Doomed And Disgusting : Satan's Nightmare

Doom Metal / Australia
(2005 - Battlegod Productions)



We want your soul...
We want your soul...
We want your soul...
We want your soul...
We want your soul...

Give me your soul...
Give me your soul...
Give me your soul...

We want your soul !


In the name of the father and of the sun and the holy ghost
Scripts of blaspheme it's only a dream that you're a holy mortal
You think you're blessed but only posessed praise praising death
Our fathers who aren't in heaven hallow be thy name
Hail the beast disguised the priest deceiving all the nations
Subtle he chooses in the abyss he looses paying for his blasphemy
In the name of the evil and of the mental and of the unholy ghosts


I hate love and I love hate
My mind controls over human fate
Steeing destiny into my command
Candles are burning at the altars we stand
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
If Gods won't have you my temples must
Welcome to my Torture Chamber
Life drags on in my torture chamber
Slowly dying in my torture Chamber
Nails shall squeek as I exit my coffin
Hinges will crack as I exit my vault
The old gates will smash as I leave the graveyard,
Candles are lit as I enter my chamber
Hear more evil, see more evil
Speak more evil, feel more evil
Welcome to my torture
Life drags on and on in my torture chamber
Slowly drifting away in my torture chamber
Spikes are sharpened on the Iron Maiden
Chains are tightened
On the dirty old rack
Voltage is added to the electric coffin
Let me out, let me out of here.


Sinister sorcery wicked oblivion, sinister science eyes of amphibian
A call from the grave a spirit to save afterlife voodoo spell of the zulu
Voodoo witch will send you to hell gothic castle and torturous cave
Abra cadabra spell of the dead gothic witch will cut out your head
Eat my body suck my blood take this bread and be mislead
Enter the chambers enter her kingdom enter her castle of torturous oblivion
Don't melt the wax of the vicious dolls remove the hairs and put them in fire
Don't suck the blood of Dracula or play
Where zombies lay far away in a manger


We are just skeletons with a coat of flesh
We drip blood when our souls are congealed
We pray for darkness and the horror we feel
Give me your hand and I'll rip out your soul
I am the evil one, you are with god
Scared of the devil
Hell is like heaven
I am the evil one, show me your god
The devil was just an angel who was kicked out of heaven
Give me your prayer and I'll show you my wisdom
Wisdom for me is horror for you
May the blood of the rat be the blood of your soul
Dripping away into horrid infinity


Fire and flames and funeral games undertaking the undertaker
Killing of kings in chaotic kingdom stand in my way and you will have war to pay
Frigtened to sleep or look out your window
Crying in fright afraid of the night
Witches and wizards burn at the stake
Kings in castles fry up in flames
To slay is to carve, to carve is to halve
Cut of a head and another one dead
Vicious attack a knife in the back, a heart for an eye a soul for a tooth
Devils dirty work is in my hands, you'll be much safer in your coffin
Oh blood thirsty I'm blood vicious


Suck my blood suck my blood
This is your life in this evil world
Reptile instinct enters your soul
Free my mind and suck my blood
Unleash the vampire from the living dead
This is your life in this wholesome fucked up planet
Bending your mind dispensing your soul
Free my mind and suck my blood
Unleash the vampire from the bloody living dead
I have 3 personalities and 1 is evil
Another one is mental and the other one fucked


Midnight dead of night, fearsomes no longer there
Evil paranoia creeps upon you, bow down and say your prayers
Afraid of the dead, you are only misled, by demons who come to torment you
Frightened to sleep, astral travel will creep journey beyond reality

Masturbating over the thought of some bitch who possess a witch
Lust will always disturb you, the semen you spill is the being you've killed
Has this child my fate, has this child any spirit?


From the creators of God and Satan
Comes Doomed and disgusting


Remember the old days of singing in the graveyard
Over the hills and far away
Singing with the dead, dancing for the zombies
Oh what joy we had those days
A bonfires lit and a crucifix is burning
Chanting is channelled thunders on its way
Bats are squeeling rain comes pouring
Head for the vaults till the very next day
I inherited my first ouija board
When I was age of 7 we took it to the graveyard
And sat it on a stone
We summoned up the spirits who scared away the demons
The ouija board was burnt on a certain later day
A witch once told me to never play with life
A wizard once said to stay away from flames
And the Voodoo doctor told me don't put the dead in torment
I used to be afraid of ghosts

But now I'm one myself !


We want your soul...
We want your soul...
We want your soul...

I was born in fire
And baptized in fire
I of need hope to gather
Summon the dead
And we want your soul
Keep away from my mind

I am the world domination

We summoned the dead
We summoned the dead
We are in your mind
We want your soul
We want your soul

Sinister sorcery wicked oblivion
Sinister science eyes of amphibian
A call from the grave a spirit to save
Afterlife voodoo spell of the zulu

This is the end
This is the end
This is the end
There is no escape

;歌词由 添加 Chrisalice - 修改此歌词