Mütiilation : Vampires of Black Imperial Blood



Sometimes images of a sad void
Fill the thoughts and the soul
The only feeling of a gate for relief is
A key that you call death

Tortured by life and past
My sorrow is the key to some dimensions
I once knew but without never
Reaching them

The grey weather cry, sad and dark
The somberness of satan
The moisted walls of years belch
The spirit of death
So bad there

Tears burn my eyes
The key to my melancholy is no relief
I wish i'll never see the light
Existence is the remeberance
Of a dark past

Rain of tears stains the castle
Bloodred clouds under the sky
Caves of stones with water drops
Icy fingers of evil

By this sunday night of september
As the rain stops to flow
I shall end my life there and maybe
Open the gate
The eternal circle of beings and thoughts
Is ending with death
But to take another form
Which still haunt beyond
I enter

Magical shadows surrounds me
As i'm leaving from this world
Tragic memories remains
As i enter the dead's realm

The grim walls vomit the memories
Of a sad and evil past
The glaucous and gloomy soul
Is torn in a tormented eternity



Born under the master's spell

In the past plague years, a village enchanted by fear
Tales of the crucified hadn't yet reached the ancient beliefs
Frozen by a malevolent magnetism, under the master's spell
Everyone dread the black hill knowing from where evil comes

Born under the master's spell

A gate's opened to hell
On each fullmoon night a virgin disappears
As an evil sentence terrifying the masses
Under the yoke
Mystified by centuries, enslaved mortals living in fear
Under the yoke

Through the mist of times, on the hill a black fortress rises
As an eye, the eye of satan
Dark and cold, infinitely malevolent
Sad and so old, the eye of satan


When my last sign of humanity will be heaved
When all my enemies will be dead or agonizing
When i'm finally alone with no one to speak to
When i won't want to fight in this world anymore

I'll pass away without regret, without fear in this endless cosmos
I'll miss nothing, none will weep on my grave

As i'll have lived everything from deception to deception,
When every glimmer of hope will have faded into the opaque black
Into the opaque black....

I'll leave without sorrow, without hate, without fright in front of the mouth of death
Without letting nothing behind, in the infinite space among the stars

Lying in my own blood, falling asleep in the night, leaving without regret,
I prayed for that all my life long
Colder again under the beautiful sad dead moon, i'm joining her...
So tired and old i die letting behind me a contemptible mortal world
My destroyed dreams will then reveal mightier again, i hear the hearse coming for me
The result of my existence when i carried only despair


Far beyond any times...
Once was a garden in eden
Ignorance can't be kept
By the one made to rule

Through ancient times of hidden dimensions
I rised immortal as a plague
My kingdom opens as the gates of hell
Riding the blizzard, wolves bark

Controlling a barbaric real of unknown
Where bats fly in the candles' light
Frozen mountains reaching the sky
Hiding the castle of doom

Sorrow spreads, the populations cry
Pawns don't need to feel
Weakness is to be driven
Humans need a guide

Learning mystical sphere of knowledge,
Becoming self a god

A dark supremacy from
Ancient forgotten forces
But only one is born to rule his ego,
Those of a dead god, to be the one...
Diabolical intelligence, conspiracy and war
By hate and fear i lead their souls
As the serpent, i am their knowledge
My power is far scealed
In their empty thoughts...

As the world falls in ruins, chaos is mine
My throne darkening the lands
Oppress the masses
War rules the earth

I am the highest emperor
Black forces domination
A world of endless dusk
Into the mist of darkness

Death rises and laughs...


So many names had been given to me
In his red empire satan calls me the reap
On each life that fades, my power is growing stronger
I saw the fall of millions ones... And death goes on
My empire's hell, chaime the bell as you enter my eternal domain
Eternal empire of majesty death

On each razor that blows a life away
I'm the commander of the wind of genocide
Mayhem is my knowledge as the stone is closing on you
Through the red mist of the sky, my kingdom of night is opening
My only feeling is darkness, my reign is eternal
Eternal empire of majesty death

In the eternities, my reign will never stop
In my immortality, i “live” so cold
All draped in black my servants are countless
I'm the ugliest nightmare of humankind

I don't know love and joy
I've never saw light and sun
I'm the harvester of souls for the realm of satan
Humanity begs at my feet
As a roar the storms of war
My existence is only destruction
Feel my claws cutting your strings
Eternal empire of majesty death


The mortals fears in transylvanian dreams came true

In the forgotten cemetery
Haunting in night for blood
I've been waiting for years
I'm what you shall become
In the carpathian mountains

Under the stone of doom
Non dead i wake
Tormenting humans in fear
Dwelling for eternity

Into the black castle
Out from my coffin
I seek what i need

From the crypt to the forest
All so old and strange

A place of eternity
Riding on the wolves howls
I'm one with the fog

One more night
Oh majestuous transylvania
They've fallen under my yoke

Hear… ;the voices of the high master
As… i satisfy my lust
As your blood is now my life
One more is joining my realm

At dawn, i 'll escape the lethal daylight



Our magnificent union is the one of sadness
Drowned in the massacremist
Into the black night of evil
Through infernal fog

The gestalt is our circle
The dark fraternity is our
Vampires' night begins
Under the yoke of satan
Into the woods and mountains
Where sorcery rules...

...where my dreams have rung the bell of despair
Our kingdom seems never come
I lay under the starry night
Of the sky of ardailles
Forever far from humans
I'll stay frozen on the grey stones
Far... Sorrow...


A cold night with terrifying shadows
Buried by centuries of oblivion
Horrible, ancient and dark
Death winds surround me

Dwelling in this forgotten grave
In these endless torments
Beyond the mysteries of mankind
Frightening and grimly real

Draped in torn dusty rags
I awake from the earth
Deathly cold
Deathly pale

Blood is mine

Searching for blood across the night
My soul has died some years ago
From the dust covered tombstone
The funeral yells of the eternal

Eternal is the essence of evil
Immortal is now my cold corpse
Through the funeral mist i wander
Far from the feeble mortal

I walk in the mist as an inhuman creature
The fog of death surrounds my corpse

Night hides a so beautiful realm ignored from humans
Night breeds the abomination of sin as real as death
And by the light of the moon shine my dead eyes
Hear the call of a melancholic vampire far, so far

And in my coffin
Missing human blood in my throat
Through eternities of sorrow
I keep on hating

Dwelling through the tombs
Above the humans
Beyond any time
Cold, forgotten and alone

By some cold rainy night
You can see
A gaunt face covered with tears
Deathly cold
Deathly pale

;歌词由 添加 Desolation - 修改此歌词