Macbeth (ITA) : Romantic tragedy 's crescendo

Gothic Metal / Italy
(1998 - Dragonheart Records)
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1. A Gothic Overture

[Music by: Andrea]
[Arranged by: Alex, Fabricio, Vittorio]

2. Forever

[Lyrics by: Vittorio - Music by: Alex]
[Arranged by: Fabrizio, Alex]

Our flames burn in this
ephemeral reality,
like dancing candles closed
in upon a mysterious breeze,
our light will slowly fade
like the blaze of a sunset,
obscured by the rebirth
of the nocturnal majesty.
Stand here beside me
and pity our existence,
we are like weak flowers
trodden by the step of time,
my heart bleeds for you,
my only dear love,
embrace me, you and I
will be as one forever...
Stand here beside me
and pity our suffering,
we are like pure snow
in the hands of the time,
my heart bleeds for you,
my only dear love,
embrace me, you and I
will be as one forever...

3. The Dark Kiss Of My Angel

[Lyrics by: Vittorio - Music by: Alex]
[Arranged by: Fabrizio, Alex, Andrea]

Cry with my in this gloomy silence
and take me in your arms.
Let your fingers caress
my marbled skin
and your face follow
my last breath.
The shadow of sin
has obscured my soul,
deep icy waters touch
my body like needles.
My eyes will see
the darkness of damnation
where memories of me
will sink and be forget.
The warmth of mortals
does not dwell here,
in this body frozen
by the kiss of death.
Immaculate blood-stained lilies
lie on the grave of innocence.
And now you can
feel my soul tremble
and a long sweet shiver
run down my skin.
You'll hold my hands in yours
and I'll follow you
in this mysterious voyage.
Lonelines, beyond the gates
of the unknown,
penetrates my bloodied depths.
Purity has died with me
and your tears will wash
the sinful blood away,
while you'll be listening to
the eternal cry
of the brambles around
my desolate tombstone.

4. Black Heaven

[Lyrics by: Vittorio - Music by: Alex]
[Arranged by: Fabrizio, Alex]

Behold us, my lord
we are dying
among the bleeding ruins
of our world,
our voice is suffocated by cry
and our souls
lie forsaken in their pain.
Mankind raises
their arms to you
and from their hands
their children's blood drips,
we are dragging ourselves
to our end why, my lord,
don't you come and save us?
An ebony mantle
has darkened the sun
and the eternal night
will rule over the light.
Please, don't let me suffer here
in this cold cruel black heaven.
I've seen the oceans die
and I've heard the wind cry,
I'll wander in the shadow of death,
untill its hands close my tearful eyes.

5. The Twilight Melancholy

[Lyrics by: Vittorio - Music by: Alex]
[Arranged by: Fabrizio, Alex]

The arms of twilight
are dandling my soul
and in her eyes
I see the sweetness
of a bright immortal-graced maiden
who relieves the grieves of my heart.
Wind is whispering your name
throught the clouds in the sky.
I will always remember your eyes
veiled by tears
while the night prelude
casted a spell on our glances.
The eyes of the dying sun
are looking at me
in this romantic immensity
an I can feel this melancholy
pervading deep inside me.
Twilight is whispering your name
to the clouds in the sky.
I will never forget your heart
beating over mine
and your passion heating my bosom.
...And when butterflies fly on
whitered flowers
and birds perch on dry brances
a tear will glide to your feet
and I will hold it in my hand
like a pearl in its shell.

6. Thy Mornful Lover

[Lyrics by: Vittorio - Music by: Alex]
[Arranged by: Fabrizio, Alex]

Come to me, silent and dressed in black,
in your eyes I can see all your obscure
Brush my skin with your pale hands
and kiss my neck with your cold lips.
You'll appear when the moon shines
high in the sky
and I'll see your cerulean face
brightened up by the candles flame.
You'll whisper to me mysterious
dark love words
and in this long night our souls
will be joined forever.
And like in a winter night,
darkness will spread
around us and will take us away.
Let yourself be lulled by
this cold wind of sorrow.
I open my mouth
to your divine scarlet nectar
and my bloodied lips
will look for yours
in a morbid lust of
ecstatic pleasure.

7. Moonlight Caress

[Lyrics by: Vittorio - Music by: Alex, Andrea]
[Arranged by: Andrea, Cristina]

Set like a jewel
in the black velwet of the night,
you'll listen to my breath
in this clear quiet darkness
and you'll see a warm tear
run down my cold face.
Oh, virgin silk-skinned moon
dance with me until the dawn
oh, virgin queen of the night,
up there on your enchanted throne
and I gaze at your whiteness
reflected in the lake waters
...and I'll see my image
in the weak waves
and I'll be able to hear
your plaintive voice
comfort my soul.
Oh, virgin silk-skinned moon
oh, virgin queen of the night.

8. Shadows Of Eden

[Original version can be found on "Nocturnal embrace" demo 1997]

[Lyrics by: Vittorio - Music by: Alex]
[Arranged by: Fabrizio, Alex, Andrea]

Shadows are walking in
the darkness of a promised heaven
like spirits in a dark and lonely castle,
they are dancing at a song
of a myriad of voices
with the stares lost in a
secret dimension.
Shadows are crying in the
immensity of a gloomy night,
holding in their own all
their consuming sorrow
they seem forgotten in the
heavenly garden,
forsaken in the misery of a
place without time.
And shines the light of hope
in their eyes no more and no
emotion will pass through their heart.
shadows imprisoned
betweendream and reality
in silently wait for a
solemn recall,
they look for consolation
in the pale light of god,
in a kingdom in which all
is eternal.

9. Sweet Endless Sleep

[Original version can be found on "Nocturnal embrace" demo 1997]

[Lyrics by: Vittorio - Music by: Alex]
[Arranged by: Fabrizio, Alex, Andrea]

Like a spell from which I
can't awake now I sleep soundlly,
dying in your arms, I felt
your tears glide on my face
and your hands hold mine
for the last time,
the angel of mystery is
here to lead me in the kingdom
of silence.
we are immersed in a
boundless sea of sorrow
death is the darkened
horizon we'll reach in our wreck,
sweet is my rest like a kiss
of the woman I loved
and now her heart is veiled
with a cloud of sadness.
You'll close my weary
eyes languishing and resigned
and petals of withered roses
will settle on my weak body as tears
I'll rove forever on the
banks of the oblivition's river
but I'll hear your wounded
heart cry for me.
...And my tears will furrow my
cheeks and will rush in the
endless abony abyss of torment.

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