Pentagram (USA) : Relentless

Doom Metal / Etats-Unis
(1993 - Peaceville Records)
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Waiting your turn, Just to die
You wish that someone could be by your side
You're so afraid to be alone
You need my help so that you can be strong

And what will you miss
when death gives you a kiss

Live in a room with your solid walls
You can't get out although you call
Looking around and what you see
A thousand lost souls and they're ready to scream

And what will you miss
when the death gives you a kiss

Such a strange moaning in the air
Can you feel the breeze through your hair
Rolling around across on the ground
Hoping that soon you will be found yeah

And what will you miss
When the death gives you a kiss

Oh yeah!

The evil darkness that you can't see through
Turns you around makes a fool out of you
Looking behind you can you see the dawn
Wasted your chance and now your life is gone

Your life is gone yeah!


The time has come you must repent
For all your sins you have spent
The rule to beckon now is here
The spark that loads your soul with fear yeah

Your life in chaos no control
The hand beneath it voids your goals
The kindling fire is now prepared
To meet the one who have dared

Oh yeah
You can never win
Pay for all your sins
You can never win
Pay for all your sins like this

You're gunna burn now!

Your can never win
Pay for all your sins


A lone soul at night sits and bays at the moon
Though sometimes he's a man it's a Pentagram
Shotgun blasts as he runs with the wind
But he just can't win it's the Pentagram

And now don't know how but it's happening to me
Got the love from above but it's happening to me

Black cloud hangs and it just won't leave
though be wants to believe it's a Pentagram
Hard to conceive and he tries to perceive
but he's destined to grieve it's the Pentagram

Now don't know how but it's happening to me
Got the love from above but it's happening to me

I can't turn back now

Stories unfold but they've all been told
When he sold his soul to the Pentagram
And to end his life though the silver is old
He will reach his goal by the Pentagram

And now don't know how but it's happening to me
Got the love from above but it's happening to me

Tell me one more time
It's alright
I can't turn back now
Cause it's the sign of the wolf


On endless nights my need to roam
I've come to desecrate your bones
As maggots crawl amongst your flesh
You're soon to meet the truth of death

My wants are few to reach my quest
You're bound to feel my cold request
Now my dear you soon shall see
The dying living truth of me

Cause I'm not living
You soon will be giving
So I can die on

From far away and from the near
My finest clients buried here
For once you've shared your death with me
A ghoul I shall forever be

But I must sleep before the dawn
And then my work will carry on
Once you've come to grips with me
A ghoul I know you'll always be

Cause I'm not living no
You'll soon be giving
So I can die on
Chosen one
Cause I'm not the living
you soon will be giving
So I can die on yeah!
Aaah chosen one!


Now I don my electric axe
I'm gonna lay you on your back
All psyched up and ready to go
Take you to hell and won't say hello

Walk with me through the black house
What a wild trip You're such a louse
Feel my power as it prevails
As you listen to sinister tales

Why do you hold your head so low
Are you afraid of your mystical soul
Feel the metal and feel it deep
Our of the walls flows true belief

When in doubt what do you do
Do you know how to see it through
Never in your life will he forgive
The wasting of your soul that he once gave

Oh no!

Do you know my name I doubt if you do
But you'd be surprised if I told it to you
My looks are deceiving I'm not what I seem
For I've got more power than you may believe

Ah take me
And its so relentless
Oh yeah
So relentless


What thought are running through your young head
Honey don't you wish I was dead I know you do
You're gunna learn cos I'm your main source
I ain't no measured mile I can make you run my course

You better act sweet don't 'cha treat me like dirt
You're 'bout to get it darlin' for all that you're worth
If I have to scream 'till my voice gets hoarse
I'll take no back talk lord! you'll run my course

And in the night I'll make you suffer
All your days are gunna rain
When you think You've felt the misery
I'll make you lonely just the same

So you better act sweet don't 'cha treat me like dirt
You're 'bout to get it darlin' for all that you're worth
If I have to scream 'till my voice gets hoarse
I'll take no back talk lord! you'll run my course


I cast my spells on endless nights
They call me lord with my hands on fright
My subjects they fear me for my eyes do glow
My women they love me; they're pleased to show

My tool is a serpent which to bear my child
A virgin is chosen just to drive me wild
Just take the time and you will see
How no one is over lord to me

I am my king and I am of my own
Can you feel the force of who sits on the throne
My dreams are real and fantasies true
I am a priest of hell make a slave of you

I know what I want and I know how to get it
It's held in my hand and I'm ready to give it
Come with me now would you care to try
Please let me warn you, you've got to decide yeah

Do you know how it feels
When you wish to live no longer
Do you know how it feels
To have been took by someone stronger

They say you've got to die to live on
And when your time is near
Will you ever be sure
Can you see things quite clear yeah!


They eat through your head
And straight to your brain
The decisions they make
Slowly drive you insane

This is the brotherhood of satan
And they're forcing you to kill
The apocalypse is now
Revalation being filled yeah

You seem so self-assured
When your leaders speak
But the lies all come out
When the power grows weak

So they only hide away
Unworried and unsure
Still feeding on your blood
Still searching for a cure yeah

You believe in your father
In his love so strong
But the thoughts you've been given
Well they come out so wrong

And on your day of judgement
You'll know who's in command
No man's law will matter
Under God's saving head yeah


You've been telling lies that I can see
Fairy tales that build inside of me
You keep tellin me
It's time we both see
You're lost yes, I'm free

You've been running wild, but not for me
I feel just like a child that cannot see
Your voice waking me
Saying I should see
You're lost, well I'm free

Fade away; I think that somethin' strange is wrong
I try to see, but still I feel, you are gone
I think I should see
When you said to me
You're lost, yeah and I'm free
Ya know I'm free
I'm so free


The flames grow high in your eyes
Your tempers hot and it's on the rise
Furious storm builds deep inside
And the universe no place to hide

You watch the world fall to it's knees
Full of sins as they beg for peace
But your blood runs cold through your veins
You only laugh when you're in pain

Sunshine through the tree tops
Moonshine cross the sea
The wind blows through my hair
And takes my soul from me

Is the world near it's end
My god what's 'round the bend
Will you fall to your knees and pray
When hell; it heads your way

If the world could only feel the love
Thats within us and up above
We'd be glad to live and that we're alive
Instead we worry how we're to die yeah!


You think that I'm the devil
But I told you I'd be your clown
I couldn't help you if I was christ himself
You've got your head right under the ground
And you'd like me to get you out
Of the jam that your in

I'll tell you flat don't you look at me
I don't go floatin' for no 20 buck spin aww no
And you run to me in the night time
the look of fears in your eyes
My one life's goal is survival
I ain't got time for no rival oh no!

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