Kublai Khan (USA-2) : Absolute



Shut down

Armor of angels
Flint and steel
You can't kill
What can't be stopped

Take it to the edge
Throw them off
Arch angel of mine


Viper's eyes peer inside me
Taking away everything I had
Bow your head
Giving the last of the energy I have
Bow your head
Call to me

I've tried to bleed dry
These wounds and yet I will never die

To spectate
My power my pain displayed
Hear my voice. Every word
Sickness of which I have not found a cure

Therapy through public execution
My only solution
Losing my soul. Selling control
Pushing hope I stole takes its toll
But I drive the knife in
Jerk the handle while you're still smiling
No clue I hate you
I die inside cause you won't
Shut the fuck up

Pulling me down
I've hit new lows
And you just keep tearing away at me

Sent here to punish me
I must embrace the pain

Fuck you

3. US & THEM

Sick of mother fuckers acting like I owe them shit
A bottomless consequence that will never end
We aren't close, never were, this the way it is
Truth be told. I don't even fucking like you bitch

Too old to care. Too cold to share
You're not my kind. You're just there
You lie to others. You swear we're brothers
But I would never let you that close

Fuck you
I don't even know who the fuck are you
You're not my kind
I don't even know who the fuck are you
Anymore mother fucker, go

Every day I meet more people
The more I know the less I like
You got nothing I want or need
I'll call it even if you stay silent
There is the notion no mans an island in the ocean
Then why the fuck do I demand seclusion
Pray to god to rid me of you fucking burdens
Tired of the eyes everywhere my head is turning

Personality error. Solitary terror
But I fucking hate you all
And it's all I can do to end this

For all the ones who thought they never could
Become the one you said you never would
It's been a long time coming
And it's safe to say it's time for you to fucking pay

Time to pay the fucking price

Another fist that leaves another bruise
Time goes on and the cuts don't heal
So stick the knife deeper into the wound
A weightless cross, can you even bare it
A mouth that doesn't shut makes words mean nothing
Open your ears so I can tell you something

Fuck you


Live with your judgement
This life is forever

Everyone's the alpha in control
'Til the truth shines through
That you're fuckin' scared of life
And that I'm scared too
Nothing's ever certain
Life is never clear
But pretending you are fearless
Only magnifies your fears

You're out living
They're stuck in grief
You call yourself a man
But you just leave

Live with your judgement
This life is forever
Cursed to mold mistakes
This life is forever

You're the fucking man
Don't need shit from no one
Don't care your baby's crying
Cause you'd rather be gone
Don't repeat the cycle when
You could change their view
Why would you inflict on them
The same pain that molded you

What does it mean
To be a man?
What does it mean
To be a man?


Live with your judgement
This life is forever
Cursed to mold mistakes
This life is forever and ever more

Feet to the fucking earth
My hands won't fail

No weapons of heaven or man could sever me
From the primal need to live and die beside my species
Fuck a liar's tongue. Fuck a second love
Fuck a golden gift. Fuck a fucking bitch. Just protect your young

Fight god
Pass on
This soul
With it the truest love



Bear witness to the next great collapse of the human mind.
Logic has been lost. Hunted down at all cost.

This is the new beginning.
Induce the cancellation.

But down around the ground the dogs fight.
Gnashing teeth snap just to be right.
Occupied with choosing a side instead.
Too full of pride to put aside the hatred.

There's no choice.
Eat your kind.
Bow to war.

Break it down.
Question why.
Every fucking human is built to


I plead with misery
Her lips they torture me
This is a lifelong curse
Chained to the floor with her

And still I choose to stay
She keeps me. I can never
I can never leave

Only one choice
Take it to another level

It's all just noise. It just keeps screaming
It boasts. You won't kill me
It's all just noise. It just keeps screaming
It boasts. You won't kill me

But I must try
Spirit forged from the steel
Of my black heart straight to
Your fucking skull

Twisted arms and broken knees
It's all become the same to me
And for what's worth I will never leave
I have come to be what you hate to see

Every motion haunted through the absence
Of my fucking mind

But where the fuck was the gratitude anyway?
Give a life just for love to slip away
Same story. New day
Little kiss from a bitch named misery
Cold bed cold hands cold energy
Legs shaking. Back bone rippling
Half moon night of sin left sickening

But I will never leave her


All you virtue signaling fucks
You're all the same. Pussy rats
You expect change but just complain
Shut your mouth, use your brain

Nothing real to say. Nothing real to me
Nothing happens but you swear you're helping
Nothing is achieved when all you do is scream
You state your case I'm listening

Ruled by mob

Holier than thou does not impress me
You got the heart but you're arrogant

It does not serve you well
Convinced your virtue does sell
Compelled to preach to me
A new human living error free
Demand love and equality
But not if ideologies disagree
If I speak I become the enemy
For questioning your reasoning

I don't give a goddamn what you think of me
But I give a goddamn if you think or if you just agree
Refusing civil conversation
Is the death of mental exploration

This is end of the line
Back up your shit or shut up
Listen for once in your life
We are not rivals


The needle cold punches the vein
Tremble pressing the plunger
For the pleasure and pain
Sting and strain
You risk everything
To feel again

Hell with the hopeless
Every clinic in America sees you
Eyes wide shut bitch
Everyone ignores you
They all just walk by
You chose your bed so sleep tight
Just a junkie doomed to die on the side walk
A human with a heart who's lost

But they don't see you

Push it in. Find the spot. Force the needle in
Tearing. Ripping. Fucking addiction
Corruption of the people who love
Intake drug deaths and homeless heart aches

Sad truth is that most of you will die full of holes


Cry for god

Home at a dead end
In the creek past the fence you'd find him
Too young to know the hurt the world holds
Childhood friends on the back road

Still I'm stunned by the news
Why is it I still think of you?
Life's come a long way since the cul-de-sac
To tragic tales on train tracks

For what it's worth
It's kept me up late
So many years past
And I never lost sleep

But now I question what was in your head
What had happened since we weren't friends

Cry to God
Life lost

As I write you're in my mind
Sitting down to analyze

The events and how they unfold
Your emotions and the stories untold
The hardest part for me alone
Is knowing that I'll never know

Not meant to know


No solution
No success
I have become
My very own end

Absolute love. Absolute hate
Absolute waste. Absolutely
Absolute life. Absolute death
Absolute trust. Absolutely

Speak up
Speak up

I find this to be tragic madness
To give up, not live up to the benchmark I set

And fail without second thought
To the blood I shed and
All the tears that dropped from my eyes

Fuck trying to avoid trying. Weakness
Fuck whining. Fuck crying
I'm to blame for my own shame. Bullshit
Accepting the pain and own the mistakes. Prove it

I find this to be tragic madness
To give up, not live up without second thought

To my soul. To my heart
To my mind. Absolutes reign

Prove it to me
Prove it and save my life
Prove it to me
Save me
Prove it to myself
Before it's too late
Prove it to you all
Before it's too late

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