Fate (DK) : Fate

Heavy Rock / Danemark
(1985 - MTM Music / Capitol Records)
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Streetlight, every night
I'm waiting out for you
Anticipating, it's such a shame
'Cos every night I'm standing there in vain
Again and again

I wanna love you
I wanna be the one tonight
I wanna feel you
But you put our love on the rox

Out of touch, it's too much
Tried every trick in the book
I sent you flowers and stuff to make you glad
All the other guys says : "That girl make you look so bad"
Baby, ain't that sad ?


Listen here, I'm talking to you
Our love used to be so good
I know I was a fool you know like once or twice
But that's all over, now it's time to break the ice
Baby, no more lies



Little Lucy from out of town
She was such a pretty little girl
She said "Hey daddy, you know something
I'm gonna be somebody in this world
I'm gonna make a fortune
I'm gonna be your pride"
But now she walks the streets every night

All night long

It's just another fallen angel
Who won't be coming home again
It's just another fallen angel
In the night
Who won't be coming home again

Johnny's almost fifteen
Just got kicked out of class
Hanging out on a corner
Trying to sell his ass
He's working for the money
Trying to kill the pain
You'll never see him cry
But there's holes in his veins
He's out tonight


Fallen angel
Fallen angel
Fallen angel


I've got a bottle of wine
I wanna share it with my girlfriend
Tonight is the night that never ends

You see I've just got paid
I'm gonna spend it on a good time
I think you know what's on my mind

Some people say that I am crazy
But that don't really bother me
'Cos I'm gonna rip it up
I'm gonna rip it up

I'm gonna rock'n'roll
All over this town
There's gonna be some action
Before I settle down

There is a party tonight
And the drinks are all on me
I've got this feeling, gonna let it free



It is the morning after
The final tragedy
Only few are left alive
To face the misery
The old men dropped the bomb
It's the same old song

[Chorus #1]
Victory, no surrender
There's no turning back
Only victory
That really matters
When everything is lost

Well, we've got presidents
Older than Earth itself
And the games they play
Might send us all to hell
It's their final Jack
A bullet in your back

[Chorus #2]
Victory, no surrender
There's no turning back
It's only victory
That really matters
When everything is lost

Will we make it ? Huh
Like a snowball's chance in hell

Do you want someone to blame ?
Or do you want the truth ?
'Cos those who hold the guns
Ain't that really me and you ?
That's what it's all about
Only one way out

[Chorus #2]

Victory, no surrender
Victory, gotta give 'em all you've got


Speeding up the engine
At the starting line
Fifteen cars waiting for the signs
The flag is up
Now the track is clear
I kick off in the first gear

Everybody race me
But no one's gonna pass me
They all try but I'm always on my own
In the danger zone

Pedal to the metal
And they're off my back
Round the curves
Nearly went off the track
Need a little fuel, "boys fill it up"
Gotta keep moving, I just can't stop


Going out on the last lap
Still in the lead
Total concentration
From my head to my feet
I'm a daredevil baby and I'm living in sin
I race them all and I always win


I need a little danger
Gimme gimme danger oh yeah


Here's a story that I'd like to tell
About this woman who's got me under a spell
She makes me feel like I've never felt
I just gotta buy what she's gotta sell

It's not that I need it but then again
She smiles at me and calls me her friend
And even though she makes me a wreck
I won't stop until she breaks my neck

She's got the devil inside
She's got the devil inside her heart
She's got the devil inside
She's got the devil inside her heart

Her love is sweet, sweeter than honey
So sweet I hardly think about the money
Howling like a wolf crawling on the floor
I'm wild as a tiger but she cuts off my claws

This affair is a sick romance
But you got to play the fiddler if you wanna dance
Here I am with a bleeding heart
I hand her my soul, she tears it apart

[Chorus] (Repeat chorus to fade)


here he comes, the rich man's son
In daddy's car with the radio on
He's got his eyes in the rearview mirror
he's got his eyes on you

I've noticed you are not yourself
It's like I'm talking to somebody else
Oh how I've been missing you
I don't know what to say or do

Don't walk away
Don't believe a word he says
He's an uptown boy
Baby, you're his downtown toy

Baby if I could only
Make you see that guy's a phony
My love is all that I can give
You thought it was all satin sheets

You winded up in his backseat
He left you standing
In the rain on the corner
But don't say I never warned you



Honey, I've been watching you
And I know you know I have
I think you got what I need
And I ain't all that bad
They way you walk
They way you talk
I can tell you wanna play
And I've been standing in the bar all night
Now I'm drunk enough to say

Do you want it
Do you need it
Do you feel it
Feel it too

I'm dizzy, I'm so goddamn dizzy
I stumble cross the floor
But I get up just to see
You're walking out the door
Hey little girl, won't you give me a chance
You've got everything to gain
You won't be sorry when the morning comes
'Cos then I go again


Do you want it - come and get it girl
Do you want it - I'm all yours
Do you want it - Oh la la
Do you want it - Come and take it girl


Housewife at thirtyfive
With a feeling she thought had died
She needs someone to talk to her
Two kids and a house to clean
But when it's done she changes the scene
The it's time to call the doctor
She wanna play catch me, catch me
If you can

I am, I am, I am her backdoor man

Little girl who's just been wed
Lying all night alone in bed
When the man is off to pay the bills
You know doing the dishes may be fun
But then again in the long run
She needs someone to give her thrills
She wanna play catch me, catch me
If you can


Suzi is the queen of the prom
But her boyfriend, Quarterback Tom,
He doesn't know it but he's into guys
And when the tears have gone
She needs someone to turn her on
Then she picks up the phone and sighs
"I wanna play catch me, catch me
If you can"



Sweet sweet mama
Here comes the sun
But that ain't gonna change a thing
'Cos I've got you in my sheets
And baby that's all I need
To make my rainy day
The radio is blasting
The blanket is too small
It's been like that for some time
But we don't care at all
I can see you're smiling
As I lie between your thighs
Light up a joint
Look into my eyes

We're hot so hot
I think we're so hot together
We're hot so hot
I think we're so hot together

Well, I used to go to school
To get my Ph.D
Studying all day
Drinking oriental tea
But then I met you at McDonald's
Baby you looked so good
You said "Do you wanna share a coke ?"
Babe you knew I would
And now


Now we're fooling around
All over town

I took you to the movies
But you took me back again
You said you wanted to have a party
Then you showed me all your friends
Someone got me up
And someone got me down
I want all the way spinning
Round and round and now


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