Division Alpha : Fazium One

Cyber Metal / France
(2000 - Holy Records)
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Erase my software /
Stop my virtual way of life .
Disarm my cybernetic behaviour .
You should disconnect me -
Any longer a machine .
I recut faster .
I think further .
You're no more my master /
Erase my software /
Eye never closed - Perspective - DOMINATION

I know who you are -
What you do -
Where you go -
Absolute network ...

You should disconnect me ;
My thoughts could be yours -
Your hands could be mine -
You should destroy me !!

Erase my software /
Eye never closed - Perspective - DOMINATION


Jailed emotions .
My conception irritates .
Restrained emotions .
Institution chlorinates .

Forsaken ideas .
I try not to ignore them .
But conviction failed .
Freedom seems to be a disease ...

Walking through their corridors
My magnetism interferes .
Tension straighs my body .
Psykron refused me .

Access denied ...

Nails under my feet .
I'll soon fall .
Absolute therapy .
Unable to overcome .

I could stay ignorant .
As my father was before .
Generation : insignificant .
I could take up the challenge .

The weight of their rules
Crushes all contestations .
Psykron : insidious !
Am I from this world .

Access denied ... ...


Cold heart faded to cold mind .
How much longer till I hit the ground .
My wasted life drawned in your past .
An angel took you fast .

Pure images facing my eyes .
Your cold smile leads my sweety fingers .
Now from all my sorrow .
The half will be healed tomorrow .

As I Press to Regress

Past faded to positive emotions ...
Electro-sensations neutralize my pain .
Sensorial information run through my nerves .
Ordering system emanating from my thumb ...

Process works slowly .
Fluids run deeply .
The cure marches on .
From my trembling thumb

As I press to progress .
Electro positive reactions .
As I press to disarm .
My pain is gone .

As I Press to Regress

The process is done .


I have to run for my life .
Looking forward drawning in dark .
Hidden in the mas .
Blue lights turning around .
Something happening I can't disappear .

Oh yes, my body guides them
Nails in my eyes !!
Pain in my head ?!
Those fucking lights approach rapidly ...

Target under control

Slowly creeping .
I turn back .
I am now walking ...
They now see me .
I know they won't do that .
Why couldn't I resist ?
Somebody else is in me !?

They won't do that !
Is it really forbidden ?

Target under control


Coming to an end .
The best it could happen .
One. Two needles in my brain .
This travel colors my life .
So I betray its sobriety
... My revulsed eyes ..
My trembling lips invoke my own master .

Stop searching harder thing !!
Psykron incites me .

I'm still stronger. Cause my world is better .
Now glow slides through my spinal chords .

Those needles inject the rest of my world .
Black turns to white... Hell turns to heaven ...

Stop searching harder thing !!
Psykron rejects me .

Let me fly into my paradise .


Things won't change .
I can't decide .
Connexion through my brain .
Operating system in order .

Hell for this !!
Fucking connexion procedure .
Life's not mine .
Stop reading my thoughts ..!

From each second .
Impulsions ask me to walk ...
Signals order me to sleep .
Hell for you !!

Fingers on my face .
Is it my will ?
Trembling hands I can't control .

What is the mission ?
Am I the one ?
A tool for prevention ?
A tool... Things go wrong ...

But primordially alive .
All should be great ..!
No mission : Signal zero ...
Life's really mine !


Winter has just passed .
The sky fades to red .
The time cycle turns slowly .
Bringing once again psychosis .

Aggravation of my skin .
The suns appear and hit
Behind the clouds .
My arms start burning and itching .

Depravation of mankind ;
It'll be my last summer .
Spring has just come
Yet my arms burn me atrociously !!!

The half of the mass will go this summer .
There's a perfect serial killer above us ...

We just can wait and pray ...

8. TO US

From twisted emotions
To infected thoughts .
We all suffocate ...

Pieces of feelings
Pieces of you .
Loneliness freezes our rights .
Shall we arise ?..

Abbysal grey wastes us .
Hope is now a tragedy .
Buried deep in Psykron's ground .
Life runs black as thy wrote it .

"I'm scared of you ."
My sister told me .
What have you become ?
No one knows me anymore .

from them to us
The fazium I has begun .
Shall we all abort ?
Plasticised cells all over us .

Shall we kill us immediatly ?
The prototype ten wants to live .


Sirens of light creep and slide
Singing legends by my ear .
Calling them as a xhild .
They fade and disappear .

Ghosts in my mirror .
As I saw them yhe day before .
I used to talk with them .
We used to think the same .

Dancing eternally wih my idols .
Bursting normality .
You should taste my pleasure .

Deviance imminent

Dirty blood
Polluates you .
The demonic medicine
Suits you better .
Reverse events
Try this cure .

Killing sobriety, spoiling morality .
Be my idol, be the one I deify .
We'll soon dance together .

Deviance imminent

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