Dew-Scented : Inwards

Thrash Death / Allemagne
(2002 - Nuclear Blast)
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1. Bitter Conflict

Inner decay divine for all
Abysmal pain sleep under the skin
A fatal endless maze of shame
Is killing pride in self annihilation

Look in my eyes
Remnants of lust
Join the bitter conflict now

Feeding on anger
Beholding the cries of dismay
In a bitter conflict

Come on...
Arise, stand strong
Disciples of the fall
A living lust of war inside
For all is set to end for all
We are sworn to fuckin' live through and prevail

A force-fed suffering
To embrace your private agony
As just another casualty
While I show you we are all servants of fear

Feeding on anger
Beholding the cries of dismay
Unconditional hate eternal

A force-fed suffering
To embrace your private agony
As just another casualty
While I show you we are all servants of fear

2. Unconditional

Aright retribution of thoughts
The strongest pain is fine to me

Criminal desire
Addictive acts of mind control
Internal pain
The unconditional retreat

Eternal cycles of power
Feed on the weakness of the mass
Beneficial rapture
A saint in the name of decadence
Impending doom
The unconditional retreat awaits

A new world order
But still the same
"What does not kill you"
"Just makes you stronger"
And it does!

Stand still, you suckers, now
This punishment is for you

New world order!

False perception of sense
Witnessing your fall

3. Life Ending Path

Maze of desecration
Final tension of the fall
Criminal euphoria

Restless labyrinth-hell
Retribution welcome
Welcome to the life ending path

Come Die
Sacrificial Ecstasy

Servant of the self
Fully engraved with living scars
Dead and dreaming
Empty Inside

Road less traveled
Distant worlds of harmony
Repent no further
Step into the life ending path
Mutilation of souls
Compulsion to be free
Life ending path
Mutilation of souls
Celebrating mass insanity

Life ending path

4. Inwards

I've tried it twice but all in vain
I've seen it come but far too late
Sometimes it's easier to swallow pain as pain

A bitter soul in shades

Unbroken chains
Again and again

This fear I can not hide
It's inside

Here I go again with blinded sight
Into my universe of time
Inner higher praise of spiritual decay
Terminal state of confusion
Yes, I know, I'm hard to penetrate

I won't complain
It's my own perception
And I need to fucking lie for one more day...

5. Blueprints Of Hate

Witness the blueprints of hate

Weeding out the hope forlorn
Following a stronger will in vain
Self indulgence

Agony forever more
Forsaken spite, the final thrill
Another blessing in disguise

Bastard nation
I fucking have the need to hate
Into despite, out of control

Mercenary venture blast
In to despite control

Hypocrisy in-tolerance
All ways go down
Go down
Come here to face me
Displaying the anger
The blueprints of hate

These are blueprints of hate
I'm sworn to resist in a world full of lie
These are blueprints of hate
I'm sworn to resist in a world full of lie

World of lie
So full of agony inside
Releasing these blueprints of hate
Full Of Lie

6. Locked In Motion

You mindless sinners
Hopeless souls of black
Scream forth
In pains
Soon to be locked in motion

Falling away from the self
Into the empty rooms of death
Finding what you deserve
Feel free to enjoy your last breath
Lack of choice, in a trap
You hit the final dead end path
And you won't move coz you can't see
it's a constant killing pain inside

Locked in motion
Some wounds are just never meant to heal

You are locked in motion
And I'm here to watch you fade away

At loss of words you lie
There is no turning back
No remorse
And i won't take the fucking blame

Locked in motion

7. Degeneration

Emerging from loss
Through spheres of downfall divine
In a all-dead dimension
Embers of anger
Revolting passion from inside
This is the art of mutilation

So gently unleashed

Escaping the maze
In cries of uncreation
With an all-killing lust
The sounds of chaos
Whisper in pains your final words
This is the curse of mankind

So sweetly devoured

Inside my head


8. Terminal Mindstrip

Thrive mental genocide
Obscure the thoughts
As worlds collide in doubt
Hide in the shadow of the mass

In-different sense
Slave to digital disease

The evolution discharge
Relentless force
I'm in a world of no control
A system bound to drop dead

Dependent soul
Slave to digital disease

Great endless fear
The power of the inner word
Never to comprehend
It's all within your mind
Vortex of emotions
Surrounded by the plague
Technology of murder
Survival reaction in a terminal mindstrip

Terminal mindstrip
Soul in decay
Terminal mindstrip
Survival reaction in a terminal mindstrip

In-different sense
A slave to destiny

9. Feeling Not

Terminal desire of thoughts
Overcome my destiny
I got the vibes of pain
Emotional dementia
I've found the thrill of the discontent

I bleed no longer
I'm through
This solitude was made for you

Misery enthroned by defeat
in a poverty of expression
I reject this anxiety
Wastelands from inside
I'm longing to be feeling not

I'm standing at the edge of the abyss
Your false remorse means shit to me
Feeling not

Longing to be feeling not
Your decay means shit to me
Feeling not

10. Reprisal

No remorse, no tolerance
I felt you spit on my back
The time has come to take revenge
And put an end to this fraud

I can take no more excuses
I saw you lie in my face
I'm here to get you a rightful payback
Full-on reprisal at last

Watch out
I show no mercy
I just reject this pain
I won't step back no more

Here it comes

I feed on anger
No more regrets
Get your shit out of my fuckin' way

I feel the rage
The taste of fist
Here it comes my violent reprisal

Watch out
I show no mercy
I just reject this pain
I won't step back no more
There is no hiding
I bet you won't forget this

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