Mütiilation : Sorrow Galaxies

Black Metal / France
(2007 - End All Life Productions)
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Las palabras

Cosmic Seeds of Anger & Dementia
Far beyond the cold distant void, the universe curls closing the spiral to absurd dimensions over the static of god's existence
Inverting laws of time, space and so death control, pure black anti matiere...the origin of chaos 0
Perpetually changing shape, million evils faced, from sickness to war, from war to chaos
downfalling on itself...degenerative particule, pure black anti matiere...the origin of chaos 0
You say why? I say what for?
We're just seeds of dust on a dead stone turning around a cold star in a depressive universe
You say why? I say what for?

Master of all plagues
Use my soul to bless your words
Tomorrow is out of reach
Lie to tell me what I want to hear
All is nothing
Over the vast night of times
Negation of my life
In the black void of satan, the mighty revelator of matiere and time
Questions are not missing but your dogma makes me sick
Repent in the name of who?
Forgiveness in the name of what?
Mysteries of satan
Unblessed by the weak
Tyranny to come
Laws of the new one
Abandon the crucified whore
Terminate the reign of god
Insurect the sign of the goat
Over the ancient world
Nothing is all

I'm now sure I'll die by my own, piss your faith on my face and be the fontain of my worst desires
If only you dared to be something, something they hate and i stand for
Drink my soul and make me die
Sorrow destroyed the curtain of sensitive space, destroy the feelings and suck out my brain
This bottle will be my last fetish
Next stop in a body bag
But it seems so brieve and now I'm locked in a cell
Stones imprison my face
Anguishing petrified thoughts
I never thought it comes this fast to begin to dig another grave
no more time for remorse, I have to face damnation, hell is eternity

Something is definitly dead within me, the small light which was still blazing before N-night
Blown by a cold wind from the anguishing void, the black feezing breathe of the devil
I hear the hearse' bells toll
I'll close your eyes before you'll understand I don't want you to think by yourself
Years betray the time left for me
Unless you die forget the happiness for there's nothing finally at the end
The other day I bought a gun
I should think about using it...

The Coffin of Lost Innocence
False innocence in the eyes of a sad child, grief of a lost soul in a grey vast world
You and I dig the same hole, this is a man's world, this is a dead world

The chrisalyd woke me from its autist catalepsy...
And the somber butterfly burnt his wings at the so called divine daylight
And thus became a foul fly laying its eggs over human decay as a revenge on god's creation
I awake and I see the devil's face telling me to zip down the pure one, to pull the trigger,
to abuse you to liberate my wrath, to let him coming out from me
Touch the scars on my naked body
Let it be done before my skin turns cold turkey
I disgust myself, you think it's just a game
You'll sleep before you realize I abused your innocence
Lost youth memories come back to the surface
Endless pit of melancholy which soil my eyes and face
A dirty plastic giraffe, not stained with piss and crass
I thought i'd never have to hate what I am now
Each time i remind of lost purity
A poisonous torpidity cuts my sleep
The past is dead and will never live again
No prostethic can replace what's lost and gone
I'm coming inside your purity
As soon as it's done bitterness invades me
Cum is bile, desire is a lie
You can't understand why I try to die...

A small death that hurt
I'm cold and afraid
Deserts of solitude and guilty thoughts
Screw my head and terrify me

Everything is turning from pink to grey
Descent to reality
Alone in my head, alone in my flesh
Until the day I'll definitely be alone in a hole
Each minute seems to last a year and each day is the same as the one before
you''ll never grow up and reach humanhood, you know... there is no use to become like them, to live their life of bitterness tears and abuse
i've tried and failed, just see...what I did of me...
They'll do to you...

The mask of death was wearing your face
Downfallen and skinny
You seem so small in your coffin
Look at my eyes... they bleed

What is their so called of god? that erase my friends, that destroy my dreams?
What have you done for me?
Why don't you just kill me?
You can be proud of you bitch...
One of the strings that keep me sane have been slashed once again
You're not buried as i stay
Standing in my desert
Forget the holy ground
Their god was for the living ones I am not they just can't see something died within me
Never ask why....
We're the orphans of god
Another father will take us all
Just give your soul for the change...this fucking soul
Abandon your life to him, never mourn the human world, never look back for what we've done, for all the ones left behind, take his hand and shut your eyes

Cesium Syndrome 86
Cold strange ice rock known from those without name
The pit for the sins of mankind, we had to pay
The spiral who sucked the errant souls, we had to pay

Stone cold entity
Over eternities of solitude
Revealing the nest of all plagues
Rust corrode the golden kingdom
Over eras of damnation
War among humans
Generations condamned to decay
Anonymous actors of the rotting process
Low life winter for centuries
Apocalyptic rains of fire and lead
X-termination through nuclear massive waves
Yoke of the boiling atoms cauldron

Test tubes with living abominations
Cancer creeps over forthcoming natality
No god or science will never release from radioactivity,
drilling the earth to poison the antipods
Boiling underneath the ground, opened a pit of hollow fire
Humans have splitted the atom of god
Cesium syndrom 86 of satan
A taste of lead and rust must bite your lips
Naevus as a tatooed face of evil
Mutant apparitions contorting fingers and faces
Bizarre monster births over years after the tragedy
Degenerated freaks as caricatures of god's creation
Hail a crucified siamese hermaphrodit as a new idol

Through the devastated landscapes
The deserted city of doom
Concrete as witness of the devil's eye
Phantom of the past radiation penetrating every layers of the ground, activation of mother earth raping process; death creeps among the living ones

War for survival or another poisoned ration
Armed sick zombies feasting on their brother's flesh
Remains of the human creation

Acceptance of My Decay
The distortion of laws and times send morals to black holes
Riding on a razor's edge beetween live and death
The cold blade of consciousness deeply bite within my flesh
Asperger microcosm with confined flesh walls
May the tornado of lost sould wrap my putrid shell
And blow me to another place and another dirt
Flashes to flashes...dirt to dirt...drink the wine of denial
The dust of time let place to bitter senility
The powder to my face, this poison to my veins
Nothing remains but sick remorse
Rotting alone in disgrace with disgust as only friend
Wandering in a cold void, the nomad of my soul
An age of confusion
The nomad of my soul...
The universe of my mind absorbs human notions
The distortion of laws and times send morals to black holes
Tomorrow will be worse, everlasting borderline, the black venom feeds my cold pump
Poisoning my essence as the wine of plague, my karma is blackening within my veins

Melancholic child who never found the light
Eyes full of tears
Yesterday seems it will last forever
Hope is dead
Nothing is all around
Abstraction of my feelings
Cure is a lost illusion
Healing will never come

The cosmos inside my brain distorts laws of time and space,, some rememberances violently come back to the surface
Blur nebulaes of the past explode from an ethylic mist, to give birth to a marvellous tumor, a star has died
But as soon you're coming nearer you can see the acid truth that burns your eyes as a mysticism is no more
Hate me for what i am, love me for what i'll never be
I'm yours you know as long as you belong to me
Drinking my words, feeling it fine as your cunt brain opens for me, the spems that stain your face is mine
And you ask for another song motherfucker, forget anything you learnt, another world is coming, oh i know it's not with me
Have a bitter time
Voices to my head call me down
Evil in my flesh guide me through the night
In a universe of mist, what could be my thoughts
Alcohol as a fuel that keeps my corpse warm enough for those to see, art has become my own decay in a world where they vainly build
On what'd already ruins for me
I know who I am...
Neurotic galaxies, chemical nebulaes, the cosmos is just my brain, my soul is the center of my autist universe
Big bang in my soul , tornadoes in my head, I wished it was the last just as it began
Misery as a vocation, ethilic gates opens for me, yelling my agony to the night, hell as a promised deal
Nests of flies peeling my eyes, alcohol blurs my vision, colder everything is now, he's coming to take me

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