Magnum (UK) : The Eleventh Hour

Hard Rock / United-Kingdom
(1983 - BMG Records / Sanctuary Records / Castle Music)
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There are no secrets under the sun
All our troubles are rolled into one
Early warning get ready to run
But it's hard to see clear
For we might disappear
With the prize hardly won

When books and theories daily contest
It's like a welcome from the chapel of rest
No salvation no one is blessed
While in private we shake
There's no time to make
One small request

No more winners or losers
To talk into the night
No more beggars or choosers
They're drawn into the fight
They don't belong
The race is on


In this strange world we have to live in
Protected by some taken granted by all
Time honoured thoughts end disapproving
With all dominions ever ready to fall
You won't beat the pack that's no revelation
Come snapping their jaws right on your heels
Making your way through all this confusion
The harder you try the less it reveals
I know what happens the moment you turn out your light
I know what happens it happens to me every night
You start to breakdown
You're gonna crucify yourself you're lost
When you get pushed round
Another refugee to bear the cross
Now every course blighted by answers
Acutely profane no help in this brawl
And from the mouths that never felt hunger
Comes no deliverance just a timely withdrawal
What of your thoughts not yet discovered
Along with the fears they'll both play their part
You'll work it out then run for cover
The truth will arrive like a bolt through your heart


I'll tell you something
About the things that you should know
And you'll learn as you grow and in turn

Be one step further
Along the road to realise
There's no rules bad advice many fools

First class performance
To fill the lines of empty heads
There's still hope for the dream but you don't

Embrace disorder
It will chill you from inside
And destroy everything that you try
Innocent faces look up in the classroom
Soon their time will come

So beware the skillful disguises
It's too easy to dress up in white
For this world can be full of surprises
From the glitter a kingdom looks nice
You're learning there's no returning

This final blunder
For which they all expect our thanks
They will hide from the kill to survive

The great disaster
They'll take great care and will avoid
Being there 'cause it's more than they dare

Don't be fooled by a shining appearance
It gets tarnished in time don't we all
Hey'll be wearing their wealth on their fingers
And instructing us all how to fall
You're learning there's no returning


Don't invite the vicious companions
Though they're always at your side
Only waiting to take you a ride

Feel the creature rise inside you
With misguided ill intent
Look around it's your only defence

On and on the story goes
Where it leads to we all know
What you give is what you get
What you give is what you get

See the hungry cry for the children
Watch the greedy call for more
And the self ordained proceed to shut the door

When the needy run from the table
For they know there's nothing there
Hoping one day will somebody care

We've gotta be good gotta be strong
The final approach is taking too long
Too late in the day when everything's gone

Now the villain he may prosper
And the thief might do as well
With amusement their crimes they dispel

All the promises they've broken
And the hearts they have betrayed
End to end they are carefully laid


A sensitive time approaches just before dawn
That carries them further to nowhere
The field will be gorged upon the sacrifice made
Despite all their efforts to take care

There's no talk about anyone
Lying out in the rain
They're quite certain to carry on
Though it's clearly insane

So please don't praise those mindless games
With reckless claims
Of glory and fame

Talons of steel will seek them out on the day
Intent upon venting its fury
Onward they move and with complete disregard
Of danger while doing their duty

Still no talk about anyone
Lying wounded in pain
Hearts stop beating is this the one
To carry somebody's name

So please don't praise those mindless games
With reckless claims
Of glory and fame

Mighty and strong
So very young
There they will stay
So far away


You're walking the street
You're in need of someone's sympathy
And someone you meet
Helps to pass the time just perfectly

'Cause she takes you by the hand
Takes you to the promised land
And gives you her love

You're drinking alone
Shadowed by your own uncertainty
But you'd like to be shown
Everything you've never dared to see

Then she takes you by the hand
Takes you to the promised land
And gives you her love

The damage is done
Taking love on the run
You can buy your romance
So you jump at the chance
Hit and run


The wheels of fortune
Have snapped your fragile thread
One night of passion
Upset your cultured head
But it's okay it's just the fashion

You walk the high roads
Look down upon yourself
Your eyes concealing
Your heart cries out for help
But it's okay it's just a feeling

Is taking note how you care
Hold on

Your cold tradition
Surrounds you like a wall
Ttoo much to carry
Celestial paramour
You run down persecution alley

Your expectations
The best you ever had
The thought of giving
Is that so really bad
That's just the way it's part of living


Wait here's a word or two
To you who are passing through
Time is on your side
Though some may be denied

Just waiting standing around
The time will come for everyone
Still waiting soon to be found
The light inside of everyone

Nobody said that it was easy
Making your way all by yourself
But you take what you've got
Though it don't seem a lot
And you give it the best that you can

Life is a precious thing
So don't burn it up
Start living it day by day

Though we must carry on
In time we will think upon
All those peaceful nights
When everything went right


Too late to be tender
Far too many fall along the way
Sad case the pretender
Hopes and dreams that vanish day by day

Building the illusion
Answers from the wings to steal the show
Failing in conclusion
Forgets the lines forgets which way to go

Morning comes round too soon
When you're starting back at the moon
Are you caring or acting the fool
Wishing they'd never been born

Come all you young and precious souls
Your legacy waits come on take a hold
Come all you young and precious souls
Take on the mistakes unchecked or resolved

And through this madness find
You've been bought and sold


Innocence is traded on the road to paradise
When ambition starts to raise it's ugly head
Prizes won't be given for the last ones in the line
And that's something that we all appear to dread

Listen to the raving of a disillusioned man
As the rainy days collect to do their worst
Full of neat surprises is their sympathetic plan
They will cut you up and sell you 'till it hurts

We're all spinning on the roundabout

I don't wish to fight just to prove that I'm right
I don't wish the world upside down
I don't wish to fight just to prove that I'm right
I just need the world spinning round

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