Gorgasm (USA) : Bleeding Profusely

Las palabras


Gasp in horror, as I make you bleed profusely
Deep red lines carved, painful trenches in the flesh
I smell terror dripping from your every pore
Penetrated countless times
Each stab deeper than the last
Spewing while you collapse
Blade thrusted into the gut
And ripped across from side to side
Organs spill as skin divides!

Stuffing in your intestines, falling from the laceration
Deeply punctured through the throat, jugular ejaculating

Balls chopped off, shoved in your mouth
Asshole stabbed, life comes pouring out

Horror seething, gored and bleeding,
Shredded flesh overflowing,
Razor cleaving, existence fleeting,
Pool of crimson overflowing,
Facial features stained with pain,
Violently I make you drain


Naked bedridden bloated gluttonous pig
Stagnant and swelling festering sack of pus
Engulfed in mounds of fetid flabby mass
Stinking behemoth, gross abdominous

Massive tits sagging growing out your back
Folds of skin hanging rolls of dimpled cheese
Each crevice reeks like crack of dirty ass
Starving as you gorge yourself with tons of food
Oblivious it's actually swallowing-YOU!

Prey on others sympathy to bring you food to stuff your face 'til you're full
Like some fucking fleshy fat balloon
Your body expanding day by day
Lying in your piss and shit
Your arms too short to wipe you own soiled ass
Crippled by your appetite
You're at my mercy, you'll soon see I have none

Slashed and spilled from your bladderous husk
Buckets of red cottage cheese for me to force feed you
Every last chunk of your fat, and I'll make certain of that
Quenching you hunger and thirst,
Stuffed 'til your fucking colon bursts!


Barrels filled with acid
To destroy my human garbage
Rotting in the bathroom
Hacking limbs to pieces
I prepare for their disposal
See them stripped to the bone

Hose thrust deep up the rump
Acid is then pumped
Rectum explodes
As the insides corrode

Burning through the body
Melting internal organs
Caustic solvents saturating
Eating the flesh!!!

I get high on the stench of burning flesh
As they dissolve
Disintegrating and deforming
Skeletal husk remaining
Finished with their disposal
Grinding the bones into dust


Useless fuck toy to enjoy,
Lifeless skinless slab of meat
Vile sadist, core it's anus,
Around my finger sweet to eat
Stick my dick in, feel the wrath,
Eviscerated form of love
Splintered bones pierce
My balls feeling pain from the scars
Unsuspecting doom erecting,
Slice it's chest open wide,
A meal revealing,
Sick appealing
Now I piss down deep inside!
Becoming one with my victims
Now my secrets stored unseen
Excrement and genitals lying in the sink
Stick my dick in, feel the wrath,
Eviscerated form of love
Splintered bones pierce
My balls feeling pain from the scars
Engorge the lungs with my shaft,
Stab a hole through it's back
Fucking the viscera!
Drill a hole through it's head,
And fuck it 'til it's dead!
Frozen cold in agony chopped into tiny pieces
Genitals cut off and burned melted in the acid
I won't stop until I am caught
For-seeing what I have done,
Chopped off heads and rectum ends now become my fun!!!
Cut off from life, severed and sliced,
Pull back the head and shit inside
Keeping them forever, soon will be my pleasure
On and on with the killing, feeding off the torture
Torturing unwilling, on and on with killing
Soon will be my pleasure-keeping them forever!


Starved into insanity
Crushed beneath their mangled corpses
Trapped and bleeding as I languish
Ravenous and filled with anguish
In this rotting heap-savage appetites around
As their blood pours in my mouth, In a frenzy I devour
Body surging with new power
With each shred I chew!

I shall emerge from this
Rotten mound Of putrid bodies,
Feeling a hunger extreme!
Digesting the remains,
Stomach filled with rancid meat
Insatiable I crave
For the taste of living flesh...living flesh

With the strength of ten
Crippling my helpless prey, making sure they survive
Masticating chunks of flesh savoring their succulence
Delighted by the tortured screams
Voracious cont tasting better while alive

Bled and butchered just like cattle
As I feast the more I crave
Satisfied for only seconds,
When I shit out their remains


Here she lies dead, yet crawling with life
Rotting entombed, and deformed by decay
Taking her from death putrid grasp
Now her remains return home with me

I reconstruct her corpse to fuck

Wax replacing skin that's rotted
Fasten bones with screws and wire
Vaginal tube inserted
I'm consumed with sick...

Breathing in her rancid scent
Intoxicated as I mount her
Cunt and ass joined from the thrusting
Her remains crushed while I'm fucking

Embalmed with cum I spew my climax deep inside her
Festering lust turning to nymphomania


Your demise I fantasize, Every time we finish fucking
Nauseated by your presence turn my lusting to disgusting
Reaching beneath the bed, naked helpless flesh inviting
Tightly grasping my machete, Killing you I find exciting!

Awaken to nightmare, in time to witness your fucking death

Buried halfway through the neck,
Embedding deep within the spine,
Body wracked with violent spasms
Twitching as I finish hacking,
Shreds from which your head is hanging
Splattering your blood across the floor

Watching your headless body molested before you


Delving into my perversion,
A fetish for phlebotomy
Bind the flesh to block the flow,
Constricted vessels swell within
Blades caress brings arousal,
Pleasure me with pain severe
Scowling as I carve a smile ear to fucking ear!!!

Ruptured and spewing my way to euphoria
Between the layers of sickening nausea
Ensanguine with razors my lustful dissection
Experience new pleasures though unobtained

Bleed life from me
Death infesting

Ripping lengthwise down my arms,
Death comes soon
Gushing torrents I escape my flesh tomb

Lacerate wounded mortally
Hemorrhaging erupting to submerge me,
Drowning in this crimson paradise


Dripping with defecation
Panties soaking with desire
Excreta gazed on fingertips
Feces shared upon each others lips
Spread apart with lustful ardor
Enticing scent rises sweet and repugnant
Hungry holes ache for sick fulfillment
Shit-hole winks with putrid feculence
Grinding labia locked together
Nipples roused to swell and harden
Pubes gnashed in wild abandon
Crotches raw from pussy friction
Captured in the throes of pleasure
Gashes gushing rank secretions
Bodily functions brought to failure
Anus wrought incontinent
Soft serve snakes emerge
Fecal phallus sucked like cocks
Bathed in blasts of searing ass piss
Cunts impaled on shit

Tits fucked with giant logs of shit
Smeared upon their swollen clits
Burning as they're drenched in anal climax
Gas sucked directly from the ass
Spread apart as chunks are passed in large segments
From a tortured anus
Savored on their tongue
Flavor of their dung
Stinking rectal birth
Cuckolds filled with girth
Whores finger-fuck their dirty cores
Bulging with hemorrhoidal sores
Cracked and broken seeping blood and feces
Tits fucking with giant logs of shit
Smeared upon their gapping slits
Penetrated with a massive stink log

Defecate to please
Snorting rectal breeze
Fecal fetish feast
Fucked with pure disease


Ejaculating cum-drenched fist
To punch her in the face
My next victim to engorge them
With my lusting ways

Grab this bitch by it's wrist
Ripping her asshole wide
Drill out the hole with malicious intent
Whole forearm swallowed
Feeling the sphincter contract with dismay

Spitting in the open crater
Fingers forced in the knuckles
Plunging deeper as I'm raping
Leave the pussy ripped and gaping
Boring and coring her snatch is engorging
Filled with my fist as I punch her hole

Spread! Your ! Cunt!



I stare at their dead faces
Behind a bloody rotten human mask
Like Lambs to the slaughter
I lured them to their doom
Deceived by my intentions
To fuck them like no other has before
Handcuffed to the bedposts
Then gagged and vivisected

Breasts loped off to admire
Mastectomies done with a wire
Emasculated victims
Sodomized with their own cocks
Disembodied genitalia
Trophies of my sick deeds

Carving off the flaps of skin
Which appeal most to me
Stapling their flesh to mine
Assuming their identity

Knocked unconscious to molest
I undress them of their flesh
Razor blades excoriate
Bleeding as I masturbate
Encase myself within their skin
Feminine or masculine
My only need is to consume them
I'm a demon dressed as human

Kicking and screaming
Begging and pleading
Their pitiful cries I despise
Destined to be a part of me
Until their flesh rots from mine
Now that I have them they cannot fathom
The cruel ways in which they will die
Slashed and molested
Raped and dissected
Genital organs enshrined

Victims lobotomized
I've skinned and sodomized
Cadavers swarm with flies
Horrifying demise

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