Fermenting Innards : Myst

Black Death / Allemagne
(1995 - Invasion Records)
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Kingdom called 'Myst'
Builded up by my mind
Born in me - I'm the majesty
Believe in me - I'm my own lie

Mystified in me
Grows black old bright fight
Satisfied in me
Thorned by my own thicket

Thicket made by feelings
All paints out of work
My kingdom is a forest
Placed out of these world

Nightfallen day
Frozen but warmed by me
No law like mine
My judge mourned by me

Builded up your own empire
Out of those jewish law
'Myst' that's I require
Join to my mighty war

Kingdom called 'Myst'
Builded up by my mind


Carving a stream of blood
Downward the path
Where Iused to quide, thousand stormy souls
Carry a skull supposed to burn
Into my forest
Where I used to join, thousand flying owles

My scars seems to grow
And the feathers seems to fail
All pain comes from below
A rolling sky attract my sight
Behind the stars in the night shall down
A end of those things so bright

Scream along with the winds
To gather both soul and sins
And to feel the eagle on my shoulder
Bones from fallen souls
Crimly collected ny spying gouls
Feel the fire in a storm much colder

My crown of burning thorns is handed
Those burning thorns, shall......


Dypt inne i deg
Er en trone
Min trone
Jeg er demonen

Jeg foler ved din hud
Foler din hud
Jeg puster med din ande
Puster din ande

Hver en drape
Av deg
Stammer fra meg
Druknet i din hud
Din hud er et
Bur for meg

Dagen vil komme
Da jeg skal bryte ut
A knuse Jodekongen
Som vil kveles
I deres fredfulle oyne
Loyn !


My honest you my eyes wide open - fear
My honest you make me down in tears
You struggle me without a shame - no shame
You beat me down again and again

I see you - I see you tonight
I see you in Isegrimms garden

Used like a whore my body gets poor
You really make me sick - I gave you the kick
In northern snow my hate will grow
You'll never get my pardon - see you in Isegrimms garden

A heart of ice the skin of snow
I a clod world of hate I'll ever go
Infected of love I fail like a tree
Hate fool the eye the coldest god I see


He has gone into the sadness
Stay with the tears on lips
Empty rooms with partition
Lost in a world of shit
Desinfected floorstones shinning
Cold breath on your eye
Damned to nothing you are falling
Empty souls in empty cases

You feel bored into your own hell
Payed's the price for you
There's the border you have died in
Lost the lasting gane
Once you stay in age of boring
Stay so tight to you
He had lost, the darkness won
He is dead but life goes in

Once we stay in age of boring
Once we stay in tear
Expectation of his lost soul
We crawl on this world
Awaking in the guide through soulsides
The great emperor
He had lost, darkness won
He is dead but life goes on


What once was dreams came true
The gift of immortality
A punishment I learned
Time won't take its toll on me

I walk the endless path
Cursed to be the last
The horrid truth, eternal youth
Life's not even worth the salt in my tears

The sentinel won't let me in
Living was my darkest sin
Dust to dust, no last relief
Alone I have to bear the grief

Days turn to twilight
My bones are chilled by the breeze
Hacking my body, tearing my flesh
Wishing my heartbeats to sieze

As I cut the last vein open
So that finally my life will run out
I understand that the pain will be eternal
As my severed body rots in the sun

Spilling bowels on the ground
Still in flesh my soul is bound
A living corpse, what's left of me
To lie here bleeding for eternity


Relight my way up
Up to these power
In northern storm
Were getting strong

Through flames of ice
Handed on mighty storm I walk
Into the flames I rise

Through stones of fire
Drowned in mighty stream I walk
In fog and thunder I praise

Rising up to Vallhall
get the mightiest out of all
Rising up to the one- eyed

Through flames of ice
Watched by one-eyed father I walk
Into his hall I rise

Through stones of fire
Guarded by fathers arms I walk
In fog and thunder his son rises

Rising up to Vallhall
get the mightiest out of all
Rising up to the one-eyed


Kvister av aarenes godhet er knert
Hatet vokser seg stort og sterkt
Bildet av kvitekrist har rivnet
Fra blost av hedensk kraft

Flammer griper om seg
Ikke for tygghet, men som vaapen
Lenge har hedenske sjeler blitt demmet

Vinder fra nord skal igien blaase
Uten varme, men med kulde
Frosten skal igien dominere fjell og skog
Til pinsle for et kristenmanns hjerte

Igien skal vi vandre over hoeye fjell
Og gjennom skog der ulv fryktes
Med et og samme blod
Bundet av svartfolodet hat



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