Hell-Born : Cursed Infernal Steel

Les paroles


Rise the sword and thou shall win
And thousand heads shall fall
Send the plague, spit smoke and death
Hunt and kill them all
Cast the spell, power from hell
And mercy we know not
Roaring flames storm the week
Blast infernal wrath

On the top of the hill
On this last battlefield
Bloodstained heavenly flesh
Bodies broken and crushed
Impaled archangels

Crying mercy but we spare no one
That's the only law
Rise the sword, infernal steel
To show the art of war
Cut off their pride and they live no more
Pile and burn the wings
Poisoned steel, instant death
Death and pain it brings

White empty eyes stare at the moon
We feast upon their blood
Spined with black ten feet spears
Pale corpses left to rot
Hail the crown, hail the beast
Hail the dark infernal throne
Stormy clouds brings the wind
To play the skull and bone


The king returns to claim the throne
I'm back to rule this world
Kneel to me, feeble mortal scum
Just like you did before
I'm reborn through infernal flames
Reborn is my sword
Back from hell I rise on the wings of war
I'm back to rule this world

One look at me shall make you blind
Behold, you scum, the crown is mine!

The king returns to claim the land
I'm back for what is mine
Wait and see those below
They know it's their time
From beyond my armies march
They stride with me this night
Daylight shall be no more
No dawn for you to rise


Behind the gate sealed by time
There is a realm beyond your dreams
Upon the ancient, forgotten thrones
Sleeping, dreaming, demonic kings

Thousand towers and the house of the dead sleep as well
Unknown to men, a world of unlight, so close to hell
Across the river of flames, the bridge of death and the fields of the damned
The walls of the city black and high, it all belongs to them

Empire deep down under

No air to breathe, no life around
Still somehow the city it feels alive
The will within the ones who sleep
Was born before the dawn of time

Black soil drinks blood to feed the dead
Time for flesh and bone become one again
Those who sleep awake, the lords of the deep
Ancient powers gather to bring the end to the world of men


Storming skies beneath, on the killing fields
In the dead of night
Darkness eating through and through the dying day
Fade the lunar light
Underneath the eye lurking from beyond
Onto the mortal world
Lifeless ancient force rises the flag
Rises sword so cold

The black flag of Satan

In the dark glory, crowned eternally
The evil witchkings
Cast the war spells, forward the horns
Of infernal beasts
The breath of death is in the air
It fills the lungs of men
Life shall be no more, behold the flag
Conquering your land

With claws and teeth, with the roar of the beasts
With sword and spear and with the fires of hell
Undead legions march in the deadly mist
Mortal hearts freeze by the funeral bell


Here I crawl naked
At the bottom of the lair of the dead
What kind of spell
Keeps pushing me to an end?
Last sparks of life
Fade within my eyes
Scared to death
But still crawl to where horror lays


Flesh stripped to bone
Ribs move, but no lungs pump air
Not a single drop of blood
Left within these veins
No muscle, bare bone
But stronger than ever before
My deformed body
So great and human no more

The light of the dead
Strikes me like a massive wave
I drift, I fell moving
I feel the stench of my grave
Stone breaks so easily
And claws reach towards the moon
Leaves the soil of the tomb

Fear stride before me and nothing but death behind
Unearthly power runs through me.
Evil. Black. Undivine.


Sent to the world of men, forged by the flames of hell
Daemon inside human flesh, morbid, nightstalking death
Blackened and one with darkness, armed with unhuman powers
Daemon inside human flesh. Kneel down. I bring you death

Messenger of wrath of the kingdom below
Coming for blood and the scream of the soul
Father Satan, I'm your will and your flame
Mortal world shall cry at the sound of my name


Close is the end of this earth, watch the re-rise of Babylon
I'll make the way for the beast. Strike with the law of the fist
Out of the infernal abyss. Flaming through all holiness
Great, supernatural force, all within my burning soul

I spread my wings and rise the sword
Daemon horns above my head
In the name of Satan lord
I am terror, I am death!


Damned is the realm behind the light
Where human heart turns into ice
Cursed is the space beyond all time
All that you fear when you close your eyes

In the black night - this is when ancient horror lives
In the unlight - this is when ancient horror lives

Somewhere deep inside, somewhere in your head
The roots of fear feed upon the brain
Born on a cold, black lonely night
Gone with the dawn, always back again

Same kind of fear as the dark descends
Since the first day, since the dawn of men
To walk the night, never look behind
It will look at you and you'll meet your end


Oh, lord Death I need you
Timeless one, I am yours
In the dark of night I feel you
Life I don't need anymore

Black night and I'm asleep
Freezing shroud lays so thick
Black night - it's when I die
Burning soul takes fly
Life is gone. His eyes they glow
I leave the body stonecold

Oh, lord Death eternal
I'm ready for the curse
In the deadly light infernal
How I want the end, lifeless

Outside this lifeless corpse
Chained to what's already dead
Now turning into stone
Macabre creation undead
Eyes of horror wide open
Spread the wings of the soul
Feel me possessing your mind
Leaving the body stonecold


Moonlight dance on the icecold battleblades
Slithering over the words of pure might
Carved into those weapons, oh so aged
And yet still unknown is their light

Cursed infernal steel

Thousand times shall the triple six be shout
And unwrapped the red one will become
Forth comes the great beast to the land southern
The cursed ones and ancient steel become one

With a massive roar the realm of undead opens
Five pointed stars mark the flags and shields
The pages of ancient books' wide open
And the spells entangle the old bones
Beastmasters eclipse the sun with dragonwings
Warlust pumps undivine life into the dead
Stone and rock they grind with their chariots
And the spells light up the flames in their eyes


Streaming blood paints the ground
Their lines break
Chaos and fire all over the field
Evil prevails
Ride the beast, ride with the wind
Ride with death
Ride with hate, ride with fury
The armies of hell

Glorious triumph of darkness

Death, death to all!
The final command
Forward we ride, we fly our flag
Rise our steel
Flesh burns and bones break
Glory is at hand
Power and fury meets with fear
We strike and kill

The seals break, the devil smiles, seven gates open wide
This is our dawn, hell on earth, in splendour we stride

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