Daath (USA) : Child Says - Filter

Industrial Death / USA
(2003 - Self-Released)
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Do what you said
You can't change it
I said, back to R.O.T.
Born and then you decay
Default, this wasn't meant to be
We star, in all eternity
Draw from this we say

Child says oo oo
Just another day
Oo oo
It's upsetting
Oo oo

Choose them
Now cut them
Your offspring
You could be
You could be
Their savior
You falter

You drop them
Without them
Don't miss them
Now listen to me
Kiss my knuckles
You're done

Beaten down with your oppression
Made me feel a lesser person
And I'll cut you, no compassion
Execution, done out of fear

You're a traitor
My dictator
Outside sickens
Inside you die
Is this what you wanted with me?
Welcome to the world of the constant seasons
Inside my mind
Mind's eye
I die

Locked down
Locked down
Hearts against the gate
Locked down
None but the gods would get it gate
Locked down
Think how much I like to this

To cut yourself free of the moon
I'm wide awake, but silent
In front of me, void
In front of me, but silent
The enemy
Thus, I run away from


Why can't I free
The things I want
Why can't I be a part alone

Thrusting hate inside
I found a reason
Nothing from
Nothing attacking
Something from
Nothing, we'll find
Thrusting hate inside
I found a reason
Tracing dead
Habits and finding
Nothing from
Nothing untrue

You forsake my mind
You should have
Never posessed
Arid demon
Yourself undone

Keep on looking
But you fuck it away
And you'll keep on
Trying but your
Minds led astray

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