Eternity (GER) : Funeral Mass

Les paroles


(This is the last day of humanity for I come to destroy)

My eyes are lost in emptiness
Starring into the black silent darkness
I call the forces of chaos
For I am thy disciple
I conjure up the forces of death
For I am thy executioner

Under the endless nightsky
The bloodred moon above me
I swear, the irrevocable oath
(In) my blood, my soul and flesh
And I am the chosen one, to open the gates
To thy infernal dimensions.

Inside my flesh a burning pain
Like that which willburn my bones to ashes
Pounding thunder in my veins
My body is about to explode
The last and final examination
In honour of my oath

I am the new messiah of hell
The priest of massmurdering purity
I am the saviour of flesh
Thy purifier of this planet
Your funeral will be my new shrine
My new world will be your graveyard


I am
Since the creation of the universe
I am the darkness of night
I am in all
I am in the shadows behind the light

I am the will of 1000 powers
I am 1000 souls
I speak with the mouths of 1000 voices
I speak with 1000 tongues

I am 1000 blazing fires
All burn inside me
I am 1000 bestial demons
I am the pure unification of evil

I am the one within all
The one with 1000 names
I am the chaos of the cosmic order
I am the black nothing, the anti-life


A bloodfilled silver chalice,
Black candles on the shrine of darkness
We absolve the adoration of life
We absorb thy indisputable thuth
We'll extinguish the white saviour's countenance
From the face of the earth
We praise the name of the unholy one
The name of the horncrowed emperor

Profanation of light god's temple
Darkness wil prevail
Hysteria of the lambs
'Cause the mourningstar will arise

This is the end of god's existence
Heaven lays in ruins
The aeon of thy infernal legions
Is coming soon with determination
The bloodfeast is prepared
In the superior light of the burning house of god
The night of the bloody fullmoon
Proclaims the return of the horncrowed emperor

Like a storm amongst the leaves
He blows away their hope
Like a blazing fire amongst wood
He burns their dreams to ashes
Like the wolf amongst the sheep
He slaughters the virgins and the innocent
He drinks their blood and eat their flesh
His majesty, the horncrowed emperor


I'm alone
In a room without any light
A calling, a screaming far away
A confused reign of dancing voices
Feeding my insanity

I strangulate myself,
Masturbate for the last time
I feel the blood drying
On my hands, on my face
I remember all the things
I've done the hours before

There is the final liberating climax
And with my sperm I spit
My last piece of humanity
Hateful, in the face of the mankind

My final moment is near

I will leave this planet
The world, which was never mine
The gate opens, demons wait for me
I see whirls of fire and I know :
There is no return !

With bloody fingers I clench the trigger
The taste of weapon (is) on my lips
My hands don't tremble
The warm kiss of the muzzle

Proclaims my end
And with my blood, the gun paints, laughingly
A grotesque picture on the wall

This is my last journey
On the way to…
… Hell


Behind the walls of life
Behind the shadows
Behind the light
Behind the reality

Extinguish the mask of the spectacle
Extinguish the bodies
Extinguish existence
Extinguish life

Gone by one's own hands
Gone in hatred
Gone with rejection of life
Gone with the rejection of mankind

The essence of hatred
The essence negability
The essence of rejection
Th essence of all morbidity

The wall is crumbling
The wall will break
The will to flood the world
When all the hate boils over

A thousand banquished minds
Fused to one mass of antilife
And mankind will suffer for eternity
Under the reign of the tortured souls


Inside a burning circle…
… Triangles of blood
About the baphomet
The ritual - the way of pain
To eternal wisdom

Iron hooks penetrate my skin
Blades of steel cut my flesh
Open my veins slowly

I've no control
The order of pain
I lose myself
I brift away

More than just a sacrifice
The key to the gate of knowledge
Into the infernal kingdom

Pounding thunder from the abyss
Shadows dancing in my mind
I see the eternal fires of hell

My life is gone - I'm born again


From the pain of a lifeless past
Stiff and cold with freezing breath
Embrace me without any hope
I can feel the wings of death

As I step into the unknown
I behold the dreadful horns
And my sight clears now
In dimensions of pale thorns

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