remains of world gone insane
We are near

Once long ago we had to hide
In the shadows of the land
To keep us away from the crawl
Enforcer's taking hold of us


Ride swift across the plain
Don't you turn back, keep heed in your flame
Kings with no mercy, this planet at war
Torn from enchantment, this land forevermore

Born from obsession, you cried death for light
You saw things before and after you died
Back from beyond to rule again
But this life denies you its fight to the end

Back from the dawn
Deliver us right from wrong
Kings forge the way
For your last day

You search the eyes of those
Who fear the law
Dark and light we all must keep the balance strong
One day a king will rise with the sun
The moon, and the stars
And you are he and you must die, to be
Born again, come again, once more be again the king



There's a certain feeling
Known to all who hear the sound
The call of morning rising
You're in a mystic space
Can't you feel the force embrace, the chill of the wind
As it names you

Oh, can't you see the lies in front of you
Your journey ends so far, and still the distance
Spins round and round you
Now you cry - give me sanctuary
You scream but no one listens
Again you cry - give me sanctuary

Until the end I'll fight and die, to be free
Oh! No sanctuary

You're walking halfway in
But crawling halfway out
There's a void in your mind that you cling to
You feel lost in time, you've got no words to rhyme
No more charms, no more spells to protect you


Until the end I'll fight and die
Oh I've got to be free

5. NM 156

Uniform printout reads end of line
Protect code intact leaves little time
Erratic surveys, free thinking not allowed
My hands shake, my push buttons silence
The outside crowd

One world government has outlawed war among nations
Now social control requires population termination

Have we come too far
To turn around
Does emotion hold the key
Is logic just a synonym for
This savagery, disguised in
Forgotten lost memory

Microchip logic
have we no more thought
"Is this wrong" I enter
Answers sought
Punch, punch, punch, transfer this data
Into code. Wide eyes watch my
Number 156 is shown
Created from past life to perform
Illicit function, I fail this conscious
Madness I man/machine imperfection


End of line


We see the light of those who find
A world has passed them by
To late to save a dream that's growing cold
We realize that fate must hide its face
From those who try
To see the distant signs of unforetold
Oh... oh, take hold

From a haze came a rage of thunder
Distant signs of darkness on the way
Fading cries scream of pain and hunger
But in the night the light will guide your way

So take hold of the flame
Don't you see life's a game
So take hold of the flame
You've got nothing to lose, but everything to gain

Ride, to a place beyond our time
Reach, for the edges of your mind, and you are there
See, that the light will find its way
Back to a place where it will stay, make it stay

Throw down the chains of oppression that bind you
With the air of freedom the flame grows bright
We are the strong, the youth united
We are one, we are children of the light



Red gates of iron cast their
Black shadows on this land
Dividing souls... far below
The gathering winds the armies watch
Are rising from the west
Foretelling news... of freedom's hand

In secrecy they've infiltrated
All of our strongholds
Controlling more... year after year
So we've let this happen all along
Believing what's been said
Our leaders cry... we have no one to fear

We watch the sun rise, and hope
We watch the sun rise, and hope
That it won't be our last
Before the storm (x4)

Is it late to try, must we all die
Our system awaits testv Freedom by choice...
is it for all men, best
So we wait in fear the atom split
Our hearts in two be torn
Learn from the past... before the storm

We watch the sunrise, and hope
We watch the sunrise, and hope
That it won't be our last


Born into darkness in Saturn's sight
Riding the night like the wind
Ripping the heart form a world that is right
Treading the borders of sin.

Child of fire
The souls that are damned
By the pain that you bring
Send you higher

Slashing destruction, your right hand sword ringing
To the ends of the earth you will fly
Conquering masses in wonton deception
Blood red your black flag waves high


Look around. Is this the end you've foreseen ?
The pain ? The misery in us all ?
What was it that you knew ?
Will we someday learn it too ?
And together build another way to the morning ?
Will it ever come again ?
You've poisoned all our hopes we have nothing now
And what of the children ?
What has this done to them ?
Damn you for the pain they must feel

The last hero standing no time to turn back
He's listening, waits for your call
The black barren plains reflect hope of the same for only one waiting to




Most of this is memory now
I've gone too far to turn back now
I'm not quite what I thought I was but
Then again I'm maybe more
The blood-words promised, I've spoken
Releasing the names from the circle
Maybe I can leave here now and, o
Transcend the boundaries

For now I'm standing here
I'm awaiting this grand transition
The future is but past forgotten
On the road to madness

Times measure rusts as it crawls
I see its face in the looking glass - stop
This screaming laughter hides, the pain of its reality
Black, the door was locked I opened
And now I've paid that price ten-fold over
Knowledge - was it worth such torment, oh
To see the far side of shadow

And still I'm standing here
I'm awaiting this grand transition
I'm a fool in search of wisdom
And I'm on the road to madness
Yes, I'm on the road to madness

I'm awaiting endlessly
Pounding rhythms echo me
Won't you take me somewhere far beyond the void

And still I'm standing here
I'm awaiting this grand transition
Maybe one day, oh I'll meet you, and we'll
Walk the roads to madness
Yes, we're on the road to madness

Oh, I think they've come to take me
I hear the voice, but there's no-one to see
I can't scream, too late it's time

Stay on the course to pass
You'll never find the answer
To a place where darkened angels
Seemed lost and never found
Scream to see the light of
Forming figures fast behind you
Lay the past in the wind to spin
And your fate will sail beyond the open plains
Sail with angels onward
Live or die for the chosen one said
Saber sights cast a spell behind you
And they lock in all around

Free the scene insider
Never looking back to find why
Ride a course till the end of time
And you'll stand atop the gate
Laying waste in a path recited
Fighting force won't avenge the guided black wing
Oh, electric might poses fright inside me
Seeing light at the end of sight reminds me
I've passed away

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