Loudness : 2-0-1-2

Heavy Metal / Japon
(2012 - Tokuma Japan Communications)
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Break the chains Stop the pain
Need the power to overcome
Don’t you wait now You gotta get moving
Taking action before too late
Take a stand Hold your ground
Show the world what you can do
Don’t let yesterday ruin today
Live for the moment ’cause future is now

The stronger we be
Stand tall and see
Proudly we scream
The answer lies in our own hands
Come together you know we can change
We’re gonna do it Do it our way
Even there’s gonna be hell to pay
We can rise Rise again
Don’t let our passion fade away
The more pain we overcome

The stronger we become
Stand tall and see
Proudly we scream
The stronger we be
“Eye for an eye”
Blind justice
Trust yourself
Trust your chaos

2. 2012~END OF THE AGE

Domesticated nation
Ignorant subjugation
The crimson Urge for conquest
Creeping reign of terror
Calling all the shots
Baring fangs People’s republic
Bound in chains for the rest of your life
Children brainwashed
Social corruption
Falling deeper into chaos
The human wasteland
It slowly kills the earth
Our ego chokes us to death
The world of free-for-all
It’s time to pay the due
The story’s been told
It’s end of the Age
Are we at the end of game?
There’s no future?
Open up your mind now
For all mankind
Come together as one
From eve to dawn
Power politicians
Die in hell
Eternity in inner-selves
The human extinction
Absolute contradiction


I hear the voices “Go and give it a shot”
Got to make my dream come to life
Life is hard but I’ve got to fight it out
I have not a single shred of doubt in my mind
Fortune and fame
Don’t mean a thing to me
Crowning glory Forget the past
Go for higher Ground
‘Cause I’ve got nothing to lose
Another reason to live my life
Cuts and bruises will not hold me back now
Gonna die with the flag on my back
You don’t know what’s ahead
Just groping in the dark
Gotta make up my mind
Gotta make up my mind
Go your way
The goal is out of reach but still in my sight
Gonna blow up your mind
Gonna blow up your mind
Carry on
Get on Get on Get on
Look out Look out Look out
Don’t back down Break new ground
Don’t you dare Waste your life
Don’t look back Past is gone
Live to fight Live for dream


Battle rages on and on
Satisfy their appetite
Demon greed justified
Are we sacrificed for prosperity
No lessons learned
Time will tell the truth
Exploitation leads to devastation
Fight goes on Evil-driven force
The power source
Battle rages on
Over the driving force
On and on
Kill, deceive and destroy
The weaker goes to the wall
Obey the law of the jungle
Noble and grand your dream
Only the brutal survive
Only the loud will outlast
Are we left behind
A grim future is now


“Going Green”, a shady market strategy
Blatant bullshit everywhere
Using God for your gain True blasphemy
Manipulation Exploitation is done
What’s behind it all
You won’t get away
Social brainwash justified
Evil spellbound lunacy
What’s it gonna be
Repeated lies becomes the truth
Numb to reality
Ignorance a misery
Unwritten law
Politicians a money-mad hypocrite
Public mislead to hell
Dark desire and lust for authority
Feeding the scammers by selling God and Green
Mass production
Mass consumption
Sold compassion
Passing fashion


Say you want more, you greedy swine
The savage ruler
‘Cause you cannot forget the taste of wine
The power abuser
Monopoly, money hungry
Starving soldiers, Falling empire under fire
Bang ‘em dead! Bang ‘em dead Right now!
Bang ‘em dead! Bang ‘em dead Right now!
Expose the lies and deception
Money cannot buy you salvation
Your days are numbered
Nowhere to hide
Truth be told now
No more lies
Think you run the game Megalomania
We’re falling victim to the mass hysteria
Money-spittin’ Powertrippin’
Know you won’t last long
Black history again and again
Do we ever learn?


Man on the silver mountain Oh you left us
We’re screaming out your name so you can hear us
Your voice cuts through the air It’s like gold dust
By a rainbow in the dark we’re fascinated
The voice and shout that never faded
Bow to the King of Rock and Roll so sacred
Your spirit never dies Alive in all of us
Forever we rock to the voice of metal
Still can hear your voice The joy you left behind
We keep your flame high You’re the voice of metal
The voice of metal

“Stand up and shout” The Master of the moon said
In the end, your legacies are never dead
Sing me a song You’re a singer of eternity
So long, the king of metal infinity
Forever your sprit never dies...
Are you evil or divine?
Do you leave us last in line?
You will keep our spirit high
‘Cause your vision never dies
We hail to the king, the king of rock and roll
Carried down the generation
I hear God in your voice Power to rejoice
Eternal voice of metal
The voice of metal...


The time has come to say goodbye
But you know I ain’t the only one
All the heroes, fools and saints
They’re gonna die no matter who they are
Up above, Is there a heaven?
(I don’t give a shit! No one will ever know)
Down below, Is there a hell?
(I don’t give a shit! No one will ever know)
Annihilation of mankind?
I know there’s only one thing for sure
Doomsday clock ticking
I can only say that nothing lasts forever
Who the hell cares? What’s really hip
(Who the hell! Who the hell cares!)
Who the hell cares? Big money talks
(Who the hell! Who the hell cares!)
Who the hell cares? Who’s the next liar?
(Who the hell! Who the hell cares!)
Who the hell cares? Rock is dead
(Who the hell! Who the hell cares!)
We are born to live and die
To the heaven we will fly
There’s no need for fear or fright
So long
Shout! Shout! Shout now!
When you feel down, darkness comes
You’ll never know tomorrow, God never answers
My tongue is dry gimme some more JACK
Just let it go, let it flow
Carry out a coup d’etat
I know there’s only one thing for sure
Doomsday clock ticking
I can only say that nothing lasts forever
Shout! Shout! Shout now!




Life pass you by
You know you’re wasting time
We all shall die and say goodbye
Live your days to the full
You cannot turn the clock back
Just leave behind
Ask no reason why
But keep that in your mind
Let me tell you something
Tomorrow’s another day
And yesterday’s away
No matter how fast you run
Your life is only once
Grief is everywhere
Filling airwaves everyday
Nothing unusual for all of us
Remember you will be dying
So seize the day
The eternal life not for me
Another sun will rise
Another day will break
In the morning comes
A joy of new life
Live your days to the full
Life in a fast lane
Cruising the slow lane
It’s not about the speed
But how long you survive
Let me tell you something



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