Gorgasm (USA) : Orgy of Murder



Stench of reeking snatch brought
me to my knees. Draw back full
force fist to pummel rancid cunt
Sunk in to the elbow twisting
tearing in her stink-hole Filled
with rage I lust to see her Bleed
Blood belching stretched
and torn snatch from
violent fisting Lust for blood
through sexual torture Punch her
in the twat suffocating on my sack
Flattened facial features gurgle
bloody snot with every gasp Knuckle
kiss extracts her teeth bloodied
pie-hole gumming cock Dangling
nerve endings hang from sockets
tickling my jock Pussy ripped and
loose oozing foul odored rancid juice
Stinking whore subject for my abuse
Begging for your life your cries are
all in vain Split from asshole to your
tits my place to cum Milk my shaft
with your vile womb I just removed
Cum coated glazed donut dead
slut fuck whore Bitch.


Masturbate over the crippled body on
display before me. Mangled beyond
recognition filthy fucking
cunt. Her head now dangles from
her broke and severed neck Eyeball
swings from its socket soon I'll
fill with my cock Limbs are
torn and mutilated pussy splayed
and gaping open Blood spurts out
her ruptured asshole laughing as she
starts to twitch Should have seen
her face when I began to fucking
Crush her body Smash her face in
Rape and strangle Pulverize Grab
the ball-peen Break every bone Left
entangled Brutalized Stomping
on her face Splitting it in two
Mutilation Maze Horrifying view
Beat the cunt deserved to die Broken
in half a lifeless pile of flesh Cured
her disease of being a filthy whore
Never to be seen or heard from again


Straight blast cum on broken teeth
Spewing chunks of torn flesh Open
face for my display With my cock
inside her ass Axe to mouth
Cock covered in shit Face split in
disgust This bitch I use to bury the
ax Tight grip smash her face in half
Carve a smile from ear to ear Force-
fed blade of shiny steel Permanent
smile for me to see. Face laid open next
to me. Steaming slop of facial meat.
Shove my cock through broken teeth.


Raping countless bitches, brutalize infected whores
Beating them into mush, Spreading STD's, my gift for the community
Hookers, I spread their filth, syphilis, gonorrhea, aids
Chlamydia, and genital warts....I spread the disease!

Forcing in my puss-filled cock, Rock hard with abscess, Infection Induced Erection

Years spent Harvesting Diseases, Leaving Cunts Behind Infected


Bodies of my victims scattered on the
basement floor. Desires unfulfilled I
lust for more. Stimulation rising as I
separate the head. As blood begins to
spurt I'm drenched in red. Open the
esophagus and slide my cock inside.
Soon to fill your stomach full of my...
seed. Forcing... out your insides.
Squirting... all down my thighs. After
the deed of debauchery's done I begin
excavation. Hacking and tearing out
one by one I consume your organs.
Saving your intestines to bound my
next victim. Over and over. Obsession
drives me to perversion. The end
will always be the same. Fucking
your headless trunk.


When they finally find what's left of your butchered remains,a fear consumes the minds of those who witness my brutality. Defiled and stripped of flesh, discarded piece of trash. Your body evidence of unimaginable suffering. Obscene, deformed, decayed, flies swarm. Your screams were captivating, as I torture for my own sadistic carnal pleasure, perverse fascination. She lies face down, hands are bound, shackled to the floor. Gore, into her rectum, thrusting veiner blows, cum into her bowels. Sickened by her stench, reeks of blood and shit. Repulsive disfigurement, detach the skin from your face. Leaving you anonymous, catastrophe masterpiece. Puncture vaginal lips, sinking in the hooks tensioning the spread. Gaping wide open I rub my bloody shit glazed cock on your face, lubricating my phallus with your tears. I cannot begin to describe my anticipation of beating the fuck out of your worthless stank-ass hole! Rip out the hooks when I cum. Once I've had enough of toying with your mangled body, and all signs of life have dissipated from your eyes, I collect what I've been lusting after, and strip you of your skin.


Dragging... you by the hair. Kicking
and screaming down the stairs. Into
the darkness. I can hardly wait until
I violate your carcass. Begging for
mercy only Intensifies my hunger.
Welcome to my den of torture. It
reeks... of the dead. Now bound upon
my altar... struggling to breathe.
Gagged with the genitalia from the
last slab of meat. Violently cutting the
flesh from your body I penetrate and
then... I kill and cum again. Hacking
and peeling and fucking and feasting
I penetrate and then... I kill and cum
again. Dump the remains in a rotting
heap. I'll shit what's left of you later.


Searching for my next scalded piece
of meat. In the parking lots I wait.
Lurking in the dark, erect from
excitement. Grab this bitch around
her throat. Toss her in the van she
screams in terror. Tape her fucking
mouth shut. My next victim she
will get a taste. Boiling hot water
for this bitch. She will get a third
degree taste. Burn you bitch.
Third degree burns Rise from your
face as I fuck you in your scalded
mouth. Shooting my load on boiled
lips. The climax is the best for me
With her flesh still bubbling. Bitch
you got my third degree taste.


I despise everything about you arrogant Condescending.
Fucking whore now we're face to face
I will not be Persuaded only motivated to dislimb.
My cock swells at Thoughts of impending amputation.
There will be no Compromising only suffering.
Tightening the tourniquet you
Bleed... Raise the knife...
Carving delight.
Sawing through bone and cartilage.
One by one fingers hit the floor.
Fixation to dismember.
Spattered chunks strewn about the room.
Dismantling your body.
All hope has dissipated.
As the blood... runs out...your mouth...
Butchering all I see severing extremities.
Quadruple amputee empty shell to sink my meat...
Suffering please finding me
Unresponsive as you're forced to endure sodomy
With your own limbs to complete
My mutilation carnival of ecstasy.
Methodically rub my cock
With amputated limbs evokes ejaculation.


Chain and secure the chapel doors
Axe in hand I stand Before the congregation.
Figure of Iniquity
Scourge of the Christians I impose my will.
Orgy of murder I'm driven to kill.
Hacking my way through the herd.
The meek inherit my wrath.
Headless bodies convulsing.
Limbs decorate the pews. Twitching victims.
Covered in entrails.
Raping survivors.
Drunk on the blood of Christ.


Bodies rotting.
Decomposing flesh falling From bone.
Suffering alone sickened by the sight
Of vile perversions.
Waiting for what lies in store.
Losing your mind as I step inside.
Before you realize I've already begun the process.
Your limbs quickly reduced to stumps.
Evacuation of your bowels provokes demented laughter.
Your shit floats in a pool of blood.
Heed the hatchet splits the bone.
Torture for amusement.
Sick absurdity.
Silence follows dismembering.
Excitement subsides
Until the next offering.

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