Detrimentum (UK) : Embracing This Deformity

Brutal Death / United-Kingdom
(2008 - Grindethic Records)
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The principles of defeat,
Natural subjugation of suffering abound,
Pending tribulations poised to engulf,
A plague of utter dread,
Sufferance through the lineage of generations,
From blood to blood,
Infection inheriting this flesh,
Equilibrium is thus maintained,
All flesh constrained in temperance,
Stringent laws binding an existence of mutual abuse,
A Vindictive ascendance, never ending,

As organisms nurturing filth,
We aspire to engender decay,
Habitual in the creation of squalor,
Our design for the populace of ruined lives,
Toiling for our misfortune,
And now we drown our young,
In the apathy we have spilled,

Cruelty now fecundate,
Suffusion of tears prolifically shed,
The symmetry of our souls now unbalanced,
Tipping the scales with our burdens of grief,
Imbibing saprotrophic instinct,
Now we feast on the very decay,
That we excrete,
Contemptible sins of man,
Churning up the bile,
Fountains of our exquisite puke,

Our absolute accretion of mourning,
Bringing our shit into existence,
And now on our knees we writhe,
In our cess-pits of self pity,

A million martyrs' arms stretched to convey,
Their bodies baptised in our urine,
Whipped, cleaved and broken,
Led to be burned in bowels of our deprivation,
May their flesh burn along with the guilt of our
Ludicrous omissions…

Our most melancholy propensity,
To go on eagerly carrying a burden,
Which we should gladly throw away!
To loath ones being and yet to hold it fast,
To cradle the serpent that devours us,
Until it has eaten our hearts clean away!

In abject and wretched ignorance,
Where it has been our fate to wander,
We spew maggots from our lips more often than repentance,
Now having given grief a body,
Our guilt has become inconceivable,
And of a weight now too intolerable to bare.

(Of Torment And My Bleeding Shadow)

The dawn presents to me, my crucifixion,
Once again I find myself unable to perceive, the light of this world,
For me some bleak place that exists, beyond the window,
Far from my own comprehension,
Farther still, from my heart,

Too many days spent in shadow,
Too many nights at worship, in a house of nails,
Too much blood spilt, upon the altars of nihilistic enodation,
Too many tears spilt amidst the forlorn cadre of ruination,
For so cold now is this shadow become,
That which bleeds so uncontrollably in its exile,
In its secluded indemnification,
That which needs wish could leave to wither and die...

My starving life....

My Starving life,
Within this breath, within this form,
And now suffocating in the coruscation of dawn,
Its venomous blades of dendritic light,
That pierce the heart, on a new day's rise,

Come now, cold and lonely stranger,
Come fourth in your viral and darksome raiment,
For to walk with you at my heel,
Is to be borne by you, through the forward paths of my own seeping blood,

Sweetly poisoned my words striven to still my own soul,
Solemn my longing for a broken body to match my broken heart…

For I live amongst this death and detritus,
All I see I behold in dread,
Born to this world with my eyes wide open,
No comfort for me here in mortal realms,
No pleasure in filth and its folly,
No faith in such illusions,

So baleful this Eden of man's ectopic ego,
Grown now far in ignorant abandon,
His supremacy ill-gotten and misshapen,
Lent to misrule and the downfall of all,
Turned away from nature, away from gods,

His back born against wisdom,
He stands above the world, but not upon,
Desecrate not this ancient earth you choose to forsake,
Lest it should cover you in long decrepit sleep,

Withdraw now your sapping talons from the veins of creation,
Lest it should float you dead, back down the paths of your advancement,
Collapse now away from me veils of concretia,
Fall to the ruin you have nurtured for us,
Embrace the unfolding of your myriad betrayals,
Die now and be gone from my sight,
May you wash away in the returning tides of extinction,
For your poison has enslaved the very air that suffers us to live,
Your filth has reached depths that we should for fear have abstained to stray,

And what of my shadow amongst this ruin…
That which falls against the earth, so diaphanous and enfeebled,
For what is such penance bequeathed me,
That I should find only this emptiness in which to enthral myself,
That I should here toil myself to tears,
In return for the deep and tender welts of ignominy.


How can one have become, so embittered?
Fallen foul to such a feeling of absolute horror,
The definitive hue of aversion now envisioned,
And saturated by a sensation of uncontrollable sickness,

Having inspired emetic emission,
The body, emanating the mind's disgust,
Is driven deeply into avulsion, ones own blood is now spilt,
The soul exacting pure odium, for it's belonging to humanity.

Dream beyond this world of flesh!
Or fall in its despair!

This flesh which surrounds me,
It mortifies me, it horrifies me,
It seals me within contempt,
Like an iron wrought cage,

Encapsulated by despondency,
Apathy forcing man-kind to embrace with its frailty's
Emotional, moral deformity
Now binding, tethered by shackles of mortal fears and anguish,
Dysfunctional values promoting putrid will ascendancy.

Strain of turmoil,
A bonding of Inferiority,
A mortal downfall,
The simplicity of an organism,

As expendable bundles of cells,
We are twisted into form,
Animate sculptures that personify,
The pointless nature,
Blinkered, incompetent and vain,

Within me I have found,
A thirst for the bleedings of enlightenment,
No voice bridled to entice such trust,
No lip gilded to elate such tragedy,

Misconception or timely failure?

Mortified by the effluvium of saturated adipose tissues,

The world turns like my stomach,
At the stench of these foul wounds.
I disdain the appalling mass,
A populace in engulfed in its degradation,
Edging towards a certain conclusion,
The construction of the cataclysm now complete!

Respirating annihilation,
Prevention now unable to clinch the inconsolable veins in desperation,
And at last failing the attempt to staunch the grim wounds,
Running like narrow paths through persistent ruin,
Accumulative rivulets of myriad cruelty's pooling an impending mental flood,

A bleeding edge beheld and pouring desensitisation to our moral depths,
It is blood now reunited with an abundance of tears,
Those fallen to obscurity, all souls encircled within patterns of pain,
Lacerating ribbons of malformation, a chemical trust benign,

Can nature define chemical clarity?,
Should mortal lives be judged in the same way?
For you're impure sons and your wretched daughters,
Are ridden with pestilence and perform acts of disdain,
Should they follow the path of the exemplary?
Should their feigned perfections, weave their own folly?


The world is but representation,
A reality refined, forged into reflective abstract consciousness,
Philosophical Discernment now dawned upon me,
Can I know the sun or the earth?
Is there only an eye that sees the sun?
And a hand that feels the earth?

The world is but will…

My sight stretches before me as an all seeing bleeding arc,
Yet all I feel is the slow peripheral damnation of the masses,
Writhing and wilting in bloody ignorance,
I've observed the perceivable life passage of vermin,
And their boring out of putrid abscess,
For them I crave oblivion …

I comprehend the Abyss…

No sight through weeping…
No sight through the mind of a god…
Embrace futility wholly, with your mind,
The naked world shows to me the stains of a miserable creed,
…Our natural apex of dark and lurid amentia,

The devil sitting inside your skulls…eluding you,
What of these evils that you seek?
Those fragile mortal treasures born far from enlightenment,
For which a man would be compelled to bleed.
To chase tails and tongues to suit advancements needs…These elude me,

My body is sickened…
My mind is in pain…
Diminished and in bitter affliction now torn apart,
Sickened deeply by the conflagration of internal and external torments,
Enflamed and mutilated neural matter made diseased by that…
Which is perceived through such hating eyes,

The world you have made…
It is not my home…
It is now but corrupted earth, in which to be buried, unrecognized beside you.
For the impure torments you have suffered discerned elements to bare,
I have suffered also, for I am conjoined to that which you are incapable of perceiving,

Eyes that hate,
Watching from among you,
Appalled now to behold,
Cyclical depressions,
Grinding the joy from my soul,

Look towards infirmity beneath vistas that mans hand has raised,
And plummet through abject sorrow,
Perception born from living and knowing,
That which knows all things and is known by none,
I shall comprehend the abyss,

Open your eyes,

My eyes open,
My mind set free and ablaze,
My hands steeped in the blood.


Our pain made endless,
An accumulation of my own blood I see before me,
The brotherhood of man! Such vile fleshen insalubrities,
As ugly as nature intended,
Damned to drift a lifetime in this flood of impure mortal darkness,
A diseased undulation of ripping claws and gibbering canine death grins,
For this blood within is evil,
And the parasites that feed upon are now perpetual,

A grim and murderous shadow is risen,
In the wake of an existence now at an end,
The weight of this world,
And it's encumberment of numbing sorrow.

The lingering ghosts of mankind's malignancy
As faces in the gloom,
As agitators and feeders upon naked and bleeding souls,
As lurkers in the shades of corruption,
That taunts and taints the soul,
The path of our evolution is a gallery of self betrayals,
Of insidious falsehoods,

Murder, massacre and perversion,
The wind echos still of the tortured souls,
At unrest and clamouring in the ovens of their extinction,
Madmen laugh, gibbering in the falling ash,
As vermin smear the face of our planet,
And the suffering we cause is the sign of our true benevolence….

Praise to the imbibers and assimilators of all impurities,
Stealers of the young, rapists and defilers of innocence,
The ravenous feeders upon our vulnerable existence,
Excreters of wasted cadavers and ruined lives,
Onanists, rampant at the edge of fresh graves,
The revellers in spilled blood, semen and bereaved mothers' tears.

You all reinforce that the man's nature in this world is a stable course to altruistic bliss,
So praise to your all consuming race and the paradise you have made,
Nations held within the love of murderers,

Praise to the cultivators of death in bloom,
The colours of extinction blossom as bodies explode,
The charred and cherished,
Death rides the sky this day, to extinguish the lives of loved ones,
And scatters in its wake a confetti of glass and steel,
That severs and deprives of limbs,
Praise the architects of conspired human catastrophe,
Praise the schemers upon the burning flesh crushed beneath,

Forsaken are those who die for something that should never be allowed to live.

(Losing Myself To Silence)

Deign not save me from the satisfaction of my pain.
I need not heed your voice, neither grace's sane temptation.
Voices of mankind, I no longer hear your words, they are as ice melting to my vitriolic flame.
For upon this earth I shall bleed, as I walk out towards the sea.
Far now away from you, I will sink without fear of her greater depths, for our emptiness is much the same… and so she must squirm, with the pain of a stone in her womb.

For those nurturing waves and currents might shape the ill will inside my being,
As they would shape a stone, circumnavigating the tides to the crushing deep.
And would some dismal circulation of evening flow not return my blood to the shore,
Such red passion that I commit to the depths.
To wash the corrupted sand and soils of this land.

Assuage in denial, amidst your shattered lives,
Your blind eyes will be ripped and then scorched,
In clouds that assail home and horizon,
Winds will blow, all that you have known, far beyond redemption,
Our redundant veins shall be verdant for naught but drought of human blood,

Pity shall be drained from me,
Thus it has been without witness,
Illusory and beyond the essence of being,

Such bleak and utter splendor,
Feast thine eyes,
Fall beneath collapsing skies,

Part of you will succumb to a void,
Yet bare misery as your anesthesia,
Winding wounds around your limbs,
Adorn caliginous tissues of scarred discontent,

I am losing myself to silence…
I am embracing your malformations,
I am enthralled with the disgust which has permeated our days,
My discourses define me,
While my body dearly betrays me,
In volumes of pain and in squalls of ever thinning blood


The shapeless magnificence in mental decay,
A being succumbed entirely to infection,
I find no cell left inside me uncorrupted,
By this dismal molecular disparity,

An entire exhausted universe unfolded within,
An atrophied constellation of malignant pulsing organs,
Diminishing and slowly ingesting…
As is the birth and formation, of such bleak, empty voids,

For not even blood could warm the soul,
Those veins filled with the over abundance of hollow cells,
The sour heart swelled to bursting,
With the asphyxiating strain of such tired ventricles,

The unceasing cerebral torture,
Equating endlessly to an existence in abnegation,
Such corrosive venom for the already abated mind,
The inevitable awakening of it's despair!

A grotesque neurological festering,
A perfidious psychological drift,
The perfect domicile for the despondence within,

Denigration now profuse beyond all compare,
Eyes obscured and stinging with the bitterness of tears,
A combustion now surging throughout every nucleus,
Deteriorating and burning within these intense, lonely, excruciating flames,

Seek emergence now from the anguish of sleepless perpetuity,
In this true and horrific form,
Commence the rapid descent to a plateau of complete inhumanity.

To long complete belonging unto exquisite nothingness,
To scramble joyously free of mortality's clutches,
And escape into the nothingness of matters emanation,
To return to the welcome silence and tranquillity,
The solitude of some solemn dismal womb,

And in this appalling internal twilight, I shatter slowly,
My afflicted carbon fragments spinning silently throughout eternity,
As a bleak drifting shadow, that knows no human guise.

As negativity in flux.


(Part 1: Funeral Horizons)

A tear that is endless,
Within me a cascade of dark falling waters,
The sky strains with the weight of sorrow,
Death is not enough to grant peace,
Torment haunts the shadow still,
Pain has left the legacy of its disease in me,

.... Your disease in me....

I can draw no slumber from a bed sodden with blood,
Holding only dreams watched over by vultures,
The world about me lays silent less for weeping....
Heavy for the heart, black clouds hang,
Only their darkness has enough cold now to numb me,
Thus all shadows will bow their heads,
to kiss my brow....or to drink of my life,

What of this awful vault above these mountains,
from whence do these tears rain upon me?

From whence came to me these visions?
That inspires me to the forms of death...
And the anatomy of its misery…

Monarchs of emptiness,
Spirits of all despondency,
Summon your worms to their supper,
To the purging of my very essence,
Summon then your devils to my grave....
To mock me within those dreams of damnation,

Such dreams I could not believe,
Like hooks in my skin,
like cold hands tearing my flesh away....
And like chains around my neck…
Choking me to death....

Is this world a dream?
Where I have known the dead to walk,
This world filled with deformity and the agony of disfigured faces,
Where I have known the dead to scream....

(Through me you enter the city of woes,
through me you enter into eternal pain,
Through me you enter the population of loss)*

Soaked to the skin with your saliva and urine,
my mangled flesh stained with your vomit and grime,
Oh friend, to me you are dead, let the worms govern you,
in their parliaments of putrefaction....
Like pestilent priests in a cathedral of corpses,

God is dead, His children are dead,
For now they would preach to insects as their bodies lay in earth,
Decomposing far sightless of the moon,
They are the dried blood and wreckage

(Part 2: Collapse)

Chained to engines of neurosis,
My life is a wheel of perpetual humiliation,
Sorrow burns me, hideous regret breaks my soul,
I collapse into a realm beneath even the contempt of humanity,
I am closing my eyes to die,

Abnegating the life, feel myself falling,
My thoughts become shapes floating in the ephemeral tide,
Blaspheming existence!
I have sought purity, and my search has ended only in pain,
the bloodied wealth of pain!
I have become impoverished through my own aseity,
I am dreaming a season of Erebus,
I am drifting a sea of stagnant, mouldering ether,
Beneath the sanctum of flesh, I am growing defunct,
With an accumulation of darkened tear drops,
Through which I can no longer see,
Through which I can no longer feel,

.... Abandoned, bereft, bereaved,
I descend upon a dominion of grief,
Self crowned abomination in a benighted realm of pandemonium,
I have perceived my body to accumulate rot,
I have been pre-destined to fall....



Alas, (forlorn the elegiac sunrise)
Your morbid and evaporating breath filled the interior of the cold room,
Your scars ran parallel to the darkness leading you away from me,
There I gained bitter insight to the lonely nature,
Of an individual's pain transcending their form,

The cold light of a new morning danced about your head…
Like your own diadem of grotesque construction,
You said you felt apart from your flesh.
And there in the day broken anew upon these cold floorboards,
Blood ebbed around your delicate heels…

You rejoiced in torment…

And I found nothing within me with which to sustain you,
My hands bound by hesitance,
My lips left speechless, numbed and bloodied,
My words but an impure poetry,
In the wake of your deathly ascent,

I rejoined in your torment…

…Mourning black were the gathering clouds,
Waiting ominously, as if to receive your soul…

Your blood too looked black in the light of morning,
Your body not yet cold…
And your death already in vain,

Weeping was my crucifixion…
Your somnolent heart lay as a chapel to my disease,
About it ran rivulets of our tears now turned to stagnant streams,
Your cooling flesh the very architecture of divine anatomical catastrophe,
The arid shrine of detestation…
You had made your veins the strings for our funeral oration,

We had contorted our goodbyes…
With mouths formed like barren cunts,
We knew the way of sorrow…

For all our years enchained in misery
My mind had ill perceived the way of true salvation,
Thus entangled and submerged in such dubious matter,
And now finally absconding this sickening human condition,

I'm grown sick with the weight of this odious flesh,
This gift of being is an insipidity my heart longs to repulse
So let this newborn abattoir be subject to your reign,
A cathedral of death in thy name,

Take all this now from me.
Foulest burden of all known burdens,
My corpse shall carry with it these wounds…
…and a trail of drying tears
My withered eyes shall never again seek such affliction,
My lips shall never again strew fourth foul words of repent….

Now be gone… be gone…
Disentangle the flesh, the living sin we're entrapped in,
Now be gone… be gone…
Cleanse this putrid anatomy of being

Gladly failing to breathe, our blood drenched abandon
With wounds flowing so keenly
So cold redemptions coming slumber
Though this end is all we have to be thankful
We'll feed from the darkness falling over all that we see
But in the darkness that lives on within me…

Your face will remain...


The harmony and semblance of my shadow at dusk,
Filled with the untainted darkness of such serenity,
Conceivably, akin to that of wonderful dreams…
For if I now knew sleep,
I might find those unconscious paths to solitude…
But is not to rest, to be at peace with this world?
And to look out upon that world with love,
Would pertain to feigned contentment?
Inflicted now…
The worst wounds of all!
These twin abrasions, of the height of mortal sin!
Commence this final blood to flow,
And may all pain wash away in that forlorn stream,

For this is what my soul has cried out for….

“Silence pollute the sullen waning timbre of my heart,
Dull now the mortal rhythm that animates this sentience,
Leave my soul as mute, to transcend the sinking sun,
And leave behind a solemn shell to be found, dormant in shelter of death”,

I know no fair apparition waits to greet me,
For I have closed my mind to the divinity behind such celestial eyes,
And now as my heart remains closed,
Thus it shall forever remain shunned,
For I have deemed halos but bonds to strangle one's spirit,
Thus privileged am I, whom by bond of blood and flesh,
Am granted the delectable frailties of mortality,
In essence, permitted to falter, to bow unto ruin,
For now I become disentangled, from such colossal torments,

For I aspire towards the drowning crimson ether,
Fraught with longing to be as one with the faltering light,
To assail the scarce refuge of my execrable matter,
And cross the threshold of damnation, the ellipse of the eternal void,

The crescendo of my screams sent roaring into the heavens,
Those painful echo's, spiralling across the mantles of the bleeding firmament,
The golden and bloody hue of the smouldering sky issues a call,
Having never valued the form for which I was intended,
My soul shall fluctuate and morph joyously as kin to clouds,
Shifting gracefully through the heavens as transient momentary patterns,
That etch upon the skyline, the unending configurations of their despair…

“Silence pollute the sullen waning timbre of my heart,
Dull now the mortal rhythm that animates this sentience…
Thus horizons shall become my gateways….”

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