Cursed (CAN) : One

Post Hardcore / Canada
(2003 - Deathwish Inc.)
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The body's been dead not seven days, you've already fucked it a hundred ways.
Stiffer than some but more willing than most,
"if this is your idea of some kind of joke..."
You can teach your razorblade a thing or two about suicide.
Now cross your heart and wash these sheets,
You're going to wake the whole fucking street.
Let's get this thing off the nearest bridge.
And i know you didn't mean to,
Sweetheart you never mean to,
I know you never meant to,
But you did.


Coming on in full salute with conquest in their eyes.
With burning torches cast against the empty skies.
They cut our losses with sharpest knives, where villains thrive and heroes die.
Line 'em up and point the blame, us and them one and the same.
Line 'em up and point the blame, and you'll be gone when the lights come on.
Face down in the mud, your hands filthy with blood, your world still the same, taste the pain of nothing changed.
Here among the dead and dying, the troops are either mute or trying,
And it's all that stands between a medal and a crime.
Final frontier falls to decay. Last of hope rotting away.
Disillusioned. The perfect citizen.
Still trying to add it up as the black rain falls, and we all fall with it.
God and country sold you out and fed you scapegoats for your doubts.
Last of the hope....add it up.


You bought their lines and you staked their trail, followed their moves to the last detail.
And all that they sold you was death, on the five year plan,
And left you to rot in their promised land.
And what made you think that the life on the screen could be you?
No returns for your broken dreams when you get it home and it's not what it seems.
This is not the promised land.


Five times in the mirror and there you are. Staring dead ahead with the virgins eyes. Its tearing me apart. I cant control my actions. And i cant control my thoughts. And when i see the things you've done. It makes me fucking hot. All in crimson. Bathed in blood. Your secrets burning a hole through my heart. Liberties with the flesh. A statue never bled like this. Crimes. Crimes against the skin. And im both feet in. I know its wrong. I know its wrong now bring it on.


1974, you got what you came for.
A suicide and a bottle of gin and you're in. And you're in. Got you in. And you're in.
1974, and they've been telling me it's so much more, but this just looks like skin on skin from here.
So what is it i'm supposed to find so sacred in this?
'Cause i'm not seeing anything too sacred in this. No nothing sacred here.
"father?" what are you? And what am i?
Son of the glint in your eye. Bastard son of all your impure thoughts.
She never forgot the value of trust. When all our restraint turns to dust.
But there's this old familiar glint in my eyes. Old faithful tells me otherwise.
1974...i am what you came for.


Got cut, along the line. Got cut, and opened wide. And opened wide. And opened wide.
Got cut, right where the people come out. Took a scalpel to my doubts.
I found the glitch and pulled it out.
Diffused the timebomb.
They cut the right wire when they cut the white wire.
With no apologies to hypothetical tragedies.
Got cut, one less heart to break. One less mind to rape.
One less victim, one less grave.
You'll never have my eyes. You'll never blame my hands.
One less victim, one less grave.


Two thousand years and you've got me convinced it was me that nailed you to that cross. And your friends down here below. They'd like to make me think that it was me who threw the first stone. The fuckup who can never atone. No i wont carry your cross. Its not mine to bear. The wholes in your hands are your own. The ones in my head are mine to repair. Assualt me with your guilt parade. Drag me down with your guilt parade. Drag your misery through the streets. Make it mine. And tell me when my guilt is enough. Sufficient enough to cover the cost (the rising cost) of my salvation in your eyes. Your salvation. My damnation. Spit blood in the face of your tradition. Whos the martyr and whos the roman here in your sick fantasy? Who goes first in your guilt parade? Whos on first in your guilt parade? Be the hero, be the martyr - i'll throw the first stone all over again. Bury you. Bury you. History will bury you alive. (absolve me)


Punch the clock and assume the position and never ask for any more. Live and die going through there motions and never knowing what the fuck for. Turn the dollar. Dig the hole deeper. Regret as you get another year older. A foot in the grave, a cogin a wheel. Bred to be slaves to there ideals. Here among the lifeless. The worthless. The hopeless. Keep me to tired to think. Keep me to fucked to care. But tomorrows another day, thats what the hopeless say.


Hand over mouth. Whites of the eyes. These scars will heal just in time for summer. For killing season. When your old man gets home to criminal disarray you tell him icarus was here today. Whatever gets you through the night. I never said that this was right. For everything you never said, for everything you never did. No roses on an unmade bed. I never said that any of this was safe and clean. When your old man gets home tell him sisyphus was right. The myth is real. You get to the top. The rock falls down the other side. Again and again. And its all for naught. These scars will heal but we never what separates us from animals again? Whites of the eyes. Its in the whites of the eyes. Hand over mouth. Whites of the eyes. These scars will heal and your just in time. Just in time. Just in time for killing season.


Whispered your name in a busy room and everyone stopped talking.
Brought you up in a confessional and all the grown men within earshot
Lost their faith and walked away, walked away and walked away.
Lost their faith and walked away.
So what is it you're not telling me?
Oh yeah, this time around, i'm not asking.
And oh, how small this town gets when you start asking for too many names.
So where you've come from and where you're going,
I don't care and i'm not asking.
I'd hit the lights, touch your lips.
You'd turn to dust like all the rest.

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