Mortification (AUS) : Relentless

Death Metal / Australia
(2003 - Rowe Productions)
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Web of fire!
Devil's attack, must fight back,
The blood of christ, our defence,
Guard our minds, guard our hearts,
Kill all death

Web of fire, destroys life of mankind. [x2]

Satan's lies, they must die,
Now he will kill, if he can,
Guard our souls, guard our life,
Kill all death!

Web of, fire, destroys, all life,
Blood of, our christ, new birth, new life

Devil's attack, must fight back,
The blood of christ, our defence,
Guard our souls, guard our life,
Kill all death!


Try as you might to fill it, with shapes that do not fit,
Try as you will to kill it, it will still be there,
Cannot be filled by drugs, cannot be filled by lust,
Cannot be filled by music, its shape is pure and light.
God shape void, in your soul,
God shape void, alone is filled
By faith

Try as you can to fight it, it cannot be beat,
Pour the spirits in it, they just will not fit,
Cannot be filled by abuse, not satisfied by greed
You may own ten million, but cannot buy its peace

Battle the force within you,
And try to find yourself,
In your own significance,
This path just will not win,
Nothing fills the void within
Except that of faith,
Only shaped salvation,
This is your only hope.


Relentless, relentless, years of brutal ways,
Relentless, relentless, noise to clean your brain,
Relentless, relentless, missionary force
Relentless, relentless, metal in your face!

Thousands of fans, follow the sound
We are the priests of the underground
Thousands of souls thousands of sales,
Prove to the mockers, that they are wrong!

Cursed by evil, cursed by our own,
Try to stop us, but we won't go,
Better than all of, the red necks together,
We will fight on, despite their stupor.

Stupidity, in the minds,
When you get to heaven, will be spewed?
Into the lake, of fire and hell,
Reserved for the ones, he never knew!

God's way!!!!, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!!!!


Kindness, it's so easy, patience is a virtue
Kindness brings release, from pain and suffering

Loving one another, as christ loves the church,
Trusting through hardship, overcome the hurt,
Faithfulness in loving, beyond human way,
Unconditional love, looks beyond the pain,

Bring release
From suffering (x2)

Fighting one another, it seems the easy way,
But why take the hate road, when love it brings release
Courage to be kind, help take the pain away,
Living in unity, peace forevermore,

Read the word and prayer, starts a kinder way,
Thinking what we can do, to make someone's day,
Loving with kindness, looks beyond the faults,
Patience with hardship, giving all to god.


My rainbow, my promise
My crystals, creation

The new age, fallen ways, taking the ways of god,
The crazy audacity of their take
God created, his relation, with the world, he created,
With his hand, will not stand, for you mad insolence.

Don't steal my rainbows,
Don't take my crystals,
Take your stealing hands,
Form your own symbols,

Death angels, blind fairies, taking the ways of god,
The crazy audacity, of their take
God he made it, cannot take it, from the one who reigns
With his hand, will not stand, for your mad insolence

Now take you hand, now make a plan,
For you own way, to symbolise your
Twisted faith


The other side of the coin
The way to express new life,
Who needs more evil thoughts,
The new life has arrived

The other sid of the coin x8

Mangled heads, mangled joints,
Satan's evil slamming life,
God's way is life and peace,
Eternity, and life without hate.

Take your, money, throw it, away,
Waste it, on your, own damnation,
Why not, look on, the other side,
Jesus saves in the bank of salvation!

Save it, your life
Saviour, new life
Don't waste, your time,
Buying, satan.


We're here forever, we're gonna stay,
No force of evil, can make us go away,
We're driving thunder, we bring the day,
The way of the cross, the only way!
We're bringing goodness, against the grain,
No death or darkness, has any say.

Ignite the flame, the torch of light
The day of the cross, has now arrived

We bring the hammer, of truth today,
We smash the boundaries of what others say,
Triumph of mercy, shall reign supreme,
The true beginning, of life to dream,
To be forever, a brighter way,
The power of the cross, the only way!

...And we worship at the altar of god,
...And we worship at the altar of god,
...And we worship at the altar of god,
...Aand we worship at the altar of god,



Sorrow, in my mind, sorrow, time to
Time, sorrow, for my pain, sorrow,
Why this way?

Fairy tales in life, don't seem to be real,
But i will join in suffering, just as many more,
See the way that i can change, my inadequacy,
See myself a child of life, banish helpless thoughts.

The desire to leave a mark, a legacy in this world,
Hampered by pain and thoughts, that stumble the path,
Rise above this onslaught, a feeling of loneliness,
Sorrow in my heart,
Please help me god!

10. 3 OF A KIND

3 of a kind, this ain't no game of cards,
3 of a kind, this is eternal life (x2)

Father, son and holy flame, all are 3 in one,
Creator of the universe all together god.

Jesus christ he paid the price for the world of sin,
God has sent his spirit to comfort and to guide.

We are 3 as one,
An unbroken force,
We style ourselves on christ,
The trinity is our lord!

Metal missionaries, bringing forth flesh denial,
Stardom farces, capture those of false arise.

Unbroken path of power
We storm across the world,
Taking the spoils of earth,
For eternal purpose.


Arm the anointed
With power from on high,
Arm the anointed,
Like lightning.

Strike upon the water,
Shine upon the sea,
Waters flow the sandbank,
Just like an anointing
Call upon the elders,
To anoint the sick,
Oil upon the forehead,
Waters flow within.

Strike upon the anvil,
Forge the fire and flame,
Burning force of power,
Revival of the way,
That brings holy power,
To those who receive
Call for the anointing,
To be released.


Human missiles crashing New York skies
Evil forces give command to die
Strike the heart of the peaceful
World-flames still burning in the
Dark of night

The world stops at this attack
Allied forces lie in wait
A strike of fate at our very lives
Inflicted hate from a heart of death

Retribution will be mine says god
Broken bodies lay crumpled dead
Sliming carnage the eye of hate
Freedom calls to a shocking world

When will mankind wake up
Armageddon with a new found hate
Strikes the heart of our freedom call
Devastating to the way of peace

They just rise, new york skies, bring
Our release from satan's lies

God will crush the head of the snake
Eleven september an eternal date
Satan rises laughing at god's world
But cannot take the soul of the saved.

New York skies, time to rise, now awake, now reply,
Bring the faith, only god is, our salvation


Apocalyptic terror, wars and evil lies,
Apocalyptic terror, the sign of the times.

Running, screaming!
You've been left behind.
Running, screaming! Left behind.

Forsaken, not with us, beheaded to join us,
Christians are forgiven, taken up in rapture,

The rapture is for the saved, all else will be damned,
Unless they receive, in the final hour,

Eternal daze, what's all this confusion?
Jesus saves, the only real way.
Eternal daze, the eternal haze,
Receive, the faith, or die, the death

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