Faust (ITA) : From Glory to Infinity

Death Technique / Italie
(2009 - Paragon Records)
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In the upper spheres,
Where the rotten reigns,
No cocks for skilled hookers,
Green flesh for grey purples
Find out the truth.
Faggot priests, anachronisms,
You will die, burnt by hate,
Closed within your golden gates,
You can sniff the expensive white snow,
Only unripe boys tight and pink holes,
Give you the pleasure for your old pricks now dried.
Thieves of souls, fucking you, worship the dog
Bloody scum, leading the sheep by holy lies
In my dreams anal desecration.

[Lead: Ghiulz]

How do you say to sin with children?
The source of earthly lust: pale altar boys
Yearning to smash your dirty and rotting heads.

[Lead: Aleister]

Blind to see, deaf to hear, blood, screams, tears...
Jerk off to her portrait,
And cum on her devout randy slutty face


The silence, tepidness, brothel of nuns
Sinuous moans coming from licentious cells
Bring peace and relief to this place of pain
His pain to be a eunuch in the sky.
Perverted sluts, your holy faith is to sin
Longing for pole, long radiant filaments flow
From your damp and rosy caves.
How many games these sttrange creatures can play,
Each part of their flesh is an hymn to impiety.
To pray, to dribble, no contrition, just lust.
Hands, feet and crosses fill up their twats
Convent means forge of pious whores

[Lead: Gghiulz, Aleister]

Perverted sluts, your downy skin is fading,
Volupiuousness, nothing of this real world,
Can be found after a mortal death.
Freshness of girl don't be humbled by belief
Swallow the white font of life,
Instead of bastard christ of blood.
To pray, the virgin bitch.
My vestal basin let you huge lips squirt,
Drown my soul in sin, with your female seed.


Horsewhip and wax, expiation comes
Rope and retractor, the lesson begins...
Mistress superior assembles the nuns
A bunch of slores, crawling it comes,
Collars replace veils on white naked skins,
Pain purge their souls, celestial pain.
Horsewhip caresses these sinful young beasts,
Buttocks for bites, nipples to pinch
Their wide spread cunts gush a flood of holiness,
Distilled humors into the chalice.

[Lead: Aleister]

Mistress superior exhausted to whip,
Slaughter is over, pigs will was done.
Puke, scat and squirt: elements of trinity
Pain purge my soul, infernal pain.


Wonderful orphan owner of these lands
Your parents death brought you up soon
Now you're a lady: the vigor of your mouth
Bearer of privileges, known by a multitude
Of withered dicks, of politicians and prelates.
Merciless malice, virtue of noble tart,
Effluvium of vice, blood in the urine,
Old bishops taste, refined sommeliers
Lustful purple deans, servants of a dog,
Lackeyes of a snatch, reject of mankind and time.
At your feet ethics and morality
Vile messengers of lies
Golden wine without sin so crystalline
Sprinkle my diabolical throat

[Lead: Aleister]


Mind completely dulled slave for love
Frail inferior being, rending and pathetic torments
Shame of the human race, erasing the christian weakness
Honor for flesh and blood
Turn your fucking and holy pain into burning hate.
Why cry for nothing?
No sorrow in me, suffer in vain, my soul is free
Dominated by blessed laws
Rot from within of niveous brains.
No more swords but words
Distorted realities for his supremacyy
Glorifying mercy and decency
Immolate yourself into eternal flames.
Lead: ghiulz, aleister
In falsity, morality, reapers of lambs, devout to serve...


Born, there's no place on earth where my mind can fly
Keepers of destinies: nothing must remain: icons of deceit
Nobody will pray for your souls...
Rage feed my hate, fear is my word,
Void after me, i am your end.
Please, baptize my glans, cherry forever is wet,
Her anus so deep.
Rage feed my hate, fear is my word,
Void after me, i am your end.
Scorn of deity, outrage divine, no more scum on this earth.
Disgusting crucifix, holy flesh mortified
By a graceful roman scourge fall into oblivion.

[Lead: Ghiulz]

Stay away from me
I don't want near to me a loser like yourself
My freedom is your worldly defeat,
Draw this michael's sword, dildo for your ass.
Hog, pleonastic life, precepts nailed to the cross
Deliver me from good
Embalmers of carnal beatitude.



[Lead: Ghiulz]
[Lead: Aleister]
[Lead: Ghiulz]
[Lead: Aleister]
[Lead: Ghiulz]
[Lead: Aleister]


It comes from the sky little plucked pigeon,
Delivering the annunciation
To a fucking bitch horny and in heat
Her pimp a joiner.
Calls off the marriage then the pigeon
Appears to him in dream.

[Lead: Aleister]

Don't worry dear jerk
The holy spirit screws her,
Be proud of this immaculate ride!
The only pregnant with hymen holy cum in holy ass,
King of scat, lor of all intestinal parasites,
Coming out she won't suffer
Already open wide.
His shithead breathes
The scat faith begins now
Disgusting turd
Bloomed from anal prolapses
Herod you lost
The chance to be a hero
To the end of time
Condemned to curse a piece of shit



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