Coprocephalic : Promotional CD

Death Brutal / Divers
(2012 - Auto-Production)
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Les paroles


Darkness unknown devouring the empty space
Warped in liquid of frustration
Developing the rotten of the core
Arteries tangled in the amniotic fluid of self embowelment
Wrist out slit veins clouds of despair embraces
Neck out quick pain slicing the lightened sane
Silent pressure welcomes the rusted razors
Piece by piece
Slowly tearing away
Unwanted limbs from the mother earth
Fed to rancid vermins pus cream
The dark deception of grinding bone crushing limbs
Illusion demolishes the will to surrender
Inhuman neurosis leads on


Dark enclosures blind my eyes
Ornaments of insanity contaminates my veins
Lusts of me dehumanize my will to pain
Keen beasts of thee
Leads to the wandering of misery
Your craving festering cadaver
Deserves the ambushed slaughter feast
You still want more...
Want more...
Severe contamination...
Aimed victims of purity
Violated castrated inpurified and magnified
Your craving festering cadaver
Craves the gentle sodomized peet
Injecting the dark asphalt of obsolete severe contamination

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