Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult : Follow the Calls for Battle

Black Metal / Allemagne
(2001 - Auto-Production)
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Les paroles

01 - Thanatos

Das Sein
Die Spanne zwischen Geburt und Tod.
Inanimation on whole Emerdiale,
wide desolation presents Zylef.
From the depths of misery I see them,
I see them in the depths of misery,
the greatest pest.

Erlösung und Verdammnis.

Calls from the deep, they show...
They show the deliverance coming.
Falling sick in a neverending dream
Of their Smerath.

Wege...die unablässig weiterführen enden auf dem Schlachtfeld!

And now we stand beside their tombstone,
for a new battle is won, forever!

Die Zerrbilder unseres Erdenzweckes, sind Launen eines wetterwendigen Tyrannen.

02 - Hora Ruid

Underneath Bethlehems star,
plagues of depravity are unleashed
on the path of obliteration the seed to destroy.
Hatched from the womb of a maggot mouldering hag!

Ad Portas Ibi Tempus Fugit

A fire the birthplace of christian belief,
flames licking up to every source.
Almighty he is called,
He who now receives the crusaders bolt
Right through his pearly gates!

The bolt of destruction impales,
during the brazing downfalls hour,
Their pathetic hope.
In the core suffocates the belief,
In the carrion of his now never forming!

Hora Ruid Hic Hearet Aqua

03 - Follow the Calls for Battle

A vast colossos is storming over the land,
the gigant judgement of sudden death,
it is creeping up, transforming the human dwelling into a combustion chamber.
His venomous breath gives glimbse to all hillsides of the darkest abyss.

Lacerate the highest of all beings,
Towards the final awakening,

Follow the Calls for Battle!!!

In heaps of rubble shall be,
the glorious mankind achieved.
By filthy beings made through filthy humans shall be destroyed.

Follow the Calls for Battle!!!

In deathly silence of mortal agony,
we hear the redemption drawing near:
With deafening storms in the air!
With pounding trembles in the earth!
With waves in the sea...

Sow the seed of peace, let the redemption preach its words,
massive harvest of humanity.
Greet the new Messiah, with your tulwod, with your zadule, with your death.

Followed the Calls for Battle!!!

04 - In the Land of the Mountains of Trees

Where the water flow together,
in the land of the mountains of trees,
there is seen a zadule running to escape.
Fleeing towards the dismal dark...dark!

Come closer and see, stare at the trees
Come closer and see, stare at the blackish mirror.

Now I hear the miry voice vociferating your name!
The call is deep beyond the dusky shades,
where you follow your eyes, where you follow the sign.

Come closer and see, stare at the trees!

...In the Land of the Mountains of Trees...

Fleeing to this black nothing,
while the shreak is near,
while mired in fear.
Emptiness splits the sky and touches the silent leafs!
Descent to the waters,
in the land of the mountains of trees!

05 - The Resentful Wanderer

The resentful wanderer sets out on the misty path of enlightment.
Though in absence of fear, still many a few which worries him.
He is like winters embrace cold, yet with these mesmerizing sights
Of spectral landscapes of the great emirdiale in his frozen eyes,
there is a certain warmness in his tersareth.

Hear the sound of his mighty stride advancing,
unwavering in the distance...far, deep in the saldor!
Deeply rooted like wheathered trees, far away only there my heart pounds.
A crimson relic, a trace of tulwod steadily drawing behind lets it solidify!
Why does my soltiark bare witness to the damned pestilence...

Weary eyes, only nebulous veils remain to be seen...
Wind calmy brushes through my fully grown hair.
Mountains are towering high above the endless sea of vast forrests.
Comfortable seated upon the highest, steepest mountain, my thron!

I can see the place I shall forever call my home...

06 - Our Glorious Presence

This is the beginning of all end,
This is the returning of all fears,
This is the existing pain,
The desire of my wide Emirdiale!
Its where the paths lead to my Zadule,
Where nobody exists!

This is the time of Glory,
This is the deserted Emird,
The Meeting in this great nowhere,
But its known where we are,
where nobody ever will reach!

Its where paths will never end,
Its where the misantrophic Soltiark thrives,
Its where the fate is sealed with Tulwod

And its existing gives evidence of our glorious presence!
I can breathe the Spirit of Our Home!!!

07 - Pestilential Deathride

...a pitiless march through the dark and mantling clouds.
The shadow that departs the life that flees away, and its place is known no more...

Where heaves the turf in many a mouldering heap,
where each in his narrow cell forgotten laid,
I hear the verses of the winged choristers!

Mournful coaches advance with solem pace,
led by remnants of forgotten hearts,
majestic left behind in mouldering dust,
our deriding worn out mask...

Ghastly grim veiles unfold, to reveal this majestic scene,
scenes of raptured tranquility.
Bare witness and behold
Our wrath which now unfolds!!!

Feel our victorious presence, see your imminent death,
engulfed by sepulchral fog, we breathe your last breath!!!

As ghastly grim veiles unfold...

08 - Towards Berzenelon

Ainsoph the principle of all and nothing,
from the possession of no property flows the Berzenelon into the universe.
Impenetrable in blackness,
striking its roots with infinite multitude
each solitary standing for its own revelation.

Pencilled vigour strong and of devestating power!
Astral darkness is the foundation of unconsciousness:

The I! The I!! The I!!!

Through knowledge of thunder spearheads, obtained are guidance and iron reign.
For within the deed sheer violence lies...
...will be death as the repercussion of
omnipotence and excalted graciousness!

The victims blood will as fragrantly smoke ascend to almighty heights.
Enshrouded by secrets, the utmost deep thought of greatness and power,
darkens thick fog in bottomless death.

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