Devildriver : Winter Kills

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In these depths of desperate despair,
We bring down judgment from the sky with prayers!
I drank till the waters turned whiskey rye,
I drank till the waters run dry!
Don't be the one to come knocking at my door,
Hell no, I won't pick you up off the floor!
Don't come here with blood in your filthy mouth,
I wasn't there when the deal went south!

You sold me out
I sold myself in,
I picked up the claw!
You dealt me out,
I dealt myself in!
And love in NOT the law!
Not the law!

Black moon
The omen is here!
Darkness looms!
There's fear the end
Could come too soon,
Pale as a ghost,
What you see?
What you know?
Time to enlist...
The Oath of the Abyss!

Fuck your rapture, can't you see it's never coming!
So better watch where you place the blame, place the blame!
You left me on the inside scarred!
You're digging up the corpses, digging up graves!
Don't' be the one to come knocking at my door!
Hell no, I won't pick you up off the floor!
Don't come here with blood in your filthy mouth,
I wasn't there when the deal went south!

Take the Oath, the Oath of the Abyss
Take the Oath, it's time to enlist!

Time to enlist!


Dealer of destruction
The Shogun of sorrow
The merchant of doom
Accomplice to anyone

The fact is fear will fuck you up
So drain your cup
And take another down
A chilling portrait of the way we were
Promised mercy, but delivered destruction

Cross my heart
Despite the odds and all your facades
I’m consumed by gods
I’ll see you in blood, left for dead
Face down in mud, fuck you I’m ruthless
Despite the odds, left for dead
Face in the mud I’m fucking ruthless

Damn the deceiver, the ancient of evils
You’ll come to cower
In front of the will for power

Look what you’ve done to me
Now with candle light I pray
Love is not the law
Underneath the harvest moon

The dealer of destruction
The Shogun of sorrow
The merchant of doom
Accomplice to anyone


Holy water won’t help you now
Here I lie, when it promised me death
On my last breath!
So show some backbone.

Keep a bad dog with you and the others won’t bite!
Damn what’s done
It’s been done already
Keep it steady!
Here I come and hell is coming with me!
Heart is black body is blue,
Nights I’ve empathized drowning with you!
You raise up!
My cup!
Defeat does not exist!

Desperate times
Call for desperate measures.
Go ahead and pour that gasoline!
Desperate times
Call for desperate measures.
Nothing’s certain but the unforeseen
If you think I’ll bend.
You’re sadly mistake!
Desperate times
Call for desperate measures!

Because I could not stop for death
It kindly stopped for me!
The carnage held but just ourselves
Alongside rode immortality…
You tend to choose your poison,
Here I lie when it promised me death on my last breath!

Defeat does not exist!
Desperate times
Call for desperate measures.


This is haunted!
Go ahead build it off my back it’s a fact!
Without this ladder there’s no heaven for you!
I don’t rest.. I don’t sleep…
Without one eye open!
Don’t regret, never forget, this is just unspoken!
Distance and time,
There’s an ocean so wide and I just can’t relate to you!
Distance and time, there’s a canyon so wide,
I’m watching you die on the wine it’s true!
You’ll get what’s owed to you!
All around us know this is true!
Left behind, enjoy the view,

This is haunted!
You’ll change, rearrange, you’ll try.
But you’re living a lie, and I’m… a non-believer!

Mark my words.
There’ll be a change in the guard!
There’s frost on the sill
So now winter kills!
Keep this in mind,
While you’re waiting for next time,
There’s frost on the sill
So now winter kills!

Staring down straight conviction!
It’s a new religion!
I see your half ass life!
Better watch your back at night!

I could starve you till your heat aches…
Get to clawing, separate bones till they break.
Split your skull just for fun,
Not run, but stay there till the job is done!
Till the job is done!
Split your skull just for…
Separate bones, alone you mourn, to separate bones!

Shrouded in darkness, a chill in the air.
The heavens freeze over. Winter kills!
I can separate bones till they break!


Eyes on fire on you
Your presence in a violation!
Leave now or it’s annihilation!
It’s best for both parties
If we just part!
Eyes on fire on you!
Take it with a grain of salt
Take it to the limit
Take the world by storm,
Keep your head in it!
Take the gloves off,
Take your life in your hands!
Eyes on fire on you!
Live for the day…
No one promised tomorrow anyway…
Gotta keep the dogs at bay!
Keep the dogs at bay!

Do you have the appetite!
The expectations to suffice!?
Your cups of sorrow filled with spite!
I’m begging, I’m Begging, I’m begging you!

Don’t dwell it’s my burden to bare!
Fall time season it’s in the air!
It’s best for both parties
If we just part!

Do you..
Do you have..
Do you have the appetite...!?
Do you have my eyes on fire on you!

Don’t wish your life away!
If you think I give a fuck!
Better think again, good luck!
Disconnected, disconnect you!
Eyes on fire on you!
If you think I give a fuck you better think again, good luck
Disconnected, disconnect you!


Take it back, you better take it back!
Fall time season you’ve got darken hearts across the veil
So dim the bright lights.
Damned if you do,
Damned if you don’t
Don’t rest or you’ll give up your nine lives.

Burning bright between the wastes and the stars.
No matter how you call it,
You’ve never done me a solid.
You mind is weaker,
So you fell hook line and sinker.
It’s a mess, I don’t know what to call it.
There must be some kind of compromise.
Take it back!
Confused, conflicted, justified.
Better burn then turn choose your allies.
Heavy is the cost,
Don’t speak of love that’s lost.
In my eyes you’re a sacrifice.
Hell bent on the outcome of the dice.
GUTTED, Fucking Gutted! You’re gutted!

Death smiled.
Covered up your past.
So you do your best not to flaunt it, BITCH!
There’s nothing left but broken dreams and it seems
That’s the way you want it.

Gutted, You’re gutted!

Take it back you better…
Take it back
Take it.


I’ve been stiffed! One more fix!
How’d it come to this?!
Seen you past, felt your sins,
It’s death for the dead!

Watch your step, take the reigns,
And fill your veins tonight.. fill it!
Full of the evening!
Keep the flame, earn your name.
Try to escape, all the hell that is coming your way!
Self- assured, there’s no cure, lost what you had, all so sad!
And I can’t do anything!

All the dreams of youth, the regrets of maturity,
All the angels wept, at the loss of eternity, Eternity!
I’ve been stiffed one more fix, how’d it come to this?

Your desperate attempts won’t last.
While you try to purify the past,
It’s all just curses & epitaphs!

Watch you step, take the reigns,
Of this hurricane!
Let’s feel the cyclone, with all of this rage!
I’m so far gone.
Never mourn, lost what you had,
You’re so far gone, and I can’t do anything!

The days are long,
The nights are longer!

I spend my time, build a heart of armour!
I’m even stronger! Just hold on longer!
Now I’m even stronger!


Doomed from the start it broke my heart!
Demented thoughts eclipsing time…
Now that part of me is cast aside
So long, goodbye, It’s conquer and divide.

She wears her horns just like a sacred crown…
There’s no current strong enough to even hold her down..
All I ask of you is fucking where you’ve been?!
No doubt out hiding the bodies again, again!
Every time I ask you what’s up,
I’m constantly, constantly under cut!

Born to Burn
Say what You will
Its taking its toll
You’re Caring’s Overkill
Born to Burn
Say what You will
Its taking its toll
You’re Caring’s Overkill
You’re Caring’s Overkill
Watched it Slip Downhill

Sometimes it takes a good fall, all in all
To know exactly where you stand!
You’re hanging from the skin of your teeth
So do just what you can!

My ears can’t believe what they cannot hear,
My eyes are blinded from what they cannot see,
It drags me down, drags me down!
My burden to bare, nothing matters but the rain,
these pills that eventually keep me sane.
The pain I feel the battles won,
Phoenix wings embrace the sun!

Your caring is… Your caring is... Overkill!


All you heard was the cry of the crone.
Those words bite and leave scars.
Even now the temple awaits you

Those thoughts won’t take you far.
You’re no good so others scatter
Turn your back to others laughter
Between the pillars it’s all misfortune.
Under the guise, in the name of Luna
Get a life.
I can’t get a word in edgewise.
Give me a hand, give it a rest.
Now you criticize, all bets are off.

Gimme the might,
Gimmie the inside insight.
Tell me the right way to ignite this night.
I see your memory in every face.
It’s just a haunting refrain.

When the screams all have the same name.
Disconnected, you fall to you name.
Between the pillars its’ all misfortune.
Under the guise, in the name of Luna
Tried to persuade me that all of my troubles were blessings,
And tried to persuade me that all of my blessings were trouble.
Trouble, goddamn trouble!

A haunting refrain,
A haunting refrain.


He who hesitates is lost, against the grain, no matter the ocst.
Many hands make light work
You’ll get cut short with my words!
In the end you know a pilot in the storm,
Hope you die well
Its fucking farewell.
The chip on your shoulder looks heavy as Hell.
I hope you’re blackballed
You’re fucking stonewalled

You thumb your nose at all you’ve learned.
Just turn you back as bridges burn.

In my heart I’m a war
Tripping over these tombstones
In my heart I’m at war
I keep tripping over these tombstones

It’s your fucking final hour.
I’ve laid out my tattered heart.
Into the blinding light.
To avoid the dark
What did I fall into?
I’m through,
You’ve skewed the view.
Sometimes salvation ain’t but a door away… from you.

There’s no saving grace, we’re at a crossroads
You don’t know, you don’t know me at all, know me at all.

Fucking Farewell
This is war.
Fucking farewell.
Fucking Farewell.

11. SAIL


This is how I show my love I made it in my mind because I blame it on my ADD baby

This is how an angel cries I blame it on my sick pride Blame it on my ADD baby

Sail! Sail! Sail! Sail! Sail!

Maybe I should cry for help Maybe I should kill myself Blame it on my ADD baby

Maybe I'm a different breed Maybe I'm not listening So blame it on my ADD baby

Sail! Sail! Sail! Sail! Sail!

La la la la la la oh!

La la la la la la oh!

Sail! Sail! Sail! Sail! Sail!

Sail with me into the dark Sail! Sail with me into the dark Sail! Sail with me into the dark Sail! Sail with me into the dark Sail!


Unholy offspring of lightning and death itself
You run the blockade
I drink the blood of Angels
Violets and violence, the perfect feast
One lays first at the other’s feet
I was a fool to trust you
Was the fool you trusted
Ashes to ashes
From dust to rusted
Refuse to compromise
Shudder to think
What we gain once we lose everything
Shudder to think
We refuse to come to compromise
Silence speaks louder than those tears you cry
I shudder to think
Violets and violence, the perfect BEAST
I’ve laid you fucking pride down at my feet

I’m gonna take this world
Dodging the strife
Riding the rails again in this life
Hearing death, feeling godly
Searching for medicine in the melancholy
I’m gonna take this fucking world

Is what gain
Once we lose everything
Your silence speaks louder than the
Tears you cry beyond the black


Ruin is the way!
So vicious is your gaze.
It puts men down in their coffins early!
Haunted by a memory…
Of time,
Wasted by you
Wasted by me…
Thoughts of what was meant to be!
By the way,
Ruin is the way.
So vicious it…
Makes them suffer!
Fucking run for cover!
You’re good from far but far…from
Good intentions
Never learned those lessons!
You need confession now!
It’s.. Irrelevant
Just… what you want
Take it!
Back down to the grave,
Just admit it’s not your day
Filthy as a thought to see
Outstretched in memory
Back down to the grave
Just admit it you can’t be saved
You’re filthy as a memory
Outstretched for all to see
You’re a superstar of dysfunction!
It’s a miracle that you function!
Gonna put you in a coffin early, so early!
Haunted by the way that it was.
It ended because you... made me suffer

Just make your move
It’s much better than being a marked man
It makes them suffer
I’ll make it out of this place
If I don’t make it out alive at least they’ll hear my cries,
Hear my cries

Makes me suffer Back down to the grave

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