Dissenter (PL) : Contamination





Crowded shadows of the night
Looking at a silent figure
Swimming among the bodies
Marked by the spectre of light

Blasphemy of the bloody sacrament
Flowing from the baby's head
Forcing the way to his mind
Trough the empty eyeholes

Black raindrops
Washing off the world's suffering
Tired of the burden
News about the dawn

Cemeteries silent because
Of the plague
Hiding the mystery of
The resurrection
In the cold ground
Shut in the freezing coffin

Quiet plague of the night
Have finished the angry laugh
Penetrating contorted faces
Frozen in the nothingness

The holy murder
Of the innocent mankind
Proud to be the lords of the world
Worshipped for destroying
The world's knowledge
Helpless in their self admiration


Shadows of the fiery beast
Cover the marching legions
Of soldiers with raised wings
And burning crosses on flags

Flames on the raised swords
The proud sight of the unholy ones
Armies of the immortal brothers
Standing against each other

Half-closed eyes are hiding
The abyss that bleeds with blackness
Bastards with faded wings
Born from unhuman thoughts


A blood diluted with a morning rain
A flowing river of immortal veins
Wrapped brain of a holy creature
Unware some passion of ordinary death

Born fallen angels
With slashing wings
Are screaming on the hill
Doomed for life

In flames of hate
A melting breath
Of bastards thrown from heaven

Unholy souls are waiting
For an unspoken spell
Determine new order
Raping traditional reality

Sing detected in a stone
Whirling beams of sparks
Around of a mute scream
Betrayed deceased creatures

Time of contempt for a weak human being
Burning flags of armies of the selected
Bodies overgrowed of a flesh are waiting
For a final escape from madness


Tears of despair
Washing mudding face
Bore for suffering
A glare fades in pupils
A fear's destroyed a hope
Obtrusives it's will
Sorrows too fresh
To revive the forgiveness

Hear the scream of black birds
Dancing high in heaven
Burnt earth accept bones
Of incompetent children

The wind spreads a pessimism
For last strays
Looking for the heritage
In the land of shadows

Smiles of vain angels
Pull the painful betrayal
The hateful voice
Spills hopeless
Hot lava of the curse
Flows from the destiny
On ashes of the deceased
The wisdom sows it's grains


Closed inside the cave
Too small and too dark
To feel the world entirely
I tightly hold my treasure
I remember a weak flame
I pray not to forget it
I'll write its name on the wall
I'll keep it here forever

I won't cross this bridge
Of consciousness
I'll stay in my humid cave
I watching the lost angel of death
In my own rotten cell of life

I saw a strolling angel
In my cell of life
I saw crimes on the children
Rest on his neck
When i'm on the other side
Pain rips me again
Someone tells me lies
Pulling into his reality


In streams of a cemetery rain
I dig a grave of truth
With uncertainty
Shadows of trees farewell a peace
On the earth of ashes and memories

I'm leaving tired booking at a distance
In my eyes gather clusters of hate
Standing on the edge
Of reality i'm falling
Maybe on the bottom
I'll meet kindred spirits

Path of death doesn't go by
On canvas smearing of blood
Someone is waiting for me
Bored of continuous dreams

Smearing with mud of the past
With difficulties I raise my hope
Thoughts contaminated
With innocent lies
Stay in the eternal suffering


Crowds push aside
Bloody regal gowns
Dead holes look in heaven
Eternal despair of the world

I rinse my hands
Filthy of the sight
That brings death
Guilty is the only one

Burning halos
Absorb me again
Bloody water
Dries on my palms

Endless silence
In a sanctuary
Of no thoughts
A heavy breath is leading

I can see innocent thoughts
Struggle in a satin loop
Fear and hatred for a human being
Created for his similarity

Silent, hidden among the boughs
A forgotten bastion of imagination
I wait for a coming dawn
Which will welcome drops of life

A fiery sword shows in the distance
Slowly falling off dirty feathers
When in heaven an omnipotent
Angel called his brother "Satan"


Minds broken by a plague
Transmit by rotten thoughts
Grown deeply in souls
And bodies of prophets

The world has aged.
Overgrown by the black smoke
Burning on crosses
Pieces of the bad flesh
Crestfallen by chosen ones
Worshiping hideous gods
Abusing the lying down
In a soil of a dead moon

By gospel of hate and the betrayal
Make golden temples of vanity
Licking sins the anger burning inside me
A bitter curse crushes shreds of truth

False prophets sacrifice
The truth about the days
Of the primeval holiness
I will not let
To my entrails
Their triumphal hymns
Old age will hunt me down
And the death will heal me

Sadden by the sight of the bloody hate
I'm looking at faces of sick confessors
In skies fire burning forages
In the clay history turns to ashes


A misty sight of reality
I stand over the shadow
Obtrusive thought crawls
Unwanted consciousness returns

I take off my reward
From a bony stand
A dirt of death
Burned a whim of pain

Gloomy trophies of humanity
I wait for the night
I put on a velvet skin
My face feels warm

Voices slowly fall silent
The calm envelopes reality
Darkness come
Out from a mirror
Reveals the remembered image

The flash on the eye
Torn by nightmares
The scream flows from tissues
Torn by pain

I stare at the dying mankind
The dead mankind

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