Damnation (PL) : Coronation

Death Metal / Pologne
(1997 - Last Episode / Vox Mortiis Records)
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Mystery of power hidden in my soul
I've found the key to the ancient wisdom
Now I'm the supreme one
Day of my coronation is coming

I'm messenger of darkness
I destroy the harmony of the worlds
I create new reality
Red flames dance in my eyes

The bones of Christ's followers
Shall build my kingdom and my throne
Their blood is my only nectar
Souls of those gave me primeval power

[Lead: LES]

Dark clouds covered the sun
Hymn of fallen angels resounds with victory

[Lead: BART]

Impotent god, I disavowed you
Now kneel in front of me, the crown is mine


Look into my burning eyes
Red clouds tear the space
Fading spark like broken bloody thread
It's my hands that play the harp of life and death
False tune sounds like a scream of life dying away
I'll play the song of death

[Lead: LES]

Oh winds, come to me again
Abduct for me the souls searching for light
I'll sweep them into the abyss
I'm Azarath, the son of dusk

(repeat first verse)

[Lead: BART]

I bite my lips, I feel blood
Sweet taste of life, with which I fill my cup


The sound of bell disturb my peace
Eternal emperor of infinity
Nature died in fear
This sign reminds me of a far-away nightmare

Master of souls invites for a feast
The time of huntings and subcelestial extermination has come

Lightning disused grey of dawn
Dusted rooms revived with the movements of shadows
Humidity and smell of old age filled the air
The memory in dead objects revived
Life in dried bodies has awoken
I reach my hands towards the skies
Winged demons drink my blood

[Lead: LES]
[Lead: BART]

I'm his part, I know what he wants


The last battle, the God's fall
Colliding legions of hate, all against all
Carried away by possessed wave
Bloody madness

No winners

Absurd horror, dying without consciousness
United in fear, massacre and blood
In blasphemous rapture, wasted senses
Apocalypse of merciless rulers

No winners

On the edge of times - HATE
Existence died - CALM

[Lead: BART]
[Lead: LES]
[Lead: BART]

Darkness unite in brightness
The next abyss is coming
Crushed faces, fire and torment
The last battle... again!!!

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