L'Âme Immortelle : ...In einer Zukunft aus Tränen und Stahl

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Dusk embraces loneliness
My futile misery
Slowly I die away
For all of you to see

When the night is overwhelmed
To make room for the day
I move on to some other place
Like a rose I'll fade away

Deep inside my soul
Time passes by
For one last time
No more tears are left to cry

I change myself to fit the needs....
During this Mutation my heart bleeds
Trying to adjust to Society
Not anymore I want to be free

Like a rose you'll fade away
With every hour, every day
Thorns and Blossoms die away
Like the words you forgot to say

When the sun has risen
My eyes have grown so dim
I close them for the last time
To conserve the joy I've seen


When the sun drops behind the Mountains
Never to rise again
When comes the Death of the starlit fountains
Never to shine again
Then the Gardens show withered flowers
Never to bloom again
And the crops will enjoy their last harvest

Hear the weeping of a thousand widows
In this Time of war
Where powermongers expand their wealth
Fall victim to the evil's lore
Hear the mourners come and pray
To bury their beloved
Who lost their lives in senseless wars
Will someone understand

In our Time where love is gone
The harvest of souls it has begun
The dark clouds from above come down
Satan came to claim his crown

It's not the evil from down below
Which creeps and lurks under the snow
It's not of Satan's will we fall
It's due to the evil in us all


I see people with no faces
Lost souls searching helplessly
All their words, they leave no traces
Hatred rising deep in me

A presence I want to annihilate
No reasons for feelings this intense
I lose myself in dreams of killing
I lose control and every sense

But someone who I never saw before
Pushed my hatred way up high
A former foe from former times
A fog of memories passing by

Trying to be rational
To control myself again
Find a reason for this all
But my search will be in vain

Although I do not know you
Although you bear no Guilt
Although you seem so innocent
I feel the need of killing you


Tief in einer Welt
Wo Gefühle nichtig sind
Bin ich eingesperrt
Vor Hass schon völlig blind

Das Leben in der andren Welt
Ist mir schon völlig fern
Wie der Mond am Abendhimmel
Ich kann es mir nicht erklären

Die Tränen sind der einzige Zeuge
Das ich selbst noch existier'
Nahe dem letzten Schritt
Doch etwas hält mich hier

Du bist der einzige Grund
Der mir Hilft hier zu bestehen
Währst du nicht hier tief bei mir
Würd' den letzten Schritt schon gehen

Überall ist Bitterkeit
Verzweiflung und der Tod
Blut und totes Fleisch
Werden unser täglich Brot

Die Liebe zu Dir hält mich
Und gibt mir neue Kraft
Um Hier zu überleben
Bald ist es geschafft

Ich sehe mich im Spiegel
Doch erkenne ich mich nicht
So entstellt vom Treiben hier
Eine Fratze, mein Gesicht


Like a vast landscape
My soul lies open
Is it the fear Is it your voice
That turned me mute

Cries unheard
For a time to long
Is it the pain, is it your beauty
That made me blind

Will you ever desire me ?
Will You ever take me in your arms ?
Will you ever desire me ?
Will you ever feel the same I do ?

Although you're so near to me
You're still so far away
Although I know you for such a long time
I've never met you before

My lips they'll be sealed
Until I lay down into my grave
Then the time, It has now come
Where I do you no longer crave

And then will you stand by my tomb
Perhaps the only one who will
I wish that you spell out my name
When death has come my soul to tame


Thou mighty gulf, insatiate cormorant
Deride me not, thought I seem petulant
To fall into thy chops. Let others pray
For ever their fair poems flourish may.

Far worthier lines in silence of thy state
Do sleep securely free from love or hate,
From which this living never can be exempt
But whilst it breathes
will hate and fury tempt

But as for me, hungry oblivion
Devour me quick, accept my orison
My earnest prayers
Which do importune thee,
With gloomy shade of thy still empery,
To vail both me and my poesy

Then close his eyes
with thy all-dimming hand,
Which not right glorious
actions can withstand
Peace, hateful tongues
I now in silence pace
Unless some hound
do wake me from my place
I with this sharp, yet well meant poesy
Will sleep secure, right free from injury
Of cankered hate, or rankest villainy




Built on wooden stakes of sorrow
By masoners of hatred risen
Out of an unseen tomorrow
I find my place of refuge

My place of refuge...
no room for you to search
My place of refuge...
that lies within my soul
My place of refuge...
from the world that threaten me
My place of refuge...
until the final bells do toll

Doors connect each separate chamber
Each that bears a different pain
Made of diamonds and of amber
Of the love I found at last

Your warning words were clear
I didn't want to listen
I broke into your place of refuge
And left it torn apart
So you could never return
To your hideaway

Welcome to my dominion
A place where twilight reigns
Deep within my fertile soul
Built on lives left stains


Sitting on a filthy floor
Somewhere in a subway station
Can't handle your life no more
Sick of talk and confrontation
Beyond your borrowed dreams
Your whole life turns back to grey
Beyond your borrowed dreams
Your sad life will fade away

You took the easy way
Out of your misery
Now you're free of all dismay
But time will teach you

Now you're caught in a world
That's exactly how you want it to
But then you are hurled
Back to the Life from which you flew


Once I've been a wanderer
Between agony and pain
With no sense to lead my humble life
Though my mind was sane

Now everything is clear
And I can stand proud and tall
But I couldn't have made it without you
You helped me not to fall
You gave me reason to live this life
You became my only need
You took away depressions knife
That threatened me so long

Living for the moment only
No sense for greater thought
Those things that been our true life's sources
With myself I often fought

And then you stepped into my life
At first just one of all
The only thing I simply heard
Was desires call
But you showed me life itself
That there are reasons to fight
A way to control my mind
Into darkness brought a light


When I meet the morning beam
Or lay me down at night to dream,
I hear my bones within me say
Another night, another day

Wanderers eastward, wanderers west,
Know you why you cannot rest
'Tis that every mother's son
Travails with a skeleton

When shall this slough of sense be cast,
This dust of thoughts be laid at last
The man of flesh and soul be slain
And the man of bone remain

Lie down in the bed of dust;
Bear the fruit that bear you must
Bring the eternal seed to light
And morn is all the same as night

This tongue that talks, these lungs that shout
These thews that hustle us about
This brain that fills the skull with schemes
And its humming hive of dreams,

Rest you so from trouble sore,
Fear the heat o' the son no more
Nor the snowing winter wild
Now you labour not with child

These today are proud in power
And lord it in their little hour
The immortal bones obey control
Of dying flesh and dying soul.

Empty vessel, garment cast
We that wore you long shall last
Another night, another day
So my bones within me say

'This long till eve and morn are gone:
Slow the endless night comes on
And late to fullness growns the birth
That shall last as long as earth


(See lyrics on track 9)

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