Magnum (UK) : Brand New Morning

Hard Rock / United-Kingdom
(2004 - SPV)
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Got no illusions that you still care
Those good intentions will take you there
A celebration, the time is right
A fascination all through the night

Well, it's a brand new morning
And it's the start of your new life
It's a brand new morning
You'd better try and get it right
Brand new morning
You've been awake since early light
Brand new morning
So spread your wings and you'll take flight

You walk with freedom through any door
The revolution don't mean much more
You feel it coming out of the past
The bells of winter come alive at last


Don't seem to get too far with anger and pain
We just start over and do it again
No matter who we are, we're all the same
Different religion by some other name

It's time to come together
Let's talk man to man
It's time to come together
But we don't give a damn

Know where you're going to, know where you've been
Sometimes it's crazy and you won't get in
We seem to talk a lot with nothing to say
Always tomorrow seems so far away

It's time to come together
Things change far too fast
It's time to come together
We've got to make it last


I dreamt I saw the cities burning
At the gates I saw the angels cry
Now there'll be no turning
And still I wonder why

I dreamt I felt the hand of reason
Coming slowly down, it passed me by
It's just the killing season
It's a foolish lie

We all run, it's a pity for everyone
It's all gone, and there's nothing that can be done
We all run, so get ready, the time has come
We all run, it's all over, the game is won

And I dreamt I took a thousand footsteps
To a sea as black and filled with tears
Now there'll be no goodness
For a thousand years

I dreamt I crossed a raging river
That was pure and clear and washed away
All my troubles wither
Into another day

The cost is too much
In nothing we trust
Everything we touch
Turns into dust


Lonely the wind calls
Over the fields
Of the blue and the grey
And slowly the night falls
It hides and conceals
Oh, the blue and the grey

Your thoughts of pride and glory
These things won't bring you home
It's every young man's story
Your castle walls are strong
No fear, no desperate worry
Forget where you belong
With every step you hurry
You have to carry on
We never end up learning
You'll never be returning

You're running like a blind man
Nobody knows if you're blue or you're grey
So tell me how it started
What can you say, whether you're blue
You're blue or you're grey

When, when it comes to pass
And you, you breathe your last
When, when it comes to pass


I'll take you where you've never been
To fill your head with idle dreams
And every step you take would last
Into the future from the past

I'd breathe for you, if you want me to
I'd breathe for you, I'll make it shine
I'd breathe for you, if you want me to
I'd breathe for you, till the end of time

I'd give you everything you'd need
Then farewell to all, god speed
I'll meet you on the other side
And I'll make sure to be your guide

You can't get far in this life
But I'll pull you through
I know that it's dark for a while
You need something new


No more reasons why
It's your turn to cry
You're hurting inside
No more faith in you
You're dark side's come through
Don't know what to do

The days, they just fly
Since the last goodbye

Can't sleep, don't want to
Too deep, you'll fall in
No fear, tomorrow
No tears, keep them in
No more lies
No more alibis
Can't take, heartbroken
You can't face being alone

No more need to trust
The stakes just went up
You're all out of luck
Nothing left to say
The same everyday
It won't go away

And now the days, they just fly
Since the last goodbye

No you're walking along by yourself
And there's thunderclouds over your head
You don't know but you talk to yourself
And your looks could be waking the dead


When you climb mountains so high
And you can't pretend
When the time's passed by
Every story you have to defend

There's a wrong way you could go
And you've got to be strong
Everyday you will know
We'll there's nowhere you can belong

Standing at the station
Always waiting, he's an immigrant son
Staring, concentrating
Almost breaking, he's an immigrant son
Wonder where he's going
Some day he'll be back here again and be
Standing at the station
Always waiting, he's an immigrant son

Though you're just passing by chance
Anyone you can befriend
When you're breaking the trance
It's no beginning, no middle, no end

It's something that you won't forget
It's a thing you'll never see
Well, you won't feel there's any regret
You can be what you wanted to be

Endless journey, going nowhere
No salvation, no one will care


You stand there alone
Talk to yourself always
And nothing you say
Will ever change your day

No one comes near
You're too far away
And nothing is clear
There's nothing to say

You always take the hard road
And people say you're a bad seed
Take the hard road
You always take the hard road
That's really something you don't need
Take the hard road

Now look at your face
Shrouded in black, eyes closed
You run to the door
It's always the same
You don't care any more

All that you do
Always goes wrong
It's just up to you
Maybe you're taking too long

You always take the hard road
Take the hard road
You always take the hard road
Take the hard road


Let me tell you what it's all about
If you just listen, well then you will know
It's a story you might work it out
There's no great decision, it's all for show

Sunrise every morning
Each day a new surprise
But when he's all, he's torn and faded
And he can't see through those eyes

Where we go, he can't follow, he's got to stay
Forever face tomorrow, another day
What we got, he can't borrow, can't run away
His nights are filled with sorrow, his days are grey

Now there's nothing to be frightened of
So come a bit closer and just take my hand
He's not an eagle, he's a peaceful dove
When you get older, you'll understand

Sunrise every morning
Each day a new surprise
But when he's all, he's torn and faded
And we just can't believe our eyes

Be yourself, you're the one
Don't you be like anyone

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