Distorted Force : A Dead Man's Dream

Progressive Metal / Greece
(2011 - Self-Released)





What about now?
Where are we going so fast?
Why anything I hold can’t last?
And burns to dust?

Hided stars
That never did heal
A touch from old seas
Revive these cold years

Moveless, unforced
My questions unsolved
My sounds undone
Inspired uncrowned

When we were born
We were a grain
Crushed on a wall
That we ve torn away

But then we ve crawled
Through our own blames
We didn’t know
The smell of our own pain

The time that daylight
Leave its last breath
We re lost in dark clouds
Witch still smells like death

Our mental flame
On melodies spill
Last kiss sink in
Becomes his dead dream

They re staring at you
But you fake them blind
You hold tight your dreams
That fade out with time

Lying your body
No more warm the ground
You re trying to scream out
You can’t make a sound

Reflection and dead ours
Can’t manage to roll
At night we re flying
With dawn light we fall

Forgotten cries
That I kept inside
What if they re dead
They re still mine

What about now?
Where are we going so fast?
Why anything I hold can’t last?
And burns to dust?


Like a snake that crawls alone
Like the sun’s death in the dawn
An image that once was mine
Runs through ashes and through time

To find another shape to feel complete
And I m still roaming in your streets
Candlelight’s are burning still
Once again I can not bleed

I have lost the sense of need
I have no more dreams to feed
Nothing else in my head to throw
Emptiness is a sinking soul

And as the dream is getting closer on me
I feel like a bird that is setting free
Like a snake that roams alone
I still haven’t find a place to call it home

Feelings just wind away
Like papers in the dawning sky
The place I had grown up
Hides a secret pain inside

Behind the mountains
Raining fiddlers and traditional fests
Teheran’s water
In an every night pray for the life of the west

Life is a falling feather
Felt off from a sparrow’s wing
Blowing with the existence fever
Till you will fall asleep


Joanna holds a concept
And hardly stands
Fading away and still she leds
She knows she never got the chance

Joanna I will try confess
My hidden teardrops, my godlessness
And I’m band forever in dark steps

Joanna I hope you ll make a sense
A lost emotion that melts my depth
After our overdosed mixed heads

Joanna digged a grave
Deep in her heart
But our oceans won’t keep us apart
And all wet skies now seem so flat

Joanna once again
You ve left your stain
Catch your soul that cries like rain
And then be sure you ll fall astray

Joanna says she d like no longer stay
Then she gives me all types of rush
And says my life’s a grain
Getting smaller day by day

Then she crawls over dark frames
I doubt if she ever felt guilty
When she stormed
From her own game

She thinks she has so many clouds
They ll help to her way back home
And then she runs to find a sanctuary
And she instantly looks at me

I got burned by her dark shine
Gets more shinny in the night
Gets more shinny when she crawls
She broke down her mental walls

And I m still wasting time
And my eyes go wet
I stand and watch them born
But I ll find a hole in time to feel
The pain of storm

Suddenly we‘ve ran out of red
We ve ran out of rage
At least she managed to fly away
And then turn the fucking page


Expressed colors lose their light
They die by our first sight
But they live a hole in time
They live stains of darkened shine

Doesn’t mean they don’t exist
They keep spill our soul with mist
Disobeyed and yet released
Disordered and yet resist

Concept of all is rise and fall
There is no river that won’t flow
Pre-phased genetic way of life
System’s result for all mankind

Divide, confide, restore of rage
And then you’ll fall astray from grace
You crawl in roads they’ve built for rush
You know that time is rolling fast

We re leaded
All that I have learned so far
Are not the ones that helped me standing

See the flames of blinding lines
Paling my insides
Our final determents
Take over and black
My whole world and dark my skies

Smoke still miss from my lungs
Then slip through just dethroned forms
Consuming all I am
Be filthed from pain of end

Essence is drawing down
Some tears were fueled by sounds
Did you know mother
I’m fragile as hell
And now all I want
Is be embraced from your hands?


Faith becomes obliterated
In holes of hidden psalms above
Floating spines through blood shot tears
Voices, tranquil, sinking low

Penetrating my condition
Smoke still darks my inside worlds
Hopes can’t color my oblivion
Grief born through oppressive stones

Feel my mental cancer growing
Forlorn moments transience life
Lead us to unequal dream drops
Been restrained from deep scratched lies

All my sights have been corrupted
Fettered essence cracks me down
Mesmerized ethereal oceans
Overwhelm delusional sounds

Seed oration to your desert
Enslave your dimorphic eyes
Solitude a moonlit orchid
Rape her soul and eat her cries

Pressure quakes my untouched calmness
Distance from my brighter side
No more palms to measure frightens
Crushing inside, run and hide

Revive wither, blacking spirits
Then pretend you paint them all
Whisper secrets at her tombstone
Frosted coffins never warm

Closed in wombs of dungeon’s silence
Burn the color of your waves
Sway damnation, fallen angels
Iridescent wasting prays

Desecrated be our graveyards
Insects walking, eat our flesh
Round our heads like rotted nimbus
Nesting at our move less chest

Sleepless we will wait sedately
Taste of Hades, invade our soul
From the bottom of our nightmares
We will make our way back home

Forty days I‘ve float this river
Suddenly it’s not so cold
Be born to the sanctuary
In the hands of second son

Seem so placid, seem so peaceful
And our lungs start fill with air
Like a flower our eyes open
Strange new strength breaks in our hands

As their lines are getting closer
Sky starts bleeding, turns to red
Clench of fist, crescent of heartbeat
Soon the first of them will burn

Silk dressed morphs stream golden razors
Veil of clouds embrace the field
Cumbrous mazes move serpently
For their loss won’t spilled a tear

Countless demons shape formation
We march on with rags for flags
Both two sides destined to bash out
Derelicted by their gods

As the first lines collide over
They form one enormous pit
Skulls and gobbets smashing downwards
One more soul we fight to win

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