Naumachia : Callous Kaghatos

Death Black / Pologne
(2007 - Empire Records (PL))
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My gaze shattered your blissful asylum
Look into those pits of misery again
The only eyes that don't reflect your beauty

I'm of the ancient breed
More callous than Kagathos though

Mine are the merciless acts against merciful
Stemming from my insatiable lust for life

I'll pour my despair into you
You will be victimized by the victim
You will serve the servant
Face the modern callous vicimology
During the grand ceremonial of denial


The hollow loss has crept into my life
And shaped it to be its home
I fall asleep into a tar black hole
And wake up into the shades of the past day

I am Centurion
For there are hundreds of me alike

Here today gone tomorrow
Born of emptiness and sorrow
Into sadness and shaded lot
Hollow realm devoid of deeper thought

One of millions points of darkness
A diamond in sand though

I am Centurion
There are millions of us
Ordering our one-manned armies
I am my own subordinate and superior

Unnamed army of indifferent swords
Summoned to gather upon the shore
No servants they need, no lords
As obedience to themselves they swore

Past centuries were my shelter
Brought up by stone statues I was
Fed on dew that hasty night left
I have been forsaken by light

Clad in century-old armour
Corroded by acid of memories
Covered in rust of my anger
Here I rise - Centurion

Against hope, against dreams

For suppressed will I fight
Confined imagination
And, oh, upright pose

Retrieve the mind equilibrium
Revive words their might
Give the night its moonless darkness
And the warriors the cause to fight

My summoning call dies into the sky-high wall of groans
The orphaned widows mourn their youth
The silhouettes of swords buried in memory
Are cutting thru the realms` screen
To stop the rocking of the empty cradles
Stone hits the stone, the clatter, as hypnotic chant, fades in blizzard's spell
Ecce Centurion, marching with his alikes
I am Centurion
And there are millions of us


Born a monarch with no crown
Here i am to reclaim my rights
Watch me command the thousand-head-crowd
In the glare of bright lights
A throne for hundred sages
It works its magic on the hungry ones
Time freezes on the voice command
Of the next magus entering the stage
Slaves of Illusion
Playing the game of awe
Slaves to mirrors
Trapped in the purgatory of ego

Ready to enlive his own decease
To fill the audience pit
Bleeding real drops, swallowing sweat
And working every wrinkle crease
Artisan among masters
Unable to shrug his costume off
Grown into his mask with flesh
The spectator of his own act
Illusion arcana apprentice
Hunched behind the set
He vanishees into lethargic obliveon
Till the next curtain-up call
As magus major
Entrapped in servant`s role
Performing his mute swansong
To the careless crowd
I`m enliving the ravish of soul
Each time i enter the stage
Trading the new mould
Shaped of sweat and sleepless nights


The Dark Chevalier awaits the dusk
To follow the scent you would mask
With immortal affection His tongue He dips
In the sanguine little pond that monthly drips

Let your softer lips dew His
With a mightly bloody kiss

When you lie to rest at night
Don`t clog the sanguine flow
Summon the immortal knight
Before you give in to dream

Hair spread on the pillow, her limbs apart
She wants to give in to Ravennish Art.
The monthly crimson drops let free to flow
Set up a sanguine bait He must follow

Summon the Dark Duke for The Harvest of Blood
Let Him taste the crimson lips ready to flood.


With every sip
Im getting more alive
With every sip
I feel like tasting life

The more I want , the less I am

Fighting the gag effect
I'm striving to endure
I'm swallowing the sting
To feel I can still feel
Tilting the bottle
Against the backdrop
Of the changing world.

Been thru Hell
To get a piece of Paradise
The fleeting taste of my reward
Left me sober and lost

The more I want, the less I am

The liquid prayer burns my tongue.
With the opaque dark veil
Fading into foggy dawn
The flavour of life turns bland

Numb sleep takes me over
To another daylight Hell
I`m left with the shameful reminder
Of last night`s routine.




Vortex of my hunger draws you close
Oblivion promise in my gaze
Penetrates you deep to the core

I will be inhaling your curiosity
Licking your wet anxiety
Smudging my anger onto your delicacy
Sucking on your naivety

Touch my callous skin
Drive your nails into my cross-less back
Smell all sleepless hours I`ve been thru

Beauty raped by life itself

With every tear I lick off your face
I take your fear into my heart
With every drop of blood you let me taste
I deprive you of your inner child


All the forsaken beings expect us to fill the void
With the new faith.
When it also proves inefficient, they turn against us....

Sheeps in wolves` skin
Crave for the road signs on the lost highway
Assume the position!
Kneel! Kneel! Kneel!
I am the New Salesaman of Salvation
Accept the victorious drug
For the emotionally crippled.

Addicted to believing
Ready for bleeding
Whatever the cause
Whichever the cross
Angry dark-ornate faces
Yield for a forgiving father
If not holy then black instead
Just another blind guardian of wicked destiny

From one altar to the other
New life every new call
Catching on many straws
Getting high on your own fall

I am the New Dealer of Faith
New Salesman of Salvation
Of the hardest drug ever known
Killing millions , affecting billions.


Stints me on its light
I am being passed by
Pearl laughter carried along the dusty road

The pregnant thought`s weight hurts
I`m shrugging all the empty words off my back

Rain turns to rust
Hopes remain dreams
And I tried, I did try
Not to turn them into dust

Hands tired of loneliness
Odd sound of my own voice
I fear what mirrors hide
Eyes shut, no need to memorize the pain


I died last night
No one noticed
Blood froze in my veins
I forgot how to breathe
Limbs went numb
I ended up defiling the bed
I was born in

Woke up into worse world
Didnt get released
Im still pushed to carry on
my reoccuring deaths

There in no heaven
No hell
To accept me

All the lives i missed
All the deaths i live thru




Some people are born, yet are dead.
Some people try to live instead.

Some people need others around to live.
Some people can neither take or give.

Some people have more than enough.
Some people say life is tough.

Some people see only injustice.
Some people would last despite this.

Some people believe in cleansing fire.
Some people called him a filthy liar.

Some people are scared of dying.
Some people can't just stop crying.

Here comes terror.
Terror of Harvest.
No chance for an error.
Mors ultima est.


Broken wings upon me,
Disappointed's tears
Perverse fortune wakes up
Magnitude of my exist

Waiting for sentence of the death

Suspended in huge vacuum
I still count of fast solution
Imprison pieces of soul
Only aim to destruction

Waiting for the death
I`m hiding in his arms

Mighty lord take of the spell
Take of course that made me blind
Am I over death am I over life

Groggy of wasted fear / Me against my life,
I'm folding roses on my grave / Me against my heart
Retard remain of human wishes / Me against my love,
Climbing to prevent escape / Me against my blood.

Lord of darkness side / Lord of darkness side
I entrust to you my life! / Give me back my life!

I'm calling you, I'm waiting for your awakening, Rise! Across the Deadly Threshold!
I hear your voice, I fell sweet numbness
Your tears are falling down on my haunted soul...

Mighty lord take of the spell
Take of course that made me blind
Am I over death am I over life

Mighty lord take of the spell
Take of course that made me blind
Am I over death am I over life...

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