It Dies Today : Forever Scorned

Metalcore / Etats-Unis
(2002 - Life Sentence Records)
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I feel the blood rushing up, the words from you like a blow to the sternum.
I can't hold back now, my mouth is watering two fold.
With the flavor of myself in the meaning.
I lost my head again.
Where did we go wrong.
My concern. I lost my head again,
But this time the apology is written across your face with unhealed lacerations.
As I choke on the things I wish I had said blame me
And go ahead with your life as you always did.
And force my stomach to purge the words I might have eaten
In a victorious feat of self indulgence.
I simply lost my head again.
I lost it all when I heard your voice in a tone like the storm that never strays.
From the sepulcher I call my mind.
Sentiments of you they will never stray


Though your presence is nonexistent.
Your vile stench still looms in my every memory.
You have planted a seed.
That has sprouted.
Into an undying enmity.
That shall rear it's putrid face
And micturate upon the apologies that you have delivered far too late.
And the heavens collapsed to hell,
Creating a mestophilean being.
That possessed you with a sense of depraved indifference.
I wish I could have absolved you of the succubus.
The one with fiery skin.
And the unbecoming nature in which it elenched your mind.
Was it i who thrust the blade through your back.
Rethink this question.
For it was you who let your perceptions distort.
The most perplexing of those cirulent amends.
Now I'd like to rip your still beating heart from it's blackened cavity.
I hope her mournful tears singe your gaping flesh wound
And your black heart will be pounded to dust
And whisked away in the wind.
However I will always hold a place in mine for you
And all the DETESTATION your name brings.
You set your bridges ablaze.
And left them burning


Enslave my heart, revealed is her apathey.
I'm bounded by a fear of loneliness,
Show me fidelity now fill me with a false sense of hope,
This will be reminder of what we once were.
I'll leave your lips soaked with remnants of a love held together by deception.
And death is masked as my savior.
Martyred in your heartless name.
The detriment was much too profound for you
To mend my wounds sweetly with your blackened kiss,
My heart you've bled it dry.
You could mean the world to me nothing less throughout eternity.
You're the end of the world to me.
A beautiful contradiction possessing me.
I can give you no more than all the love I have.
Take it with you wherever your heart shall lead you.
This is the requiem for broke hearts and empty promises,
With weary steps I will press on no longer,
Now watch as the blade cuts through my skin,
And this blood will forever rain up on your guiltless head,
Could you hold this close to your heart forever...forever?
Will you hold this close to your heart forever and always.
Or will you bathe in my blood forever and always ?


Kiss the dream good-bye,
Separation leaves a taste so bitter sweet
And for years you have clawed away at my flesh,
Yet I still long to hear your voice and set my eyes upon you face
So I may bash it to pieces and laugh as the ravens pick away at the fragments.
The shadows they still haunt me
And your self pity is sickening when you are to blame for the love lost.
Your self pity is sickening. you're to blame,
For all the love you've lost and the contempt that consumes your life.
You're to blame. so now you may kiss this dream good-bye.
For all my hopes and wishes are for this earth
To be drenched in your blood as it pours from the sky,
The clouds spraying like a lacerated artery,
I will marvel at it's sheer beauty.
For years you have clawed away at my flesh
Yet I still long to hear your voice only now do I see,
My hatred will never cease.
And you will never claw away at my flesh.
Never again


Blood spills from unsealed wounds, baleful afflictions devolved from you, the ones I love (I love), ripped from this world so young, the ones I love, they are walking corpses.
I will not she'd one more tear for you, and these sutures have yet to bind my flesh, I'll burn this idol in effigy of you, my prayers bemoan a love untrue.

Know this, i've lost all compassion, she's cursed by her brooding, may I mar you father? As to cut through your mask of benevolence, and reveal your vile burden, I'll make you live with it, you live with this.

And i will not she'd one more tear for you, these sutures have yet to bind my flesh, I'll burn this idol in effigy of you, my prayers bemoan a love untrue
You took from me, the ones I live for, the ones I'd die for (condemned so young).
You took from me, the ones I live for, the ones I'd kill for (condemned so young).

Dream not of me.
Let my words haunt you.
Copulate with your self loathing.



As the flame of the candle stands still into the biting air,
And the silhouettes of a broken man crash to the floor.
He rues the day he flew too close to the sun.
Recalling her smile as his wings melted
And he descended to the depths below.
She had spoken of things all too impossible for hearts to behold.
Her beauty beckoning his soul.
Defenseless he fell enamored by her intoxicating charm,
She had spoken of things which he bagan to believe.
This was not supposed to be.
Screamed the temptress.
Her lack of empathy being her only vice she constructed a heart shaped tomb.
There she swore she would lay and perish.
With his wings charred and the pieces of his heart lying in ruins on the floor.
She had spoken of things all too impossible for hearts to behold.
He dreams of a day when the candle would begin to flicker in the cold night air,
Perhaps then he would fly again. He will fly again.

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