Gwar : Hell-O

Thrash Metal / Etats-Unis
(1988 - Metal Blade Records / Shimmy Disc)
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Sun goes down
Bodies on the ground
Swollen with pus, I shall further expound
As the vultures swirl, the batons twirl, we've come for your entrails
And now it's time for death
And now it's time, death's mime is rhymed...
Sun comes up
Bloody pulp
People of your planet all writhe in muck
Life's a piece of shit
You are living it
You deserve no less than death
Time for death, it's to the left
I've gotta smash my chin till I've got a cleft
Time for death
There's nothing left, I'm gonna rape your world, gonna go suck cock....
And now it's time for death
Your nipples, expose your breasts
I'll burrow deep into your chest....
There's no sun, just a human slum
Leader's of your people act really dumb
Flies with the eyes, guy's with the thighs, keeping a watch on Bilko's pies....
And now it's time for DEATH.


U! U! U! U! A - E - I -O -U - A - E - I - O - U!
Yes, yes, these are Satan's vowels...
No! No! These are Gor-Gor's vowels
No - n - n - no - n - n - no - n - n - no ... Yes.
Yes, though rows of noses block your way, but you must flail on today...
Yes, yes, pumping entrails on your face, face, face, face.... The Berlin.


I'm Americanized
9 (nine) tons 'o' crack a day
It's up my butt, the USA
All you people will look like us-
You worship me, but still you suck...
U.S.A. - I'm Americanized
U.S.A. - (I'm the Prince of Lies)
I'm Americanized
Death to those who wear paisley
Plucking babies heads like daisies
Your world is filled with hate and filth
I'll rape your dog with a plow....
Drugs unt guns, drugs and guns
C'mon man, let's go kill someone
Cheap fuckers, sheep fuckers
You're all cheap fuckers...


When I first met you, I knew I loved you
Now that one and one is two, I don't wanna cum inside of you
Now I kiss your lips
Now I mount your hips
Now I read your mind, your slimey hind- Sublime!
I'm feeling the peeling, mind reeling
I race unto the plague
I'll bring you a big coat of butter- to slick your dead dick way
I'm in love with a dead dog...
Paw in fist we stalk through the rutabaga garden
We've been to the clinic, we know our love is clean
We walk together, but fill up separately
We share a cheese ball, we just do it all
The butter so bitter, the shitter, well it gapes vacantly
The higher the litter, the shitter, has just righted three...
(The death of Pookie)
You begin to bore me, with your breath like rubber
You scream "Don't stop"
I hope you don't pop
I'm in love, with a shove, meaty glove.


I have travelled many miles, and I have wiped away many smiles
I've come from my icy pit, just to rub your face in shit
Slutman City
Life without shame
Slutman City
So much flesh
We grant you sweet release from your useless life
Of your heart I'll have a piece
Impaled on my knife
Your world to rape
Your life sucked dry
The purity of wisdom
A withered husk
Flies thrive
Human race now rules the Earth, but I tell you you're not the first
Your cities built on corpses, you best beware
Your towers will crumble
As did theirs!
Slutman City
Pimples on my butt
Slutman City
Bestial necrophiliacs busting nuts
Your world is doomed
You wonder why
You bleed her daily
And now flies thrive
You wanna do drugs?
Own expensive rugs?
With much aplomb
You'll watch me rape your mom.


Welcome to your world of filth
Where costly cash is jumbo puke
The words they rhyme the sound you crave
You lust for what's called jumbo pave
For whats called jumbo pay-a
Here within your filthy world the terror-mongers fight the squirrels
So come on down to dynasty and you get muscular dystrophy
That girl outside she said she'd lick but she lied
Your world it writhes, it makes me frown
But you can set it aflame
The molten nipple mound!
Your lives
Fortune favors the bold!!
World 'o' filth, filth filth, filth, filth, filth, etc...


Churning through the bestial muck, acosmic forklift rules my throbbing asshole
The all-eye says you are the right slave
To be my anal knave
Tounge in my anal cave
You're just a war toy
Just my little anal butter boy
Oh I'm so filled with joy, now I know glee
10 million hosebags every day
They die for me to have my way
Surely it is their deaths they seek, to brave my toxic
Anal reek
Cause I'm so glad he is among us
I'm so glad he is a fungus
I'm so glad
He is among us
Philled condoms
My nipples explode!!!!
You're just a war toy
Let's all go drink and kill and fart
Yeah sure it's fun but is it art? (Toughie.)
The all-eye sees the butt disease
Humanity - is on their knees with little boys...


Everybody needs somebody to abuse
Everybody needs alotta stuff to eat (shit)
Everybody gonna be a body one day
Having fun? (Mortal scum.)
Rest assured it's not for long
When you least expect your world reels
You fall to the ground
Will heaven protect it? (No.)
A strange new world that you found
And now, bodies waken
Soul a quakin' you see your jellied corpse a bakin'
Your world, teeters on the brink of madness...
We shall... kick that bitch over with gladness
You enter the sex-plague
You cannot breed
And you await death
Your anus BLEEEEEEDS....
When you're all dead, we'll still be here, having butt sex
Cause I'm so - QUEEEEEEEEER...!!


Long ago
We lay frozen deep in snow
It was nice
Suspended in the endless ice
Time flew by
Worlds did weep and kingdoms died
But still we slept
Knowing that destiny crept
The planets aligned
No longer
No longer confined
The humans so blind
Your race is of a futile kind
As pure as the arctic snow! Whoa!!
And now we stand
Helm on head and sword in hand
Our righteous wrath
Cleave through your ranks a bloody path
Your system sucks!!
Your cities stink, your world is fucked
So come to us or you'll drown in a sea of pus!!
Drown in pus!!!


I was there at the cable fair
Where lump fairies swear at glories far beyond the fabric that she wears
He said "Do you wanna chair?"
I'd join him anywhere!
A hole in the ground, in this theatre I found J.C.'s infernal horde
They caper, they banter, forming human pyramids, all to please
Their infernal Lord... Whoa! His name is J. Cousteau!!!
A pussy and I know you know!!
I know you know, and there he goes
He goes and grows
Oh gosh he knows
Aboard the Calypso!!
The foam beside, and a burly sea to ride, all spell goodness for the master of the whirling pimple tides
He tried and pried until the rusted hinges sighed, and then he stepped inside!
He found her there, swimming in her seaweed hair, looking vaguely like a lover who has hung herself with underwear
Phosphoresent green and the sex-act made obscene, in Jacques galleon of hatred
This wrinkled French man is a living GOD!!!
Cousteau, you know, where the dying dolphinsgo, and the wasteland ever growing, never slowing till it's far below
Put it on your T.V. show - And let the humans know!!!


Gazing through the toothy maw
You could not conceive what I saw
In my land there is no sun
In my country there are no guns
Cause we are GWAR!!!
And we'll go far!!!
We've got guitars (3 of 'em!)
We'll go to war!!!
(Thrash your bar, wreck your car, etc...)
Steel and leather, whips and chains
We've learned how to enjoy pain!
Life in a cave ain't too roomy
Now only the penthouse will do me!!!!


Piles of burnt corpses, we're turning the screws
Turn 'em into bone meal, for our troops to use!
Turn on the ovens, get in the shower
Get out the wheelbarrows, we'll be at it for hours!
Bone meal!
Better than no meal at all!
Bone meal!
Better than no meal so get in the stall!


Oh when I got up today ooo
I got a splitting headache... oh baby ... I GOTTA GET AWAAAAAAAY
I take a day, I take 25
I got cancer in my butt but I gotta stay alive...
Ignore it honey... and it will go away.....


I'm the walking nightmare with the microchip brain
A megaton bufferin to forever end your pain
When it comes to taking life I'm the cosmic leech
I'll make World War III look like Sunday at the beach!!!
GWAR must die!
I can't comprehend on how you get your thrills in dicing up worms and making love to roadkills
The decadence of your lives was just as clear as glass
Now it's broken into shards
I can shove into your ass!!


My life is in a rut, I need a big kick in the butt!
My mind meets the hand of doom
Don'tcha know
He's in this room!!!
U ain't shit until!!
U learn how to rock...
Where's my fuckin' axe?
Don't need no shit playin' sax!
Get the fuck
Get the fuck outta my face!
Cause tonight there's meat on the menu!
U ain't shit until you learn how to rock!!!


Rock and roll - Dyn-o-mite!!!!
Party all day...
Party all nite!!!
Hey there girl
Do you like my big dick?
Hey there baby
Suck it!!!
Til it gets real thick!
Rock and roll, party town
Rock and roll, gonna party down
Rock and roll, party down
She's a rock and roller, she's a party stroller!!!
Rock and roll, it's a sex machine!
Rock and roll, do you know what I mean?
Rock and roll, now it's time to go
Rock and roll, see you
After the show!!!

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