Medebor : Stars of Oblivion

Death Gothique / Pologne
(1999 - Auto-Production)
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Les paroles

1. Ageless Rites

In circle of grass when moonlight's flash
She dances in her rites
Lust of her nature shines in her eyes
Her breasts dance in rites
Secrets of her might her erotic dance
Sleep in her rites
Eternal forest with eldest trees
Hail to her rites

Mist like storm is roaring
It's time for her to fly
She calls her wildest trance
To carry her hands away tonight

Among ancient lakes among ancient trees
Carreses me in rites
Healing my wounds burning my lust
By embers of her rites
Her white silk skin her velvet eyes
Shines in her own rites
Upon the mist lake I whisper her name
Drowning in her rites

Mist like storm is roaring
It's time for her to fly
She calls her wildest trance
To carry her hands away tonight

2. Lunar Death

The grey fire so soft and deep
I emerge from dreadfull sleep
Bewildered and lax I awake
Modern salvation I won't forsake

'cause She is like a vulture
Enchanting sweetness
In atrocity and anxiety
Henceforth we are one

Beating of a heart is now bygone
I'm passing away shall I find the home
In my hall of doom She mesmerized
My Lunar Death my suicide

'cause She is...

Forever clouds came down
And all my troubles are gone
Luying on her gown
I exceed Styx to atone
Swimming in lunar stream
She gratifies my mind
I'm enthralled but serene
She makes our hands entwined

'cause She is...

3. Forever (We Are Not...?)

For all those years we've been trying to forget
We are just a moment it's about time to regret
Even the mirrors would lie to our loneliness
Even I call the sights of laughters and hapiness

Still we drowse in ethereal rfost - froever
Frozen felling with us are lashed - together
Destiny is closing our arms in grasp of past
We are dying - there's no one to cuddle and trust

We can lie to us
That time does not go by
But the moment had passed
As forever we are not... time to come
We couldn't have survived
Yesterday died tomorrow
But our time voyage still lasts
On pegazus spine
We drift into infinity
Having that truth in thoughts
That forever We Are Not...?

4. Polaris

Like albatross I flew
I sang my songs
All of the people heard
All my daughters and sons

I'm caught and exiled
By jealous human beings
I'm brought into snows
With both broken wings

Among the snows of oblivion
I cannot exist anymore
Masquerade of loneliness
Not so joyous you swore

I'm caught...

Everyday I am bored everyday
Everyday I am mute everyday

I'm caught...

5. Pale Dimensions (...Ad Infinitum...)

I open the door of immense universe
Every sphere is so illusive dimension
Every sphere Is just another storm and loss
But most entrancing gravestone sculpted just for me
Is waiting in the dust is waiting in the fog

A lot of pale dimensions
The spheres of degradation
The flood and whole damnation
A mournful deprivation

As a lonely monk I wander through the stars
They light every way so I will loose my way
In their lightsof delusion I run and try to find
My stone of forever calmness hidden in the fog
But eternal journey makes me asking:

Shall I ever breathe
With a sign of relief
Shall I ever shift
My downhearted belief ...?

6. Thousand Stars Ablaze

I yearn for the hate
Where's the tyrrant
I ask I the slaver
When agony comes

I wither here alone in bleak midwinter
I hum lullabies about mad suicides
No life no stars no life no light
But I feel only one warm ray...

I wanna sleep now in srimson garden
Show me the way!

I hear echoes yonder on the hills
Thou my sprirt thee I still hear
Raindrops I swallow waiting for the sun
But if I feel only one amber ray...

I wanna sleep...

Even if thousand stars
Will be standing ablaze
I shalll falll asleep
In crimson garden... show me the way...

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