Mütiilation : Majestas Leprosus

Black Metal / France
(2003 - Ordealis Records)





Through the ugly old window, moonlight shines with malice
And in the Maze of my mind, convulsions of my memory
Regrets don't really haunt my soul but acrid thoughts corrode my brain
Awaken til the dawn to fall as darkness fades
And I stay here for hours eating my soul with anguish
My body seems to be dead but my mind burns with morbidity
Paranoia prevails those times, alchemy of hate and fear
But also lustful phantasm... power, fortune and glory

Night is opened wide for my kingdom- HELL
Apparitions come as the daylight dies- HELL
I can't control my mortal flesh so close to my realm
I wish I had the power to kill this shell- HELL
But the scarecrow you spit on is already dead- HELL

I make me sick to punish myself from being arrived here...
And to fade my anger down as blood is tears of the flesh...

Teeth frenetically bite my lips, awaken in sweat at night
I wish I could stop thinking just for a minute
I could stand in a nut's shell and say I'm world's master
If I didn't bear those horrible nightmares
Acrid soul brings bitter tears, vampires cry in eternity
Gazing at destroyed dreams, illusions that died for long
And the wish to kill humanity, erasing the memory
The devil take them all, none made nothing for me
Their eyes wet, their herts cry, I don't want their compassion
And as soon as I'll be gone
I don't think they'll miss me for long.


Follow the dark path, waiting to pass to the other side
Struggle the holy and weak, make your life a sin
Life's so depressive, this world has to pay
Kill for the devil, spread plague and evil
Consume your life from both sides, join the sect
Never have any child, this race has to die
Slash your mortal shell, listen to this voice
Satan is waiting, hear him calling

May the war bells chime again
Feel the power to give death
No one of them is innocent
Smell the stench of their fear
Sequestred in the dark
Humiliation and torture
Destroy the human rights
Desecrate the creation of god
And when you lose the taste
When supplies don't your eyes anymore
End your misery life
Suicide for Satan

Destroy your life for Satan


Wine is color of faded red, icon of a past
No drug make me forget all this blood and this night
Gazing at the cold moon, memory of a face of doom
Which looks at me with scorn, wothing will be the same anymore

Pictures of the past are never to be back
Bloodfingers in your back, I miss the time I made you scars
I remember the promise of some rest in a bloodred sea as a release
I learnt there is no rest and honesty never pays
It wasn't the eyes of betrayal but there was no place for hope
I thought it was a place for eternity
it was just a pit in a grey endless sea

I hate looking at those mountains that make me remember you
I'd like to hate you so more than for myself I've ever done

I spread violence and decay, sickness is a hard thing to share
All the scars drawing my body won't never release me from grief
And tomorrow when the time has past I'll still remind your name
And then return to the place it was and probably shed a tear
For the remain of this human blaze which was blown off this night
I just hope where you go, you'll remember what was I

I bleed for it went too fast, the wound is still opened
You've gone as those flowers died, as the bloodred turns to black
You'll remember me as faded wine and wish me the best
The best is still for me that I can meet you soon in hell...


Exiled from the so called sane,
Dwelling in some moisted cave,
In some place that means despair,
Where the mortals fear to approach...
And there, through an ugly candlelight
At first you could see a black formless shape
And then an abomination freezing your blood
In the realm of decayed flesh, you'll have to stay...

And in the few weeks after, among the human carriows
Moribunds wait their turn, to join the stench of mass grave
Majestas Leprosus

Rotten flesh wrapped in rags, no more looking like humans
Piles of coffins wait to burn, the leper death prevails
Majestas Leprosus


You're all worms and mud, just a question of time
Idealizing the past, old memory seems so beautiful
But the decayed flowers have lost their colors for ever
And what is dead will never be again

I'd like to collect those cute dead bodies
and give'm a new life through death
Where they'd stay pure and silent
But dead fruits rot so fast,
I hate those worms, I hate those flies
The ugliness which drown the past

What death gives me, it's rapidly passes away
I spit on your cemetary which even took your femiveity
As soon as the eyes are gone the human identity fades
Formaldehyde infections to delay the inescapable doom
Destroying the natural way of life,
I bring back the lovely corpse
And fight against the sand of time
Fascination and disgust are twins in the same hell
Why should it end so fast?

Tonight, beyond the gates of death,
I'll break the oblivion process
No god won't make me forget you, my dead angel
Your cadaver enshroud recalls me your wedding dress
Your body cold like ice opens for my damnation

...I'd like our dead love to last forever
...Sometimes I ever hear as if she spoke to me

And one day I'll fuck the earth itself,
that sweet stench of humus and moist
Which so often stole my lust... desire to possess you whore
'cause death put the strike but you erase the so pure remains
Covering my naked body with black and greasy mud,
broken nails on stones

...I'd like our dead love to last forever
...Sometimes I even hear as if she spoke to me

Raping the soil, the betrayer of time
I fill mother earth with tears, blood and sperm
And you puke me as an aborted corpse
To avoid I reach the forbidden paradises


By freezing nights of wind and rain,
a pale corpse is gazing at the moon
Mortified to solve the secret
and find the purity this time
To blow off my tortured soul...
The ugliness inside...

Today the few that's left for me
is tainted with blood and ugly thoughts
And even in centuries, pain will forever remain

A statement of a wasted life,
darkness turned to grey sorrow,
under the silver starlight
No Flower nor wreast, no cry no regret,
just let me rot, that's enough for me
To blow off my tortured soul...
The ugliness inside...

Those nights of despair seem to never end
Drowned in illusion, cut from any life
All has been so grim so far
Death awaits, it's time to day
Stillborn or already dead?
One night I'll rip this life like a big sow!

I ask for no pardon as I soon get what I deserve
And remember all I've done... I've done it against myself.
Everything's so ugly now, I hate what surround me, moon... I'll miss you
No flower no wreast, no cry nor regret,
just let me rot, that's enough for me.
To blow off my tortured soul...
The ugliness inside...


If these walls could speak, they would tell the weird story
Of some secret cursed dynasties, witnesses of the time...
And also crimes and blasphemies suppuring blood and tears...
The unhealthy stench of moist, the aura so dark,
Mesmerizing they lead your soul to blow your life apart
And ask you to stay forever as some others did in the past...
First they all felt under the charm until it consumed their mind
Isolation supports the paranoia, until tragedy came...

At night I can hear the chanting of the dead...
Here is no peace... if these walls could speak...

Domain of flies, spiders and rats, no place for human reign
Even some priest would have changed, revealing the beast inside
From the cursed day they were built, hiding fear and mystery
Evil dwells in these walls, satan possesses the moisted stones
Times stops as you pass the entry, voices call to join them down
As a golden torture chamber, grim but still living on its own
Even gold rusts so close to evil, forles call you to stay
To feed them with new blood, as some others did in the past

Here is no peace.... if these walls could speak...

Fascinated by morbid thoughts, fleshcrawls and fever pulsions
The paradox of ecstasy when sanity extinguishes
Reversed is the cycle of nature, reversed is the cycle of life
A few knew it but all were touched, the plague goes on
Sowing the seeds of discord, leading humans to fratricide
As some icy stone fingers closing on yours destiny
Time doesn't exist anymore, here is no peace
I knew it a time and will never forget this scar...