Hardcore Superstar : Beg for It

Glam Rock / Suède
(2009 - Nuclear Blast)
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Am I thinking to loud
My brain hurts so I'll rest for a while
Good luck!
My head's about to break
Emotionally sick
I beg to differ
Just rotten inside
Slowly I die

Beg for it
Lift me up let my touch the sky
Beg for it
No more demons standing by my side
They want inside my head
Guess they want me dead
Lying face down in my grave
Beg for it
No more demons standing by my side

No way
I'm kept in a cage
My patience has expired
I need a new face
I feel emotional
I feel I have to fly
I'm not in to living if I know I'm going to die
Slowly I die

Good luck
Cause I'm about to break
I feel I have to fly
Rest for a while
I feel emotional
I feel I have to fly
Do I have to beg for it


Oh no
I don't need another trip to that graveyard
Let me be
Already being sick n tired
Being friendly
Bring me
Let me be

Into sweet debauchery
I'll hang myself
I'm misery

Let's go
Gimme some rope
Gimme something to set me free
Life's tough
With a little bit of fantasy
I'll find something that will kill me


That's when I scream
I just wanna be seen
A self destructive kiss
It will always make me sick
Know what I mean?
Shades of grey
Long way from home
Switch to safe mode
I bet you want to be alone
Time to be strong

I am what I am anyway
And I don't need your shit
I am what I am
Shades of grey

I wish for more
A bloodsucker
Gotta have it all
I will kill
I will crawl
When I don't need you
I'll let you know

I am what I am everyday
And I hope you feel like shit
Cause I am what I am
I'm shades of grey


There's a method to madness
The only way to hide my sadness
I'll come around when you need me
I'm getting better believe me

I don't care what you say
A holliday in my head
Not getting better believe me
I'll come around when you need me

Nervous breakdown on new years eve
With no dignity
See, see the real me
A toast to my lunacy

It's such a disease
My mind can come and go as it please
We hide from reality
Mad people need no company

Nervous breakdown on new years eve
With no dignity on new years eve
There's a method to madness
On new years eve
Not getting better believe me
On new years eve


I did not mean to stare no but
Sometimes I need to see it my way
There's some secrets I don't share
The truth will only make you sad

Cause I know
It won't show
But I know for sure
Your pain grows
And I'm sure
There's no love
No more

Next time I hope for a normal life
Next life I hope I'll do something right
Next time I'll look for something that feels right
Cause love made me evil
Love made me lonely
I just want to start all over again
I'm not an evil man

Summertime it's been a while
Can't see the sun just want to hide
In my dreams I make you smile
No drinks they only make me cry


A black toothed man with a broken hand
When you see him
You'll know who I mean
He'll teach you lessons
Tell you where to begin
He'll even sell himself
Sold under sin

Reputation as a stubborn stupid man
A smell of death
What a charming frightening scent
A walking zombie with no ticket in his hand
A nice corpse doing the best he can

You should know
You're almost gone
One of the good
But it turned out wrong

I don't care 'bout your bad behaviour
I can't save you
Can't change you
Don't care 'bout you bad behaviour
Can't save you
Can't change you
Far from home
Mommies little boy is gone
I can't change you

Rich bastard
Do you see the broken glass
You climb the ladder
Jealous of your own ass
Sometimes it happens
I get slapped in the face
It turns me on
That's what I chase


Got a name
But no brain
When my baby goes insane
Just wanna leave her to walk alone
All I really wanna do
I want to walk all over you

Remove my brain
Make me feel free
Remove my brain
Sedate me at least
I need a miracle
Remove my brain
Please help me

That's all
Been sick so many time before
I'll show you all my scars
All I really wanna do
I want to walk all over you

I need another brain
I need a woman who will keep me calm n' sane
They need to keep me calm n' sane
They need to remove my brain
Want to sedate my brain
Need to remove my brain


Can't control the words I'm sayin'
When I curse you start swearin'
But then you badmouth me
You stupid little fuck
Don't come to me

Ain't gonna stand here
Will not grieve
A righteous man
Not to be seen
So take your act elsewhere
Stupid redneck
Don't want you here

When you spit it out
Full of pride
Spit it out
Take your time

If you don't hear what I'm sayin'

Wish I could say yes I'm a man
But then I lie
The best I can
I'm seeing red
What's wrong with me
And my rotten head

If you don't hear what I'm sayin'
Go home before you start weepin'


Let's see this as an invitation
Here's no end
In here you need no reason
A place to forget about bad beginnings
So when you go there
Look for me

Nobody hears
Nobody cares at all
No judging
I make my own laws

Whatever happened to all illegal fun
A hideout
A sanctuary from the sun

Let's go away for another season
I don't have to explain
Don't need to have a reason
I laugh and cry with a new beginning
So when I go there
I'll hide with you


Why don't you lock your door
Never seen a bad guy before
No no no
Lock your door
I've never seen you like this before
You used to be on the floor
No no no
On the floor

No one is pure
Nothing to adore
My way will take you home

Next time
Take 'em all out
That's why we love life
So sick
To bring 'em all down
So we can love life
That's what we all would like

Bad girls can be pure
But I've never seen one before
No one's pure
Oh no one's pure
Innocence be destroyed
Nothing to avoid
No no more
Any more


I don't give a damn
Cause I don't Fuxxin' understand
And that's why they call me a stupid man

You lift me up
Just so you can push me to the ground
You make me weak
Stick around
This man's heading for a breakdown

Don't wanna know
How low
My self esteem really can go
So when you go
Let me know
A black cloud on an innocent boy

I've got a jokers smile
An evil grin
A lovely style
And that's why I treat myself
As an innocent child

A black cloud on an innocent boy
Black cloud damn I'm an innocent boy
When you go let me know
I'm an innocent boy

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