L'Acephale : Mord und Totschlag

Ambiant Black / USA
(2005 - Parasitic Records)


1. Vermib pontir omnis honor (instrumental)

2. Terror is our tenderness

Throat opened by the sun
Cursed sky, black graveyard night
Cemetery of sleep
Mausoleum of human meat
Stench of death
A wall of sleep
Parched in holocaust
A barrow of shadows
Frozen black sun
Empty with fetid nausea
Wide dead eyes
Impenetrable night
Heavy with coffins
(Black wings silent)
The sweet dead dressed in a cemetery of sleep
Dark star and God damned graves
Feet in frozen earth
Arms aloft in infinite black night
Terror is our tenderness
Black death our bread
Terror is our tenderness
(Madness in hand, slit the throat of man.
Welcome the wretched sun and frozen light.
Airless icy maggot sun eclipse.)

The book of lies

Daggers held aloft
Above the heart of earth undernearth
Throught is disease
Depraved and debauched
To beget is to die
The broken manifest light
Cast the seed into the field of night

Nature is Cruel
Existence is Eternal Warfare
(the Universe is but a Coffin Worm)

The swollen mask mutters and Atheist's prayers
Sleep with reason and wake a corpse
Slaves of reason
Blind under the dominion of reason
In the coffin of our hopes
Death still lurks
Sealed in the tomb of the slain

Nature is Cruel
Existence is Eternal Warfare
(the Universe is but a Coffin Worm)

Heartless & miserable (Immeasurably Dreary words)

Endless holocaust of night (instrumental)

Against a Weeping Sea of Sleep

I desire hate
To absorb this comfortable silence
This numbness,
Soaking up an endless array of rape
That plagues me.
I desire hate
For these maggot soldiers battling my senses
For the putrid gods of our masters
I loathe you all
I desire hate
To swell like the rising sun
On this new day
This new Aeon
Smoldering anew with fresh flame
I desire hate, like fire
Let it burn the corpses of our littered children
Who house the endless suffering
Like falling rain into a crevasse
I desire hate
On this new day
For the long journey into night
When our fires will rage
Swelling into the sky
Head held high
Unleash your daggers against a sea of rape
Unleash your anger and attain
Rise up and burn down tis holocaust of miserable existence
Unleash your dagger and attain.

Immeasurably Dreary

Out of the formless stream
of sad horrible sounds,
Heartless and miserable.
The night was railing against
the morning of which it was bereaded.
The cold cursed the warmth
for which it hungered.
Chilled to the marrow.
Dread heart incantation.
Cold be hand, heart and bone.
Cold be sleep under stone.
Nevermore to wake on stony bed.
Never, till the sun fails and moon is dead.
In the black wind the stars shall die,
Over dead sea and withered land lie.
Dead in stone.
Withered in blackened barrow.

Funeral procession (instrumental)

Psalm Of Misery

Knot the noose of the hanged man
Melancholy gripping the throat
The night reaches out
To choke the haunted castle of memory

This psalm of misery
Tongue heavy with coffins
The black wings of the grave
Crown decrepit with rage
This psalm of misery
Our dead mouths sing
Seizing the throat
This psalm of misery

The world's eyes are blind skies
Black sun in an impenetrable night
The hard stupididty of man
Will greet the law of the knife
Night falls within us

You will bite the horrible sun
You will pay for your share of hate
Cast the lime on our open graves

Slit the throat of man.

Euntes ibant et Flebant (instrumental)

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