Ingenium (PL) : Inhale My Silence

Death Metal / Poland
(2001 - Self-Produced)
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Innerness confined to a dead space, Trapped in a source of inner weakness, I stay fuckin' silent - Just gaze, stare, observe and feel - No option of release. Sensorium - the source of an inner power, Extinguished internaly by an ephemeral silence. And I breathe thee, thy presence immeasurable, Inhale, inhale your breath, You're so fucking silent, you're so fucking clean. 'I know you bear it all within, a source of power, Source of power kept free from sin.' Prevail my passivity, prevail my violence, Inhale, inhale my fucking silence. Senses are silent, perverse and passionate, Sweet obsessions awake to thrill. Exordium nilius rei, Ostium in universum alterum semper diductum est, ...Heri et hodie... Cur intrare timeo? Infectus ascensus, Internum inane - Animum meum forma... Silentium meum ferit, Mea solitudio dolet


I humanize myself...My fleshlessness does hurt - My presence gets the weaker the farther I go ...To where the presence is none, To where the present will have gone. I humanize myself to be a human no more, And the weaker I am now so closer is a relief patiently expected, But I know it's been too long within me - This fuckin' form of fleshlessness I have to conceal - A form or just a formlessness? '(This) Anormality I belong to... And I never talk to you of it, never let you ask of it, Never let you understand - Just patiently expect.' (There will not be anything like this - Make me a feeling inside you and never let me be a human) Ingredients of soul...uncomplete...but the soul has taken too much... The first and the last degree of susceptiveness scarred... Inflicted psyche still breathing the same... And still I await the coming of day when I can release myself... Would you wait with me? (You humanize me) - Thy fleshlessness ignores the distortion of my presence, Makes ignore... Your presence - does heal the being inside me... (Immense disorder...persistence afflicted)... It won't take so long


I drink up... The biostatic liquid And turn to you my affected eyes, Flourishing experience, Opposities within me stay unexpressed, Obsessions make the energy flow... No cure for this fuckin' disease - Constant disjunction of time and space, Dimensions of being are dependent on reflex intensity - No refection... And I get weaker then ever, Reel...Fall...And die for awhile... No point in rising up... (So why do I?) Drink up... The biostatic liquid And turn to you my afflicted eyes, Fracted gaze with no effort at all, Extensive tension, Efferent expansion, No feeler, No healer - Oversensitive overresponse ...Been so for so long... Opposities have taken my thoughts - Cannot tell the difference from different entities ...Yet I know where I'm going to


Late last night at rest with my mate I'm visited by a victim of hate A spectoral group, yet they're one and the same They would never live Nor would they have a name A baby too young to walk or to talk Rocked to sleep with a big, heavy rock Becomes a tot with a baleful glare Sucked from life by a shortage of air A child beyond time without gender Metamorphing to surrender Each shape for one older and still No end to how each could be killed By chance in the polyverse i'm all of these Each to fall prey with unnerving ease To who knows which ambiguous marasmus It asked at once knowing And unknowing the answers To things far removed from my experience Or need to know and thus it thanked me For sparing it death's multiplicitous masques And life's thankless laborious tasks January, child born alas February, still still frail as glass March through a formative period you must April child, in god, distrusts May comes and goes and shortlived is the hope June is the halfway mark of your rope July child fears end of time August child in slow decline September, sense starts to fail October's child, the burden ails November's child malingers on December's child is dead and gone


Injection of an infected light Refraction - deformed reflection of vision Attraction - exclusion of external atony Extinction - disregard of any connection; I submit internal inertia, Close my eyes to see some more ...-not. Intoxicated with a genial silence... Healing cryptopsychic sensation. I exclude realms of life which makes me weak, Release myself from this fucking scared reality. I exclude all the factors of a common form... The feeling is all... And the feeling is none - Disregard of any connection. Close my eyes (now) to see some more ...-not. 'Solem gelidem in manibus tenui... Is mortuus fuit' Paralysed flesh I awake in... This beauty I fashion ...Such exquisite decay Just close my eyes to see some more ...-not... Close my eyes to be ...-not. Touching the light - frozen but seeming so silk, Light - so fucking pure, Light - so fucking calm ...Weak...Cold...Light...

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