Nifelheim : Headbangers Against Disco Vol. 2

Black Thrash / Suède
(1997 - Primitive Arts Records)
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Born with the mark of our Lord
Six hundred and sixty-six
Humiliated in human form
We devote our lives to you

Our lives are second in time
With death... We grow stronger
We are the souls in black
(The) disciples of the dark

Unholy passions...
Watching the fire burn !
The unholy hordes
Engulfing all that's pure

We are the walking dead
The spirits damned to hell
Abominations casted forth
Destroying sacred life

Through the mountains, across the sea
We come to battle thee
Holy life will cringe in fear
As our legions rise from hell !


Black flames forging
Another day is leaving
The thunder brings our lusts
Oh, the Metal Night

Our duty calls us
It's time for the battle
Bring forth axes and swords
And the Master War Machine

Hail to our kingdom
All black and embraced by hell
Ah, the sound of death
The bastard way of war...

We rape your souls
On Metal Nights
The thunder brings our lusts
Oh, the Metal Night

Taste the lust in pain
This is our war
Metal sent by Hell
Hell sent by Metal

Torture, metal, unpure, hellish

Torture, evil surrounds
Metal, by pain - your bounds
Unpure, We're the hounds
Hellish, The Metal sounds


The moon is full, the hour is near
the witches are coming.
With screamings, filling the air
in the above darkness
skeletons bright Alchimists, hermits
And maniacs, All are here, the celebration -
Is up to begin

Witches Sabbat

All the forest is bewitched, with black magic around
All the Dead and the damned get up from the ground
the bats flew, blood spills, fire in the trees
Axe prepared, A virgin tied
Her head rolls at my feet

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