Inhuman (CAN) : Apocalypse

Black Metal / Canada
(2006 - Godlesswrath Records)
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Les paroles


GOD- the Butcher
LIFE- the Economist
DEATH- the Awakener

He gave unto us a garden.
Deadly Heaven on Earth.
Fruit like evil threats.
Those who eat will burn.
Snake inside the eyeball .
Hand cupped around the Bomb .
Angel's flaming sword .
He shunned us from the womb .

No sterilized Elysium .
He spent his seed on dust.
Spat names at Eve & Adam.
Formed Adam's fatal lust.
Tree of light and darkness.
Rank root in his mind.
He gave unto us a garden .
What savior gave us less?

He gave unto us infernos.
Healing Hell on Earth.
Gilgamesh & Abbaddon.
A desert wet with loss.
Song within the rotting.
Mouth shaped around the knife.
Scroll formed from red honey.
He bled to gut our life.

No paralyzed inscription.
He slit inside the wound.
Sweet letters breeding endless.
A thin undying sound.
Black horsemen, holy whores.
Belial and Jezebel.
He gave unto us infernos.
What killer gave us more?


The black sea roars like a speech.
Demons of the deep are merciless.
Cast your fear about for a candle.
Drawn from the tongue of this dark shore.

The One Who Watches steps forth.
With the World-Tree for a heart.
Her fires inverted crosses.
Not for Satan Not for God .

But for the pagan beyond the human lust for names.
She wears a night-cloak and a gown.
Woven from the void. Her feet are bare to feel the earth.
As it was before human wreckage.

Blood and salt are her baptism .
On this sand eons old .
Her axe chants in the voice of animals.
Uncorrupted and fierce .

You cannot hear her anymore .
But in the smallest grain she waits.
To behold the divested planet.
After the Self-Sacrificed species.

Has rotted beyond its bones.
To become the soil from which it came.
And the wind through which her singing.
Manifests the last mass of our loss.


ANU!! Have mercy on thy soul!!
Behold!! Three seals of Masshu!!

May the Gods be merciful unto thee!
May thou escape the jaws of the Maskim!
May the Gods grant thee death,
Before the Ancient Ones rule once more!

Enter the Gate of Arzir!!
Forbidden realm of the Igigi.
Speak with the daemons, and the
Souls of slaughtered men,
And the victims of Lammashta,
The sword that splits skulls.

The knowledge contained in the Book of Black Earth,
Destroyed the Palace of our Master.
Azag-Thoth called upon Marduk,
Lord of the double-headed axe.

The Spheres will not protect me!!
The Abyss will not protect me!!
The Mountains will not protect me!!
The Seas will not protect me!!

Enter the Gate of Ganzir!!
Realm of Death and Eternal Thirst.
Summon Ngaa, God of Heathens,
Who breathes searing flame,
And roars like a thousand thunders!!
I have found fear!!



In the time of the end.
No sages' divination.
In the time of the cross.
No sagas' animism No
Odin swinging from Yggdrasil.
Each note a stone whose.
Sacred strain has come.
To open the mind's wild tomb.

From the fields of icy prophecy.
First among the Aesir .
The world tree's ripest victim.
The world tree's darkest savior.
Nine nights & nine days .
His eye hung upside down .
In the haunt of sleep-starved hunger.
The wound of twig-strewn ground .

Shapes fell from Valhalla.
Magic runic letters .
Carved on wood or stone.
The suffering fetters broke.
Glyphs' ungodly strength.
Niflheim's antidote.
Healing for the roots .
Sere & dragon-toothed.

Ragnarok avenges the masses .
Burning north in a nailed ghoul's ship .
Loki at the rudder bearing down .
Enraged with the flame of Nidhogg .

Odin's ghost withers with the world tree.
But the runes remain scattered in vastness .
The sharp scored blood of their symbols.
Bearing witness to the mystery of witness.


In the rich inhuman earth, I wish to dig
Myself a grave, deeper than the darkest
Act of time

And stretch myself out on a rack of ease
To sleep obliteration
Like a shark in a storm .

Hating testaments and Christ's cracked stones
Before I'd ask you to mourn ,
I'd go alive and call the crows

To gut the last scrap of my carrion.
You worms! Black amities without eye
Or ear, a dead man.

Enters your dirt with a celebrant's heart,
Feasting philosophers, beasts.
Born of decay.

Come, plunder my ruins .
Without a shudder in your blood.
As no torture is left to dread.
For this old, soulless flesh.
Dead as the dead.

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