Infestum : Last Day Before the Endless Night

Black Progressif / Bélarus
(2002 - More Hate Productions)
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Les paroles


This is the funeral of mine
This is the day sun newer shine
This is the grave dug up for me
This is the Hell I leave to thee

I disentomb thou !
Awake! You see the night of World
I animate thou !
Destroy! Rain down all power that you hold

Thou are real Sovereign of souls !
Thou are Master of all elements !

Thou are the Master of mortality
Thou are the Lord of new reality
Destroy this realm of falshe humanity
Proclame the epoch of insanity


In the land without heroes
Man was born without face
In the desert of the mirrors
He had hide in empty space

Always tried to be unnoticed
Time was looking for the man
He must pay for his asylum
Time is taxman, man is man

Victim's found,
But tale is going
Hunters looking for the next
In the land without heroes
Man was born without face

But in same land through the centuries
Shall be born another man
He will have his face and glory
No one can not that he'll can



4. Сумрачная Зима (TWILIGHT WINTER)

Грянет сумрачная зима,
И мертвенной станет тень.
В древесном треске беззвёздная ночь
Поглотит бессолнечный день.

Ветер с востока всё омертвит.
Обрушится чёрный дождь.
И тогда ты поймёшь,
Ты поймешь, что тебя
Одолела смертная дрожь !

Небывалой зимой обомрут поля.
Кладбищами лягут сады.
Заглохнут песни, и смех отзвучит,
И вмиг замёрзнут пруды.

Тогда былое явится вновь,
И мы его обретём.
И вместе пойдем в подзакатный край
Под чёрным злобным дождём.

Мы вместе пойдем заповетным путём
За дальние рубежи.
И нам откроется новый край,
Где ждёт нас новая жизнь.



6. Сеча (SLASHING)

На поле брани стоят войска.
Они пришли к нам из-за моря.
На Русь пришли, настала Тьма.
И солнце скрылось за горою.

И покорить нас захотели
Своею верою.
Той верой, что с собой несли,
Сжигая города и сёла.

Но взошло Солнце над землей.
Рать пришла на смертный бой,
Чтоб изгнать навсегда христиан,
Что пришли к нам с мечём и святой водой.

Небо кровью затянуло.
Вижу Ад я пред собой.
Князь, одетый в бронь стальную,
Дал приказ на смертный бой.
Меч сверкнул во мгле суровой,
Копий лязг раздался вновь
Наступил закат багровый,
Полилась рекою кровь!

Но взошло Солнце над землей.
Рать пришла на смертный бой,
Изгнала навсегда христиан,
Что пришли к нам с мечом и святой водой.




My scream is frozen by the wind from North
My eyes are blinded by the endless night
Song of the storm tears flesh of my ears
Cold soil drinks last drops of my blood

In Hate is the secret of my might
Tumulus waits for me tonight
Will be the Day of Horned Lord
I will reborn to feed my Sword

My dreams are crushed by lies of your god
My mind injured by this hypocrite
I tried to attain eternal piece
Now I victim of mental disease

Visions come to me
I recognize them
Demons wait for me
They heard my war-cry

My Spirit leaves my body
I loose last drops of blood
Oh ,Father, take my Soul
To your eternal light !

Come down to sacred place
Of painful memories !
Walk through this trace !
Wipe out this disease !

There is only darkness in my mind !
I'll reborn to crush your shoddy Jesus Christ !




I hate this realm of venality
I scorn this slaves of pride
I spit upon their reality
I trample on your hide

I Walk my ways
I drink my chalice
I'm out of your grace
I'm out of your malice

Your holy truth turn into lies
Lies from the lips of holly teachers
They give to You unstinting praise
But You are carrion for your preachers

My words are law
Your words are nothing
Prepare to feel my saw
You see me laughing

Your church is not a bride but whore
I see her fucked with lucifer
She's not a virgin any more
She is of quite another sphere

Where are your stalwarts ?
Where are your disciples ?
Who knows your tables ?
Who reads your Bible ?

My path lies through the maze of thorns
Of human heads and human bodies
My head is crowned by crown of horns
I want to crush your holy dadies

I Walk my ways
I drink my chalice
Forever out of your grace
Forever out of your malice


Crusified by hate
Baptism by killing
Pagan sacrifice
Soul of Satan lives in Me

Your life
On My hands will be
Now I win, you see
Lord of Darkness stand with Me

Crushing of your bones
Drinking of your blood
Peing on your corpse
Ravens pecked your eyes

Now thou are dead
Victim of Hate

Your corpse
They will take from thy cross
To thy tomb !
Insects will live in your guts
Thou will Rot !

You loose
Your soul is lost

Now thou are dead
Victim of Hate

Your corpse
They will take from thy cross
To thy tomb !
Insects will live in your guts
Thou will...
ROT !!!!

And your soul
On My hands will be
Now I won, you see
Lord of Evel, be With Me !!!




Burn !
Burn the church of selfish geeks !
Hang !
Hang their greedy lusty priests !
Wolves !
They are wolves among the sheeps !
Lies !
Telling lies with stiky lips !

Total War !!!!!

Kill !
Kill all maggots in your mind !
Kill all buffons you can find !
Death !
Everything is turn apart !
Even darkness in your heart !

Total War !!!!!

They broke down their dear God !
They broke his mortal limbs apart !
They want their god to serve their freaks !
This is phenomenon of kikes !

Total War !!!!!

Fools !
They are slaves of their lies !
They bring their kids to sacrifice !
War !
Crush this revel of dissimulation !
Clean the earth for new creation !

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