Leaves' Eyes : Lovelorn

Heavy Symphonique / Allemagne
(2004 - Napalm Records (AUT) / SPV)
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I grew up by the sea
I played under the sun
Come to me come into my dreams
This is my light of life

Between the bluebells
Sits a girl with blond braids
A blue-eyed angel
With strawberry cheeks
The spell has bound me
I was living a dream
Norweigan homeland
My heart belongs to you

I climbed mountains so high
I discovered the deep
Long to be long, to be part of this dream
This is where my heart beats


Fantasies in my head
I drift away to all seas
Deep underneath the ocean
I heard the tale of the sea maid

All this beauty
It lights up my life
I ride the waves
To far-off seas
And I lay on the golden sand
I reflect the sun
I make you dream

I glow with the silver light
Thousand-and-one stars bright
This laborinth of life
Takes me to your home shore


The way of the ocean
Touch my heart like fire
I cannot control you
You have deeper layers

You're alive and you're wild
When you're nearer to me
I lean forward to touch you
But you surprised me

When I lean against you
I will only fall through
Sometimes you seem to sleep
Then a storm's coming through
Fear the ocean's way

Ah should I fear you
Are caught in anger
Gods cannot control
Winds make you go higher

If I swim to the ground
I will need to go up
You will turn me around
When the storm's coming

When the morning dawns bright
I admire the silver
Ness inside you
I look into this mirror
Ocean's way

The way of ocean
It's the waves ruled by the winds


You are a wandering shining star
You light up the sky you take me so far (take me far)
One crystal inside my lonely heart
You light up my life I embrace your light (you're my light)
You're my healer
I am lovelorn
In the cool breeze I hear your sweet voice
I'm your treasure
I am forlorn
In the rain I feel your warm tears

I can't forgive God and myself
I should have been there to
Give you strength (be your strength)
One kingdom below the dark blue sea

Hides my lovely Amelie
I love you Amelie


Where do you sleep
What do you dream
What do you need
To be free

I see a little island
Where ebb and flow meet
We curl up by the fire
Your breath in my ear
We've found our paradise
Where fruits and flowers grow
The ocean's ground is white
Reflects the moonlight that glows

I cover you warm
Fall asleep upon my chest
I protect you from harm
And I will quench your thirst

When do we meet
Our love proceeds
When you are here
I am real too
Aah aah

You're my queen
You're my angel
You're the love I breathe to live

You're my star
You're my leading light
You're the beauty I see at night

You're my queen
You're my angel
You're the dream I breathe to live

Where do you sleep
What do you dream


I openened my eyes
And greeted the new day
I follow your path way
To the secret of my pains

Can you free me
From these unsafe grounds
Secret tell me where did she drown

I'm moving away
But captured in your chains
I saw you in those waves
Those eyes, such pain

My heart knows
My mind knows
I am torn
My mind knows
When you're gone
I'm forelorn


Why don't you feel me
Why can't I hold your hand
You never said that you'd leave me
and I know you are somewhere

I held you up
every time you were down
your crying stopped
when I was around...but...

Why don't you love me?
Enough to stay with me
Now tell me truly
Was it there in your heart too?
All that I'm left with
Is a dream of me and you

You filled my soul
with your beauty and with hope
We're different although
we were just like water in sand

Why don't you feel me
Why can't I hold your hand
You never said that you'd leave me
and I know you are somewhere

I held you close
when you fell to the ground
And now you're torn all my hopes apart
You could have said good-bye


In my head
I hear your voice
Is this the voice of my master

In my chest
I sense a spear
Are these the looks of my mistress

In my head
I hear your voice
Why do I suffer

In my chest I sense a spear
Why cant I see you

Have I become a bounden slave
Shall I be lost in your spell

What do I fear
Is this a dream

My bitter spirit
Has become a burden

Lady fair
Mistress of my dreams (temptation)
Let us share
Body, soul and sorrows

I rise and walk
Into the waves
Will you save me

You interrupt
My intellect
You take what you demand


I've heard your song
And I've seen the light
In your eyes and it
Took me so long to see
Straight through the night
And trough you

You're the dephts of my own wind
And you're the heights of my creation
Wait for me, wait for me

Alone but strong when you're in my sight
Your love hit me like a stroke
Take me with you
Take me with you

Take me to that place
Where I feel so safe
Into your light I dive

I've taken this step
And we're intimate now and I am
I am joining your world
A formation of love and you shine
Through me

Into your light
Enter my mind

Mermaid medium of light
For the morning that comes
For the orchid that grows
Love me against all odds
You defeated the doubt
That was stuck inside me

Into your light I dive


Inside I feel life (aaah...)
I rise into your light (aaah...)

I rise and leave the dream behind
I'm returning to life
Returning to life (ooh...)
By the sound of your voice
And the love that you give

I see - I have found
How deep my roots have grown
I rise and leave the dream behind

Your arms open
I'm devoted
In sunshine and shadow
You love and protect me

I'm returning to life
I am back in your arms
Mother you give me hope
When I'm cold and alone

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