Qafas : Largetto Laments

Black Metal / Bahrein
(2012 - Domestic Genocide Records)
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No human eyes, witness the plague inside
Exhumed, in dead cells
This human vessel, but a cold casing

Inside there lies a lie
Inside I cannot deny

Blind to weary eyes
Blind to the living mind
Blind to the sickness, within
Blind to where the void begins
Behind, the truth of lies
Behind, the void of cries
Behind, the end of life
Behind, the end of strife

So dark the con of man prevails

The end of ways
The end of days






Death, whispers in vibrations
Restless howls, in silence
Agony roils as cells decay
Vengeance post-mortem, until this day

The lash of hatred, malicious and cold
Paralysis of wrath from, truth untold
Destined to kill, with the lie, unfold
Witness genocide, revenge, behold

With mace and axe, in cold lifeless palms
I have reached to the sky, with frozen eyes
Death awakened, as I crossed the barren fields
Lurking damnation, salvation surreal

Torn black wings in dormant darkness

To my everlasting posthumous insomnia

The cage of life, shuts its gates on my being
The chains of freedom, remains out of reach
Until I unleash, the rage burns away at my spirit
To bring their Deaths, that robbed me of rest

Death brings life to me
A voiceless savior
The killer of treason
The Deathless avenger
Whom shadows bow before, I rest no more
The tool of posthumous, inhumane war

You tremble before, thy scythe and sword
As I slice your throat, and watch your blood drizzle
And pour

I come in black flames, to extinguish yours
As I devour your spirit, I rip open your beating heart,
And take the very sense of your existence

Pleading to set you free, I grant you my misery

See what I see
Die with me
Let me drag you to, eternity




“I homeless sought you under the moonlight in the woods.
As you comb thy black hair in the heart of moon.

Ah they thieved the jeroboam of thy love’s wine from me.
Until I never swig the sweet poison from your hands.

Ah I can’t dirge the myth of thy love.
Because the words die by imagine your visage.

Ah thy love’s grief had blackened me.
And I’ll never take the light like thy moon’s heart.

Until you comb thy black hair in my heart…”




Soil, emitting warmth, under the rising sun
A loveless burial, of apathy
Upon the hill, in which I buried my love, forever
A specter, a skeletal carcass
Free from pain and human emotion
A phantom of immortality
A Bringer of Death
Free from sympathy

A bitter end to the coming of a New Age


Freedom, submerged in boiling blood

On the day the warfields lit up in blaze
On the day, the fogs rose in suffocation
On the day, truth became our resurrection
On the day, Death marked new paths of progression

As an evil rises from within,

Virtue becomes the sword of sin

Death waits all in this wrathful hour
With rageful fury, and the flames that devour
Remorseless bloodshed of the undead army,
By the bludgeoning force of a decimating harmony

Behold the segregation of insects,
By the poisonous lies of the blazing light

Crush them all
As they crawl,
Kill them all
Grace to Fall
Destroy all
By black thrall
Down, down with all
A call to war

As the East was lit, by the torch of darkness
Demise and decay, set upon the land of fear and dismay
In the heart of carnage, light itself became lawless
Between the splitting seas, blood streams so freely
Where tyrants kneel down, as the oppressed, slaves

To glory I foresee
Our concluded victory
Tyrants of their own Gluttony
Into our bleeding history

A night of Great Arson has come
To devour all to ruin
Arise flames, of the black sun
Eternal night has just begun

Down with the deceit,
Down with the defeat,

Down with the order
Down with surrender,
Down with pretenders
Down with defenders
Down with the liars
Rise with Hell's fires
Crush them all down

Down with the tyranny
Down with true treason
Down with the legions
Of lies and mind lesions

Down with false harmony
Down with the judas
Down with the truce
Hung by the noose

Down with the vanity
Down with the mindless
Down with the spineless
Down with the blindness

I've lived hatred
I've seen death
I've birthed becoming
With my last breath

Down with illusion
Lies of holy confusion
Down with delusion
Blood and retribution

A day of rage
In this cage,
Gleam of the unseen
Of, sacred fourteen.

Slaughter such cowards in blood so cold,
As I bludgeon them to death, with the hate I hold
I decimate their legions under Hellfire, and rust
As I crush and cremate them into the Earth's dust

Burning by the flames of black energy
I feel morbidity slowly eclipsing me,
Dead yet alive, and roaming free,
I'm hunting for humans, slaughtering silently

Carnage, not sympathy
I'm killing all empathy,
Murdering massively
Without mercy
In order to unleash this undying agony

By reigning down destruction,
The greatest of atrocities,
To demolish all laws of authority
Fulfill the visions of my sadistic purgatorial prophecy

Fight for freedom, with the blackest of might,
I am the son of the bleeding seas,
I've come to cure the land of this disease
Again I hear the unheard torturous cries, echo in my mind

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